Planet Desolation

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

Submitted: November 20, 2007

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Submitted: November 20, 2007



He looked outside his window, the predator truly believed he had left undetected. Nothing even came near earth without avoiding detection from his mighty cloaked satellites. Trojan horse could see all, an entire wall was covered with every location on the earth, he had eyes in many places.

He had ruled his people ever since their last great victory, the leader before him had been a just and kind leader to his people. Trojan horse was far from that, he raised his people for warfare and warfare alone.

Every child from birth, male or female was placed into intensive training. War were placed in their minds as soon as their brain was functional. And would cease the day their hearts ceased to beat and their minds burnt out from the one opponent no one could defeat.

He did not want to leave the predator any time to think, giving his orders through the telepathic technology he said, " Transport the predator vessel to the base immediately, do not kill him but disarm him."

Ending giving orders he transported himself to meet this predator face to face.

One minute he had been flying, next thing he knew he found himself landed in some very strange airport. Surrounding him were hundreds of high tech attack ships twice the size of his own, armed with four giant turrets per wing and countless other weapons of great might concealed within its solid metal body.

A voice came from outside, it was human yet had a very strange sound to it. " Kromoloton, yes I know your name. Your database was very interesting, I am Trojan horse and I have a proposition for you."

Kromoloton popped the cockpit open and got out, finding himself surrounded by twenty super soldiers. If the negotiators armour had been formidable, the technologian armour was something out of this world.

Making them stand an entire 12 feet tall the humans could not only move twice as fast as he, but were ten times as strong with the armour and had weapons that could pierce a thick predator’s battleship hull.

Their rank went by colour, for most of these wore black armour, among these there was one with silver armour and one with silver armour. But Trojan horse was the strangest of them all for he did not have such armour.

He wore a loose pair of camouflage pants with military boots and a brown t-shirt all topped off by a black leather jacket. He smiled as Kromoloton said, " You seem small to be commanding such soldiers, why do strong soldiers follow such a weak human as yourself?"

Trojan horse laughed and replied, " Never underestimate your foe, I am much stronger than these twenty soldiers and their armour combined. I bear no weapons, for I am a weapon"

He extended his hand and it transformed into a giant plasma canon, resuming his speech he said, " My body is infused with weaponry, I hold within me the arsenal of my entire race. Now, you probably wanna join us."

As his arm transformed Kromoloton frowned, how could Trojan horse already know his intentions. He was not even certain he wanted to make an alliance with this barbaric people. Answering as calmly as he could he said, " I do not know what I want, I am but a lieutenant among a hierarchy of predators. I must discuss with my superiors."

Trojan cut him off, putting his hand up he said with more emphasis, " You do not understand, I do not wish an alliance with your people. We have no need for your technology, I said I want an alliance with you. An alliance with Kromoloton,, can you dig it?"

Kromoloton was taken aback by the offer, why would an entire race ally itself to one predator, a lieutenant such as himself of no great rank. As though Trojan had read his mind he continued talking, " I want the inside scoop of your people, but most importantly. You will help me take down the negotiators, they are meddling into business that is not their own. He has probably told you to ally yourself with us, so he can manipulate you into my downfall."

Walking closer his smile was gone, he was all business as he stated the last part of his speech, " I want to eliminate the negotiators once and for all, I know where they are but they have powerful anti-scanning technology. You however will track them, now leave."

In less than a second he was flying as he had been before, leaving the atmosphere of the planet. Looking around he looked at the clock, it remained unchanged. He was shaken out of his surprise when Trojan spoke from behind him, " I froze time, I can only do so for a limited time however before the negotiators take notice. As far as they know we never met, I will watch you very closely from now on. My cloaking devise is one of a kind, it can avoid even my most powerful satellite’s scans. I will assist you in your studies, now pretend I am not here."

As he entered the docking port 7 of the giant ship he knew his life would never be the same, he had allied himself to an entire race of warlords.

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