Samoset The Imp

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This is a story based on Princess Onyka's world of Faerie, expanding it with a much different perspective on the world, with a much more sinister and wily caracter.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Samoset The Imp

Submitted: December 05, 2007

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Submitted: December 05, 2007



Samoset The Imp

The faerie world had changed, and yet I had not. I was the only one of my race. As the world had changed and my race had died I had remained the same. I had not evolved with the times, I did not die. The last imp in all existence, an entire race annihilated by a self rightish king. Ten millenniums had passed and I had remained the same.

I hung upside down from a branch of the giant dragon tree, looking at the world from the angle I liked the most. In this manner I examined the plains ahead, the dark blue grass swayed back and forth in the invisible wind. A wind that I could not feel and yet appeared to be there, strong enough to bring the dance into a harmonic dance.

The death bug was stalking its prey, fairies flew around peacefully from a great distance away. Flying around in their newly acquired property, hate swelled within me for I was alone in the world. Samoset the mighty prankster and assassin I had been, and although the world had changed I had remained Samoset the mighty prankster and assassin despite the progress of time.

I had been left in relative peace, having once had the freedom to wander across the faerie world. Imps had always been the low grade society, the cut throat untrusted society everyone turned to when the dirty work needed to be done. But then the new galactic King was elected, this King was more dangerous than any galactic King before.

He was a faerie of principals and morals, he began his mission of glory to cleanse the faerie world of its impurities.

I was an impurity, as impure as can be. An outlaw in a land that had once belonged to my cold blooded psycho ancestors. Now it was a land of peace and false liberty.

I was far superior to the faerie people, I could go as small as a faerie to as large as a at from the human world. I was the last imp, but I was not alone in my cause for freedom. I had joined a band of outlaws, a band led by a notorious crime lord. Unfortunately the King was making friends as well, making alliances with the goblins and the rat people. Selling off his own bloody daughter simply for power and survival.

It was not the moral of the situation that affected me , such petty things did not perturb me in the least. I had no morals, much of my power depended heavily on being a cold-blooded killer. At some point in my life I must have had a little bit of morals, but I had grinded them away with time as the order of things was supposed to be. That was the only thing about myself that followed the rules of father nature.

The sky swirled multiple shades of blue, all glowing brightly no matter if it was day or night. I slowly breathed in the toxic air of the dark expanse.

The Daltorian expanse was a dark land indeed. No other species could live inside the expanse for a long period of time without losing their sanity or their health. I loved the smell of the toxins, loved the feeling of the toxic waste filling my body, sending an excruciating burning sensation throughout my body like being stabbed by a thousand needles. Fairies and other species could live within it for a short period of time. Although they could enter his domain, I still had the edge when it came to the Daltorian expanse. The toxins energized me, gave me strength and power.

However I had a mission to accomplish and would have to leave the expanse. I did not want the fairies to form an alliance with the goblins or the giant rat people. I had been informed by his superiors that the alliance was being held by the thinnest of threads, the thread was the King’s very own daughter.

They would only ally themselves if they could be wedded to his daughter. All I had to do was kidnap her, snatch her right from under her father’s nose. I would have much preferred to kill her, slit her throat with his razor sharp claws and get the whole situation over with, but my superiors wanted her in a living state. My skin crawled at the very thought of being near a being of light and purity. I looked up at the demon’s moon, whispering a silent prayer in my native language.

Suddenly I was distracted from my dark prayer, my large bat ears raising into the air . Someone had entered my domain, the domain that had once housed an entire kingdom of imps.

Focussing upon the sound I closed his four eyes and accessed the power from my inner eyes. Using the power to seek the presence of the intruder, although I did not move I was getting closer and closer to seeing the intruder. It was a fairie, a faint blue form could be seen around her body, evidently a protection skin. But it was not just any ordinary faerie, it was Twinkle herself, the princess and daughter of the King of the Galaxy.

I grinned ferociously, my forked tongue going along my teeth . I had anticipated breaking through gruelling security and numerous sentries, being forced to breathe in the pure antiseptic fairie air. But she had come to me, as a moth comes to a flame. Closing my inner eyes I opened my four physical eyes once again and began to move swiftly and nimbly from tree to tree, sneaking up on the still unsuspecting princess.

As I leapt from tree to tree, using my perfect balance to land on the thin branches and using my tail to swing from the large thick branches. I was getting closer to her, and her to me. I doubted anyone but myself would have detected me, my skin was perfectly camouflage with my environment, acting as a natural cloak.

I knew the expanse better than any travelling faerie with a detailed map ever would. As I drew nearer to her, the scent of the princess suddenly reached my finally attuned sense of smell. The odour of roses made my face wrinkle in disgust, such potent smells were not good for a being such as myself. I tolerated the stench and resumed my progress, Twinkle none the wiser of the imminent danger she would be in.

Suddenly as I landed on the next branch I detected another presence, a more sinister one that had somehow managed to evade my keen senses earlier. Now that I focussed, changing my sight so I could see the heat from everything I spotted Lopius the slithery salazoid. Also perfectly camouflaged to the background of the expanse he crept beside me and said in an arrogant voice muffled by the respirator, " What do you think your doing Samoset? I will be the one to catch her"

I turned to him and said, " Nay Salazoid scum, I be the one gettin me little claws on her and bringing her to bossman I be, I be the one to get the reward I be, leave now and I be gentle on ye"

We faced each, glaring angrily at each other. Lopius hated the manner in which I spoke, standing on his two hind legs he stood much taller than me and was much more powerful. Armed with four salazoid swords he replied, " I was lying, you are to get her. However I am to make certain you do not harm her, her father is with bossman Kito and wanted her alive, wanted the best of the best to protect her and Kito thought of your experience with the expanse and knew she would go there so yeah."

I could hardly believe the words coming from my slithery outlaw associate, but there were no signs that he was lying. Why would the boss listen to the galactic King and want to protect her, I wanted to kill her so badly that my entire body shook in anticipation. But an order was an order, I winked my right eyes at Lopius and when the princess was near I jumped down right in front of her. The fear I could see on her face disgusted me, I would have grimaced at the sight of such a beautiful face bearing any emotion. Instead I grinned as happily as a fiendish imp could, gleaming white teeth seeming like a series of razor sharp daggers. Before she could run away I said, "Halloo there Twinkle toes, ye lost? Cuz this be a dark place for a princess it be"

She fought back her fear, I could see it in the fluctuations of her body heat and the way her body shook a little despite the great heat. She responded with a clever taunt, " If I were to turn and run, would you grab me with your long devil’s tail? Or simply leap unto me and devour me as I live"

A genuine laugh came out of me which did not occur often, she had quite a sense of humour for a posh little faerie. I answered in an equally taunting voice, " Nay, ye would not want me tail to touch you, no ye would not. My tail be as poisonous as any poison gets, upon contact ye would be infected and die a painful death that you would I guaran-damn-tee it. And I aint one for white pure meat my little posh bonnie lass, I feed em to me boss as a birthday meal."

Twinkle did not laugh at his dark humour, and neither did I for I was completely serious on both accounts. She asked more seriously, " what is thy business imp? If it is nothing of grave importance then I demand you..."

A gleam of vehement hate flashed briefly in my eyes, I could hardly stop myself from puking for the pungent smell of sweet roses filled them. I did not suppress a shudder and replied with uttermost hate, " You be in no position to demand anything ye insolent swine, if it were up to me ye would be dead by me own bloody claws. But I be sent to be yer escort yer royal snobbishness. Sent by me bossman Kito and yer little daddy the galactic King. He be having friends in dark places, sinister friend bossman Kito is indeed. If ye follow me, I be leading you to him now."

Twinkle was sorting through the information in her mind, I could tell by the way she was there and yet she was somehow somewhere else. The look of determination on her face made hme wonder if she was always this disgustingly angelic. She spoke again, " Why would my father be friends with anyone as sinister as you’ve described, who is this bossman Kito anyway?"

I grew to the size of a small cat, small to humans I was giant to Twinkle. She was the size of my smallest claw on my foot.

As she flew on his back I replied, " I be not knowing nothing bout the minds of politicians, and I been round the block quite a few times that I have. As for Bossman Kito, he much bigger than a small house cat."

When she got on my scaly back I felt her smooth bare legs upon me, the soft silk of her flower skirt sent chills down my body. It was unnatural to wear clothes, it felt so alien to me to have clothes upon me in my natural state. I had worn clothes when I used my human guise, but never as an imp for I had no sex, nothing to conceal.

As I was about to leave five more salazoids appeared on the ground ahead of me, behind them Lopius was being dragged by a rope. The leader of the little gang was the infamous Garoli, the fiercest salazoid to live. He glared at me and said, " You shall hand over the princess, the Goblin King has sent us to retrieve and here we are."

I put her down letting her fly to safety and turned to them and said, " That be some weird coincidence that be, just so happens I be on a mission from Kito and her father to do the exact same thing. How we settle this, marble tournament? I call first shot!"

Standing over a foot taller than me, the salazoid leader stood on his hind legs and weapons drawn said, " she’s mine!"

I crouched into a defensive pose and replied, " This should be blast"

Four salazoid troops lunged forward, weapons drawn ready to kill. I raised my two arms loving the smell of the negative energy emanating from them. The secret of the imps, we fed off negativity like anger, lust and wrath.

Power flashed in the tip of my claws, closing my eyes to savour the moment I did not even move as they approached. I opened my eyes and blurred into action, landing on the first salazoid troop I crawled up his leg. The salazoid beside him swung at his leg with all four swords. I lunged up to the salazoid’s torso as his leg was cut off. As he went to grab at me I flipped up landing on his head, slitting his throat in the manner I would have done Twinkle I moved to the next one.

As the nearest salazoid tried to balance himself on a branch I did a somersault landing near the tree trunk on the same branch. My claws extended to their full size were the size of short swords, and with these I cut through the base of the branch. Sending his foe falling to the ground head first as I gripped to the trunk with the same sharp claws, upon impact his head snapped.

In less than a second I found himself in the grasp of the salazoid leader, he said arrogantly, " Any last words scum?"

I smiled at what was going to happen, I replied, "aye, welcome to the Kito express, destination hell!" Before they could respond they heard heavy breathing behind them. As the salazoids turned back they seen a giant 100 foot tall panda, armoured with expanse armour.

I was released from his grip as Kito yanked the tree clear of the ground, roots and all. The salazoids held on for their lives, their efforts were futile for Kito hefted the giant tree like a spear and tossed it thousands of miles away. Once they were out of sight, Samoset turned to find the princess and there she was, stuck in a giant spider web. The giant spider was approaching so I jumped on the web and grabbed the girl. He pointed at Kito the giant and said, " That be master Kito, ye satisfied now?"

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