The Quarry

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Two children find a creature buried in an abandoned quarry.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Quarry

Submitted: February 11, 2010

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Submitted: February 11, 2010



It was June and the blossoms were in full bloom. Eleven year old Sally Jean Privett wanted to race through the field kicking up their sweet scents, but she had her little brother Nestor with her. The last time she ran through with him, he wound up with a leg full of bee stings. So she chose to walk the trail beside the abandoned quarry. Her brother never could keep up with her. He was three years her junior, but she had him convinced that they were born on the same day, same year. She was just too quick for him to keep up, even in age.He looked up to her and he followed her like a shadow. That was a good thing for her because the other girls her age didn’t like her mean spirit and she had no friends. The boys liked her even less because of her brute force, but she always had a playmate in Nestor and she seemed to be content with just that.
“Where’d you get that ribbon Sally?” Nestor asked curiously.
“None of your beeswax Nestor Ann,” she snipped as she threaded the red silken cloth through her fingers.
“Looks like one of Mom’s fine sewing bows,” he said suspiciously.
“Well she ain’t gonna miss it and nobody’s gonna tell her that it’s missed, Nestor Ann!”
“Stop calling me that!” Nestor kicked hard at the ground.
“Why? You were supposed to be a girl anyhow and I wish you were ‘cause then I wouldn’t be playing with a stupid boy.”
“I ain’t stupid,” he grumbled.
“Ain’t smart,” she replied.
Nestor didn’t fight back; he just bit his tongue, even though he was so mad that he could spit. Sally always got the last word, he knew that.
“Okay, I am the fairy queen,” Sally said as she tied the ribbon around her head, “and you are the troll prince.”
Nestor frowned. “I ain’t gonna be a troll, I’m almost 4’5.” He stood high on his toes.
“I said that you could be the troll prince.”The emphasis on the word prince didn’t make him feel any better about it and he moped along the trail.Just then, a low rumbling moan drifted up from the nearby quarry. Nestor ran ahead of his sister.
“Did you hear that?”
“Troll, how dare you stand before me, I demand that you let me pass or I’ll have your head!” she said dramatically.
“No Sally Jean, listen down there.” He pointed into the quarry.
“Nestor, if this is another one of your stupid games,” she griped. Just then the moan echoed again. Sally wasted no time trying to get to the source.
“Wait Sally, don’t go down there,” her young brother cautioned.
Carefully, she scaled a less inclined side of the quarry wall. She kicked up a good amount of dirt along the way and once at the bottom she patted her summer dress free of the soil.
“Well, come on down, it’s safe,” she called up to her brother.
“No way, I’m not getting my britches dirty like you, Mom will have my head.”
“Fine you big baby, stay up there I’ll find the treasure and you won’t.” Sally primped her hair.
Nestor knelt by the quarry’s edge. “What treasure?”
“The treasure that the man’s gonna give us for rescuing him.”
“What man?” Nestor looked bewildered.
Sally searched for a possible source of the noise. “The man over yonder, in those rocks.”
Nestor looked down into the quarry and saw a large piling of stones.
“Come on, I think I see him dangling a piece of gold out that crack and I ain’t sharing any with you if you don’t help me.”

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