Planet Desolation

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: November 14, 2007

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Submitted: November 14, 2007



The large ships hovered above the planet, this blue world mostly consisting of water was very beautiful to see. They had not felt the ship shake as the cloaked vessels attached themselves to the bulk of the ship.

The long vast corridors of the colossal space ship were sparsely occupied, enabling the humans to sneak by secretly with their personal cloaking devices. This ship was inferior to their own and yet still posed a great threat, with enough time they would unveil the secret location of their floating city.

They had to learn everything about these predators that had interrupted their war, for a long time they had stopped fighting on the surface and were believed to be dead. But the war still waged, many had been killed but it would never be over until one side or the other was eliminated from the face of the earth.

Kromoloton had taken a little break from his studying, he needed time to ponder over what he had learnt of these humans, and on the words of the first officer. They had scanned for technology but maybe, just maybe they were so advanced they had deflected all scans. If that was a case these humans were more than good prey, they might be their downfall.

As he walked by an open computer panel he bumped into something, but yet he did not see anyone there. He turned around with great suspicion, although he could not see or hear anyone he was certain he had hit someone. Taking his pistol out he surveyed the area.

He could hear a faint buzzing noise, a strong scent of some kind of coolant could be heard. Putting his helmet one he turned the thermal vision on, the world changed to a world of blue. Any heat form would appear as red but there were none in his sights.

Although his equipment showed no sign he still had doubts, accessing the communication devise in his head he said, " Can you scan the ship for any intruders please, highest resolution"

The order was acknowledged and the inferior predator replied, " No intruders sir, anything else?"

Kromoloton terminated the link and eyed the area, the scent still lingered in the air and he was certain there was someone there.

This predator lingered far too long, if they moved they would be spotted and yet if they were detected they would be forced to kill him, blowing their cover. He was looking suspiciously at them, almost as though he could see them but yet that could not be possible. The data transfer was nearly complete, why was this predator not leaving.

It had been confirmed that no humans were spotted but he refused to leave, he was tiring them. The ring leader motioned for the other technologians to start to back off slowly. Suddenly he fired at one of them, the bullet rebounded off his shield easily but there cover was blown.

Five technologians became visible, armed with high powered high tech rifles. Wearing what appeared to be a space suit, yet its chrome appearance gave away an array of multiple colours. Their weapons pointed toward at him the ring leader said, " you move and your dead, call the bridge and tell them your gun misfired."

Kromoloton could not believe he was under their control, if he moved he would be killed.

His second encounter with humans and he was at their mercy once more. Kromoloton activated the link and said, " Do not concern yourself about the gunshot, my gun simply misfired. I repeat, there is nothing to concern yourself about"

Terminating the link, the computer made a beeping noise indicating the transfer was complete. The technologian leader motioned the rifle to his head and said, " Now lead us to your quarters, pretend were not even following you" They all suddenly cloaked, leaving no sign of their presence.

He began to walk to his quarters, contemplating how he could end this. He was a predator after all, he was supposed the be the one doing the hunting. As he approached his quarters his communication implant resounded in his head.

The captain bellowed out, "Where the hell are you going? You have duties to perform!"

Kromoloton glanced back and said, " I am simply getting changed into my bridge attire" Breaking the link he opened the door, but slammed it shut right behind him.

Hoping he had lost them he went to call for help when he heard the whine of an energy weapon charging, turning around he seen the humans.

He had his plasma weapon in his room but needed to distract them, he began talking, " I’ve been studying you technologians recently, you’ve got quite a colourful history. But I do have one question."

Although there faces were not visible he had a feeling the technologian was smiling as he replied, " What do you wish to learn?"

He replied confidently, " Well, I am currently studying earth’s history, how is it that you humans became such a feudal people. You began as a people that argued a bit, then for a century or two your planet was the most peaceful in the world and suddenly... suddenly your the most feudal race in existence."

Walking closer, the butt of his rifle in the corner of his eye he continued, " According to history you wiped each other out, what could have driven humanity to such a grim state?"

There was a slight pause, then the technologian leader replied, " You have all the answers in your records. In less than a minute we will depart, we will let you study our culture just as we shall study yours. If your lucky you might enter our war, we’d have a third way war. Your predators, you won’t try to stop our fighting. Now we depart, you can recount our little visit to your superiors once we have departed."

The technologian walked to the rifle, taking it from his hiding place he handed it to Kromoloton and said, " This is what your going to get, I think it would be best if you keep our little visit a secret however. The punishment might be severe, from your captain that is to have escorted hostiles on his ship."

There was a white flash, no sound like the usual transporters but the technologians were gone. Separating from the ship as silently as they had attached to it, they flew to their secret city.

Kromoloton held his rifle, he had met both technologians and magi warriors, both formidable foes pitted against each other. On one side the magi warriors had mighty magic and could easily manipulate the elements, they used nature as a deadly weapon. On the other side the technologians had technology equal to the forces of nature, weapons as powerful as typhoons or earthquakes.

He had much more studies to do before he could even begin to comprehend the feudal race, their weakness was in their history, and he would find it.

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