Planet Desolation

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

Submitted: November 20, 2007

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Submitted: November 20, 2007



The air smelt different from the entire city, people walked peacefully as though they had other thoughts other than killing. Stores were open everywhere, the shop keepers smiling benevolently as he sold trinkets of now violent purpose.


He yawned for he was very tired, his age was catching up to him. He concluded his speech, " What I shall do is very different, you will help establish peace by joining the technologians and wiping out the magi warriors. I mean, lets be realistic, the magi warriors would be useless to you on an alien planet."

Kromoloton’s jaw felt like dropping to the ground, as he had seen in his child hood cartoons. From all the records he had seen, the negotiators had always wished for peace no matter what the cost.

He asked in a puzzled voice, " Are the negotiators not a peaceful people? Why would you suddenly turn to barbaric tactics such as a genocide? Your ancestors would be dissapointed"

The human chuckled and replied, " You fool, you have studied but a fraction of our history. The leader of the technologian is called Trojan horse. He was named after a famous war, you can study that as well. Now if you would be so kind as to leave, and do not bother coming back here because we will no longer be here."

Kromoloton was going to argue when a squadron of five soldiers came, rifles resembling the technologians’s pointed toward him. Their armour was different however, not as advanced but yet powerful enough to survive a blast from his shuttle at point black range.

He did not argue and went to his ship, flying as secretly and unnoticed out of the planet as he had to enter he was back on his ship. These humans became more and more complex the more he learnt of them. The knowledge only created more questions, questions he could not answer yet, if ever.

He knew one thing, he had to study a lot more. In time all his questions would be answered. So far all these humans had defeated him, the magi warriors had killed his hunting brigade, the technologians had held him hostage and stolen valuable information and the negotiators had manipulated him unto a new path.

He did not know the latter yet, like all great con artists he had been convinced it was his idea; he was in for quite a surprise.

You think you are the only one to be visited by the great intergalactic prophet, he as you studied history and came to me. I suppose like you he thought I would be easier to manipulate. He spread his lies claiming we would die under the power of a powerful race of predators."

They wore no battle armour, no weapons could be seen on their persons. It was as though the humans he had seen had been transformed from demons to angels.

He stood out of the crowd, standing a whole 12 feet tall while the negotiators never got taller than 6 feet tall.

He was being led to the parliament as they had called it, he assumed it was the place where the faction made its diplomatic decisions. Kromoloton found that his place reminded of his home planet before the arrival of the great prophet with the orders to take over the galaxy.

They finally arrived at the building, it stood as tall as his ship. Almost as though it had been designed for his people, this seemed very strange to him but he did not dare question them yet. They awaited at the bottom of the large stairwell, down the steps the apparent leader of the faction was walking down.

He was very old, leaning on a cane his skin was covered by wrinkles. His eyes sunk in his skull, the eyes black as marbles not showing any emotion. But Kromoloton knew he was not evil, an ambiance of wisdom and misery surrounded him.

As he began to open his mouth to speak, Kromoloton anticipated a speech of great grandeur. The technologians had spoken with a sophisticated yet savage tone, and the magi warriors had not even spoken a word. The leader began, " Welcome to the new city of earth. We collected many artifacts from our previous life, the statue of liberty, the leaning tower of... I never could get the name, think its pizza or something like that."

Now that the leader had descended all the stairs and stood right in front of him he was extremely small even in human standards, but yet more power emanated from him than it had from the mighty technologians. He continued the speech, " Why have you come alien? Why have you breached our security and risked the survival of my people?"

Kromoloton inhaled strongly, breathing in the pungent and distinct aroma of human combined with the various foods these humans had. He answered in his most superior voice, " I come on behalf of the Predator Empire to assist you in bringing peace to this planet. I have studied your history, I deducted from the information you were here and knew you were the key."

The human replied with a little smile to his face, " You think us humans are puppets to you and your puppet master race? You only wish to gain advantage of the violent factions to help you conquer the galaxy."

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