Christ Over - Daniel R. Angel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: January 23, 2012

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Submitted: January 23, 2012



Juarez,Mexico.  We live there.  We left Florida ater the hurricane flooded our house.
While we are there, a guy I know asks if I want to go out on the town.  Sure.  I go a-
lone.  I get taken to a quince-anera.  I am given beer and cocaine.  We go to a few
places, all in the same area.  They know I don`t speak spanish, because I am always
asking how to.  At the top of the night we are at a mechanics shop.  Out comes a guy
from in the garage, much too clean to work here.  We talk a while.  His english is
good enough to understand.  Before we parted, he told me to forget his face, to for-
get him, that I never seen him.  Ok, this is a boss, is this good?  He is already
showing off.  It had to be his big head that was to seal our fates.  But, God works
in mysterious ways.  I over hear the plan in spanish.  Melmac and I are to be killed,
mah is to be sold.  I played along to leave without suspission.  The boss said he
would see me tomorrow.  We left Juarez,Mexico after that.  We did stop to say bye to
friends at Scorpio`s bar.  Scorpio took the shirt off his back and gave it to mah,
it had the bar name on it.  Before the boss, we met alot of people.

Manny lives in san lorenzo.  He has been on the run from california for so long, he
almost forgot english.  He lives on the same block we do.  Now he hides out in his
apartment, holding immigrants waiting for the coyote to get them to the usa.  So
maybe I was just in the wrong neighborhood last time.  I bought a car for sale.
I took it to Juarez,Mexico.  Melmac with me, we took another guy with us, he never
had been to Mexico.  We get to manny`s place.  He calls someone to look at the car.
So manny says we are to go to the motel around the block and meet the buyer there.
Cool.  Manny gets a key from the office.  In the room we wait.  Done.  Before the
buyer leaves ther is a knock at the door.  As the buyer leaves, the knocker comes
in.  It is a young woman, for me manny says.  This was very unusual for manny, he is
usually very respectful.  He met my wife for christ sakes.  I catch manny and my
companion making eyes.  Something aint right.  manny wants me to get some female
now, right there as she strips down.  My companion throws in, it will be like going
when you are coming.  Bingo.  I call Melmac to attention.  I stand up and tell my
companion we are leaving, now.  He stays.  Outside there are at least five taxi`s,
drivers all about them.  I ask for a taxi, none will give me a ride.  Now I don`t
know what they had planned in case we left, but we were going home.  I know this
neighborhood, so we bob and weave to a bus stop.  It is the stop before last. 

When all passengers got off the bus, I ripped a hundred dollar bill in half, giv-
ing half to the driver.  If you take us to the puente, this is yours.  But you can-
not stop for no one.  He agrees.  Once in the usa we grab a taxi to the closest
truck stop.  I cannot bus home because of Melmac.  As night approaches, we wander.
In an alley is five people hanging out.  We stay to see the lay of the land.  It
is nothing like mexico here.  As we talk, two are brothers.  They live at home,
but get thier heroin from one of the others.  No curfew.  This is it.  If they
take us to colorado, I will give them as much gas money for the ride home as it
takes to get there.  And, I have a friend that deals heroin, a sure thing.  We
are on the road in ten minutes.  I held my end of the bargain, all but the heroin.

My companion got back to town two days later.  Not long after his return he killed
a guy.  When he got caught he tried to say I planned it,  that we were to sell the
victims car in Mexico.  As it happened, I was driving a friends van.  When I went
to the old ladies house, she flipped out, asking if I killed someone.  I guess the
cops showed up looking for me.  Knowing the crooked motherfuckers, aka police, we
left colorado.  East to nebraska.  While letting them figure the truth out, with-
out me, we went shopping.  We parked in the parking garage.  While in the mall we
hear a cops radio.  It says my name and description, as we pass a cop.  Shit.  I
just know it is those crooked motherfuckers setting me up.  But how would they
know I am here?  We told no one.  Well, it didn`t matter now, we have to get our it the van?  We exit the mall.  The parking garage is open on the
sides.  The neighborhood by it is on a hill, perfect.  On the hill is an apart-
ment building, with a laundry room.  The window facing the parking garage.  The
van is still there.  Are they waiting for us to return?  There is an arcade a
block away.  We go looking.  Sixteen, drivers license, and has a pal, perfect.
I tell him We got kicked out of the mall, but our van is in the garage.  I ripped
a fifty, giving him half.  Just get the van, bring it here.  By the way, there is
a dog in there.  But she is lovey.  Don`t look at her, just get in, say hi Melmac,
and drive here, fifty bucks.  I`ll give you your license back when you return.

Off they go for the van.  Mah and I haul ass to the laundry room.  There they are.
In the van, cool.  Backing up, cool.  Lights everywhere.  There were cops all over
that parking garage.  Shit.  We need info.  I am not wanted for murder, I am
wanted for auto theft.  I called the van owners.  They apologized when they heard
what I did.  But the warrant?  They called  the cops and said it was not stolen,
they made a mistake.  The next day I was clear.  Melmac.  We got to the dog pound
to a bill of two hundred some dollars.  I was about to state the truth when at
least eleven plain clothes cops were around us.  Let us help with that, and they
got all the bill squashed.  Then I find out why.  How did we get over on them?
But I was too happy to talk to them.  I got Melmac out and we went outside.  Those
cops followed.  Watch this I said.  Melmac showed them what a real dog looks like,
not the unprofessional dogs they have.  When I had her attack at them, one said
I better not be making her do that to us.  Dumbass motherfuckers, I was, but only
a little.  Melmac would have chewed your ass without a word.  Doh!  So I finally
tell them how we used them for our answers, after all, innocent until proven
guilty, right.  Get this, they wanted us to donate Melmac to thier department.

We now are far from home, no car.  They can only release the van to the owner.  So
we travel on semis.  Now I have to say somthing here.  Truckers have had google
way before computers.  They used the citizens band radio.  I will tell you, those
old school drivers are smart. 


ever wonder how I always got away? (a butterfly cannot live on one flight alone).
PUSSY MOTHERFUCKER,  YOUR ASS IS MINE.  GIT SOME. ?y sabes que?  !voy a te pico el
pozo y te lo dejo resbaloso, jotito!  and i am still here, still making you look
like an ass, just like i did in Mexico.  putz. 


  things you wont hear from witness protection land

Tijuana, Mexico.  We live there.  To live we are tourist guides.  It pays the rent.  Our
clientele are not always `typical` tourists.  Some want a brothel, some want drugs, some
just want to go to the best bars.  Some want all.  Now two guys from Kansas show up.

Melmac is with us. She is a loveable dog that only likes to play with everything.

Just beer and meth for Gordon and Steve.  "So do we want to take you barhopping as we
would?  What do you think mah?"So by the third bar mah notices the same people out-
side of every bar we`ve been to.  I chose an upstairs bar next, boards off of the win-
dows so I can see one hundred thirty five degrees.  I see them, at least four from the
last bar three blocks away.  I mention it to Gordon, "You piss anyone off lately?"  He
gets scared, wants to leave Mexico, tonight.  "If you want a ride back to Colorado, we
are going."  We seperate to meet on the u.s. side.  On the way, we are followed.  Once
in the u.s. we go to the pay phone.  I call the old man and tell him it is getting a bit
crazy in Mexico, we are headed back to colorado.  We see the truck again.  We go to meet
Gordon.  Silver monza. Once we are all in headed to the interstate, he lets us know he
wants to go through Las Vegas on the way home.  We never been there so sure.  We end up
out of gas somewhere in Arizona.  We get pushed to the next exit by a small pickup.  We
were there ten minutes when over the bridge we see a car with lights on the roof.  He is
on the bridge when two cars getting off the interstate crash, one rear ending the other
at the stop sign.  Now this was right in front of the state patrol officer.  He drove
straight past them to us!?  Gordon had his gas can on the car.  mr. officer says he can
take one for gas.  Gordon goes.  Thirty minutes later we are on the road again.  Soon we
are in Vegas.  Gordon says he has a tent so we can stay cheaper at koa campground.  Why
not, this is america.  We arrived early in the day.  As it gets hotter, we want to go
swimming in the campground pool.  There are no other tents, just campers.  As soon as we
get wet, two guys show up.  Then another one. Two more. Two more.  All have towels, all
have a moustache, all have on speedos. All are Mexicans.  Now I have been around a bit
by this point in life.  When these guys start to talk in French, I get nervous.  I tell
Gordon my observation.  He wants me to talk to him in Spanish so he can hear the dif-
ference, since he doesn`t speak spanish.  I do just that.  I never let out that I knew
as much as I do in Mexico.  But now we are in the U.S., and they can kiss my ass.  Now
Gordon says he aint to sure, maybe thats French.  Whatever, you uneducated ass.  So in
spanish I said let`s go get food to cook on the grill in camp.  After translation to
Gordon, we went.  We ended up with fast food and looking around that day.  And being
looked at.  As night is preparing in the sky, Gordon wants to go to a mountain that
overlooks Vegas.  I see the white mitsubishi eclipse again.  We`re being followed!  I
tell Gordon.  He aint so sure.  I tell him to pull over, now.  He does.  Up ahead of us
the mitsubishi pulls over.  Bingo.  I retell my assumption, telling Gordon to get back
on the road.  The car follows out too.  Gordon still says it is coincidence.  I grab the
pencils out of his console.  Two in my belt, one in my left hand, point facing his
neck`s direction.  If he fucks up once, his ass is mine, and he sees it.  I suggest we
just go back to the koa.  There was no arguement.  On the way back Gordon is just now
starting to line up the coincidences.  Fishy.  Once back, I diffuse the situation by
being myself.  After all, they all think I am so simple minded that I am easy, just
plain easy.  Soon I get Gordon drinking with me.  I want to race down a bottle of hard
liquor, against Gordon.  We are having fun, so why not.  Bottles in hand, mah says go. 

I don`t know what happened, but I had tried so fast, I got what felt like liquor in my
nose and I had to stop.  Gordon, bottle being slammed in his gut, didn`t see me stop.
I waited until he was done to tell him.  Now since dark, Melmac has been watching the
same bushes, intently.  She is telling me people are there.  Twenty minutes later, I got
this motherfucker.  Gordon is so drunk, he forgets what side he is standing in for a
moment.  This motherfucker says to me in spanish better that a mexican can speak it,
that he wants his money now for delivering `us` to vegas.  Bingo hell, I just blacked
out.  Mah understands castellano/spanish, but she don`t like to speak it.  Her eyes
about fell on the floor.  I calm her down with that look.  I want more.  I ask how much
was the deal for again?  He snaps to, sort of.  He`s plastered, but he shut up.  Shit.
Steve was always in the dark.  I dont think he knew what was going on, Gordon paid for
everything.  Then it was time to go.  Melmac stayed her ground, watching those bushes.
Mah and I went to the trunk of Gordons car.  I already have three pencils, I need more.
We score an old bumper jack pole, a tire iron, and two screwdrivers from the trunk. 

As we make our way to the guard shack at the entrance of the koa, we notice a blue ca-
maro off to the side, front windshield tinted too.  Melmac is walking tall.  We tell the
shack man there are people harrassing us.  I don`t know why.  He pulls a clipboard off
its hook, thumbing through pages asking what spots they are in.  Now Gordon rented the
spot for us all under his name.  Yet, right there on one of those computer printouts is
my name, fuck, it was my life`s travels to date.  Social security number, birthplace.
This looks government to me.  Too clean.  But maybe the mexican mafia is just clean.
Possible.  But in the u.s?  I say nothing, but I tell mah asap.  The camaro starts up.
Loud v8 motor.  Shit.  We see a 7-11 sign, running the whole way there.  Payphones!
People here too.  I call nine eleven.  The lady has me on a merry go round, asking the
same questions over.  Shit.  It`s them.  Now I am getting scared.  Over there, farther
is a casino.  It says boulder boulder.  I tel mah to take the dog and run there.  I
wait to make sure the mafioso that went to the payphones didn`t get funny.  I followed.

Valet guys in front.  I tell them to call the police, we are being chased.  Surely the
casino can call straight to nine eleven.  He grabs the phone dialing.  The senior valet
guy says they have to call casino security first.  What the fuck is this shit?  We go
to the open parking lot, if they come, we`re fighting.  Reality set in.  The mafia is
unchecked in the usa.  Three hours later the cops show up.  The casino did call the
cop.  The cops said the casino thinks we may be trying to steal from cars, so the
motherfucking police take our weapons from us and leave.  I kept the pencils.  Only in
america.  My mind is in overload.  Has been since the eclipse.  We have been up for two
days come morning.  Daylight aproaches.  There is a bus stop seventy five yards away, and
we can see the road clear in both directions.  But we want a bus going towards the lights
we seen in the night, downtown.  We plan to run to the first bus when we see it up the
road.  Melmac being so well behaved, passes as a guide dog.  I feign blindness.  We`re
on, headed downtown.  Bus is packed.  I am sure some are them.  Is this all real?

We get off one before last stop.  Headed towards people, they can`t have all the casinos.
Passing several casinos, we chose one with open walls, all the doors are thirty feet
wide.  The riviera.  As we ask security for the payphones, his name is Larry.  Larry
Sampson.  He tells me we are there.  Don`t leave that casino if we know whats best for us.
That was not a declaration of help.  I call the old man.  He always taught us that blood
is thicker than water.  He also taught us to lay in our own beds we make for ourselves.
But when I told the old man the dire situation, he said what are you calling me for, then
hung up on me.  Ok.  What would Briar Rabbit do?  So I wasn`t done there.  Mah has an
uncle that knows the country very well.  Maybe he will know what to do.  I call him up.
He knows all the right questions, this is help.  We about fell over to find out mah has
a cousin, her uncles son, that lives in vegas.  I was skeptical when he arrived at the
casino.  Turns out he is security at a casino up the strip.  But he is looking around,
alot.  Cops show up later that day.  They say they heard something about a chase or a
possible kidnapping.  I looked him and her straight in the eyes and told them to just
get the fuck away from us.  They did just that.  Not an hour later I see Gordon and
Steve.  They are walking along the far wall in the casino.  We always stayed outside of
the casino, only using the phone when we first got there.  As they walk to the rear of the
casino, I want to go snap that fuckers neck.  Soon they emerge.  Gordon says they are
leaving to colorado now, if we want to go we need to meet him in the parking garage.  Piss
off.  I asked why they were there.  He said this the only western union he knows of.

Now the old man has friends that live in vegas.  I grew up with these people in my child-
hood.  I guess the old man called his friend Jack in vegas and told him I was supposedly
at the riviera in trouble.  I guess since I seen them drive by looking, Marie snapping
her head towards Jack to confirm visual.  I saw you two. 

As dark approaches the night, we plan.  When it is dark we will walk away from here.  We
will walk to her cousin`s workplace, the luxor.  As we leave the riviera they start to
look like ants.  Along the way it gets hairy.  We can spot any of them now, and they can
be any nationality too.  We dodge into Marie Callendars, it`s upstairs in this plaza,
with large glass windows.  We ask for a table by the windows.  Here they come, but now
I see some of the cars they are using this run too.  I have had it by now.  This is the
united states of america.  I got to get the word out about this.  I call the fbi from
the restaurant.  The guy on the line states that they have no jurisdiction, and that there
is nothing they can do.  I pleaded our case.  Not even an option was laid out for us.  We
leave fast, the luxor is only a few blocks now.  I plead for help to a tourist in a large
group.  He said no to helping us, looking around hoping not to be seen talking to us.  we
see the pyramid.  Not far now.  We go in the front doors, but it only says excalibur. 
Shit, were we set up again?  I ask a person.  Oh, there are two casinos here, but we have
to walk around.  They are thick now, everywhere.  I see why.  There are escelators every-
where.  This is it, we need to bumble fuck them inside on these.  We pick an escelator with
the least people.  They go up the other ones.  Halfway up we retreat down, fast.  Some of
wanted to retreat but there were too many people behind them.  But there were still many
more still downstairs.  We went to security.  I told them I wanted the head of security
right now.  It worked, within minutes we were in company of the head.  I start to explain,
but he sees this is grand.  We are taken downstairs into security areas.  I explain.  So
the plan they come up with is th take us in an excalibur van to a luxor van.  And the trade
is going to happen in the parking lot.  Now I asked.  Why don`t the luxor van come in here
to this secured parking and get us here?  They cannot for insurance reasons we are told.

No sleep for four days did not stop me from thinking.  Was that the plan..?  When we pulled
out of the garage, all was calm, of course.  Now as we make our way to the middle of the
parking lot we see the luxor van comming.  Good news.  The drivers get out and are doing
the chit chat!?  We are getting out to transfer vans, but our driver says they are not
ready yet!?  Then we see them, big trucks, big tires, and lots more cars.  The cars are
racing around the curbs towards us, the trucks are jumping curbs.  I jump in the driver`s
seat of the van and I inform the driver either he gets in or I will leave his ass there
and drive us to the luxor.  The vehicles all stopped.  It was another set up.  They tried
to get me to steal the van.  The luxor driver said switch now.  We did, watching the stopped
vehicles.  Three pencils in case this motherfucker acts up too.  That`s what Briar Rabbit
would do. 
Once at the luxor we laid Melmac down outside, hidden from view.  Inside they were waiting.
We would walk to the doors like we were leaving there, only to retreat and force them to
look like asses.  Soon we fall asleep on some slot machines.  Hours later we wake.  Soon mah
hears a page on the intercom.  A name only she will catch.  It is her uncle, is he here?
We go to the payphones to call.  There he is, mah`s uncle, by the bar looking around.  He
sees us.  We turn our backs to him and pick up a phone.  He picks one up down from us.  I
tell him who and to watch what happens when we put the phones down.  As soon as we face
eachother, talking, he sees the ants run, back to the cars I guess.  We leave out an exit
only his boy could have told him about.  As we head to his explorer I tell him Melmac is
just around that corner.  If I call her she will come running.  No noise.  Shit.  Once in
the explorer we haul ass.  Mah and I are hiding in the back, but they know we`re in it.
I warn mah`s uncle about the taxi`s.  They help them, they are them.  Soon a city light
changes from green, straight to red.  The taxi in front stops, forcing mah`s uncle to slam
the anti-lock brakes.  Safe.  Now he knows, I hear the guns load.  I am hiding in back, but
I can tell what`s happening.  Soon we are on the road to colorado.  Melmac...






I was eighteen when we left Colorado.  Moved to Florida, via Juarez, Mexico.  We met
some nice people there.  There were fires burning in El Paso then.  Then off to St.
Petersburgh, Florida.  Mah has a friend that moved there from Colorado.  Our first
house in St. Pete ia a half alley address.  Three days into settling and someone
steals our laundry.  They picked through it in the night like they were shopping.  We
need a dog.  A neighbor across the alley knows someone who is trying to get rid of a
dog.  "yeah" Bobby said.  "They got a dog that shits all over the house, eats trash,
and wont stop.  They think she may be retarded" he cautions.  Farther down the con-
versation, the key arrives.  Ever since they got another dog that was to them a pret-
tier dog, and they gave the new girl all the attention and let Melanie fall to the way-
side.  Just by mention, we`ll take her off thier hands.  When we pulled up to thier
house we heard the loudest, most serious bark in a long time.  We look straight at
eachother, our looks wishfull that is her.  As we round the house to the gate, there
she is.  Outside alone.  My uncle always had nice dogs, like they were hand picked
by God herself.  They are the molds in my mind for our Melmac.  She never did shit in
her house, ever.  Mah and I were leaving to work one day, realizing we had forgot gas
money, we returned home to find Melmac with her head buried in the three foot tall
trash can.  She was making such a ruckus she didn`t hear us behind her.  I grabbed her
around the waist and tossed her the rest of the way in, yelling and screaming whatever
came to mind, just as long as it worked out good.  She never got in the trash again,
ever.  She was very good at stealing from the grill though, and never seen how she did
those feats...  When we got her she new sit and lie down, anything else was gibberish.

Through trial and error we were teaching Melmac to be a guard dog.  What we ended up
with, in a word, phenomenal.  She has just learned the concept of attack when an ac-
quaintence of ours went into our house and took ninety dollars, with Melmac inside.  We
heard through the grape vine she hid in the house that time.  So it was time to teach
her she is the boss when we are gonne.  We would leave the door unlocked and walk around
the neighbors house.  Our friends would go to the house and crack the door open, holding
tightly, and another friend would poke a padded stick at her through the door crack. 
The whole while telling her she is a "good dog, nice puppy."  Her house now.  Now I took
him stealing personally.  I put photocopies of him on the street, as that is where he
ended up; REWARD, call me.  Crack.  A week later the call comes.  He is a mile and a
half away.  I grab Melmac and we book it.  There he is.  Now he used to be a heavy
weight boxer.  That was his job.  He is the only target in view.  I tell her to attack!

She looked at me like, what?  Shit.  Now he realizes what I am up to.  We go home and
achieve perfection.  A few weeks later we see him as we are driving by.  We are with
some friends in a van.  I yell stop.  As the van unloads, he sees Melmac and I.  Now he
is up, all 225 pounds he has left ready.  In the heat of battle he gets a louiville
slugger from someone.  When he finally had control of that bat, that was all she wrote.
Melmac was in front now.  She never was a mean dog.  Just taught well.  He wants her out,
now.  He charges, louiville cocked.  He pulls back for the final landing, then Melmac
closed the distance.  His eyes were saucered out.  She got the arm, shook, then let go.

Now he is really pissed.  We are awed in amazement watching her.  He tries again, more
cautious this time.  He came in too slow.  When he swung that slugger, she was out of
range.  The guy that lost his louiville got hit with it.  Once.  He was hurt, but not in-
jured.  Still, time to go.  Melmac kept him at bay as we loaded up.  Never seen him
again.  It was about a month later when Melmac got a vcr.  Sitting in bed watching Dave
Letterman one night we hear someone crunching by our window.  The landlord had put tree
mulch in the yard a week before.  I call Melmac, sliding her collar on, I held the other
end.  Outside there is a guy walking from our yard with a vcr in hands, only a foot of
cord left.  I`m guessing he stole it from one of my neighbors, since he runs when he sees
me.  As soon as he runs, Melmac sees him.  Holding on to the leash I tell her to get him.
He realizes the dog is pulling me and he can`t escape.  As we get close I tell Melmac to
stop.  Now we really have his attention.  I ask him why the cord is ripped out, did he
steal from my neighbors.  He is so scared looking for cops to show up he sets the vcr
down and runs.  No one was missing one, but we did give it to one who didn`t have one.

Some time later we are walking to a friends house.  As we round the corner to the final
street we notice at least fifty people in the street and front yard they were from.  We
hear,"You can`t walk down our street anymore, but she can anytime.  Now there are three
of us counting Melmac.  Mah slipped the collar on Melmac and went straight through the
heart of them on that sidewalk.  Melmac had a perfect circle around mah.  We had no real
trouble from them folk nation people anymore.  That night some friends pick us up from
home to go out.  A little beer, pot, and LSD was the menu.  By four in the morning they
are headed home.  We want dropped off at the library.  The library has a retention pond
and is well kept.  We are casually camped on the picnic table, when we see a turtle in
the pond swimming towards us.  We can`t believe our luck, usually they run from you.  We
are beside ourselves with such a treasure.  Melmac is prancing in place wanting permis-
sion to get after it.  She was in a manner not often seen.  Like it was trouble.  It had
stopped ten feet from the bank.  Melmac needed a swim anyway, "go get it girl."  Melmac
ran jumped and landed square on it.  Now when the tail of that six foot gator popped out
of the water when Melmac landed on it, I was speachless.  Now Melmac is clawing at its
back while trying to get a bite in on its head.  We were calling her back to us then, and
being her, she disengaged and returned.  We went across the street and called the gator
line.  The next day we got a call, if we wanted to watch the gator guy trap it. 

Saying Melmac was smart is understating.  In six months Melmac was fluent in english,
spanish and sign language.  She crawls, can smell gun powder, a biting technique, and
traind to hold on while evading when commanded.  If told to attack, she would not stop
until told to.  If she was in attack mode, and while in mid-air she was told to stop,
she would turn her head and have to hit you.  If you were in her presence and she smelled
gunpowder on you, she would sit by you growling, hoping you made a move.  She chased
fireworks, so powder training was easy.  I would swing different weapons at her.  Soon
a pattern started to show.  It was all timing, chains more so.  I would hold her chew toy
and kick feet at her while telling her to attack.  Soon she could bob and weave, while
biting.  I would play with her using my hands, coming from two directions, then throw a
rope in the mix. Swinging  it, adding a foot or three for measure.  Greased lightning.

Melmac saw everything.  We were strict with her upbringing.  Food came from mah or me.
Never off the ground.  That is the poison training key, but you need the behavior straight
first.  We raised her around a lot of people, our friends.  Now for the first year we
asked our friends to ignore her, even at thier house.  To pretend we are without a dog.
We always loved on her.  Always.  Soon she only wants to trust us.  Children were a must.
We always had children love on her, ever since she was young.  After we got Melmac and she
got used to us, we fed her the regular diet of dry with a can of gravy chunks.  Then no
food for two days.  Since she could sit and lay down, we started there.  If she obeyed the
command, she got food from the hand.  They like learning at this point.  While she is being
told in english, I show the signs also.  Then I sign only, if she does it right, food.  Now
you can teach them to be quiet.  When the signs are learned, I incorporated spanish with
those.  Using food, it takes two lessons, each command.  At 76 pounds she was medium.
Black mask, black lopped ears, golden colored body.  When we taught her to bite, that had
to be one of the best of times.  Damon.  He is my first friend in St. Pete.  A good friend.

We thought of a plan.  The plan was simple, don`t get bit.  So in the heat of summer,
Damon was dressed in ten layers of clothing, minimum.  While holding the leash, Damon would
antagonize Melmac.  We did this away from the house.  When she lurched at him I started
saying the command to be.  Food from the hand.  Take our clothes in the night again, I
dare ya.  Damon is first class.  When we were doing this training together, I realized
that Melmac cannot dislike this man.  He was the only other human that could control this
wonderful dog.  When hurricane Opal got close enough, our beach apartment flooded.  We
moved everything to Damon`s house.  I guess there were some treakers that lived on the
same street.  They seen all of our stuff go in the front door, laundry still in the basket.

I guess hilfiger was a comodity.  That next friday night we all went to the bar.  When we
returned, Damon`s front door was wide open.  Shit.  Melmac then came out with the most in-
tense look, seen the van and became happy as all heck.  When we looked inside, all was as
it was, but a window was open in the back.  Three days later, other neighbors were giving
compliments to `the dog` and we had no idea what they were saying.  "you don`t know what
happened, do you?"  As we heard it, they heard a dog barking alot and guys yelling.  Soon
after one guy runs out of Damon`s house, bleeding from an arm and leg.  There is another
in Damon`s still.  He rounds the door with 76 pounds of evading bitch on his thigh.  He is
screaming for this first bitten to return with something to get this fucking dog off him.
He returns pronto, swinging, only forcing Melmac to evade.  She did not give up that bite
until the last tweaker was going in his house.  That`s my girl.  That litter of puppies
that kept her home that friday were spoken for in two days.  There were people from afar
comming to get one of those pups.  The pups were only two weeks old when that happened, so
we had people calling for two more months. 

I am being followed.  I see the white minivan at every intersection one block away.  It
is time to go.  I don`t know who the fuck you were, but, piss off anyway.

Since we met some nice people in Mexico, we go there.  The best place ever for a beer in
Mexico was Scorpio`s.  They literally take the shirt off their backs for you there.  We
stayed for months.  Was an interesting run-in while I was there.  He is my every breath.
I had left Melmac at home with mah when I met el chapo.  After some time we went back to
colorado.  Melmac is in heat by now so we go looking for a male dog.  We see him in the
back yard.  I knock on the front door.  We get permission.  This is Melmac`s second lit-
ter.  The male is a chow/siberian husky, named Nanuk.  From this litter is born Cleo.

Melmac had pups three times.  From this litter she picked the pup, mah named her.  It
was a sight to see, this momma dog pick one out of the litter and help her whoop her
siblings.  And protect her from those siblings, all in play.  Now once you train a dog,
mom dogs doing those exercises in front of her puppies, well, we only trained one dog,
but every litter was just like her.  We decide to go visit a friend in Florida.  On the
interstate in Florida we are passing a semi.  We are in the fast lane.  Now the semi de-
cides they want to ga faster too, it speeds up and is now passing us.  The pickup behind
us is honking and swerving, finally passing us on the left shoulder cutting us off as it
got back in the fast lane.  To avoid conflict we pulled over after getting far right. 

The truck pulls over up ahead.  ?  Reverse lights.  Fifty feet ahead now.  Two rather
large guys get out cussing at us.  When they start to walk towards us, I realize this is
not fair.  I should`ve pulled out fast and took off.  Cleo is too small yet, trained but
still too young.  Melmac and I get out of the saturn, walking in front of the car.  I
do not like violence, but if you ask for it, you got it sisters.  Both of them are by
the passenger door.  When they realize the dog is obedient, they think.  "If that dog
attcks I`ll shoot it" the passenger says.  We heard that one alot, but the wind was not
in our favor, Melmac did not alert to powder.  As they walk towards us I send Melmac to
eat some ass.  They see this dog haulin ass at them, eyes locked.  Driver runs to his
door and jumps in.  The passenger stands behind his door and pulls the gun.  Shit.  He
lines up on Melmac.  Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang.  As he shoots the first
bullet, Melmac dodges right.  He lines her up again, she dodges left.  She did this until
he was out of bullets, each dodge moving her two feet closer to that motherfucker.  He
jumps in and shuts his door.  Those rednecks peeled out of there, quickly.  Told you it
was not fair.  Cleo watched the whole thing, barking the while.  She knows what she is.

After we visited our bro Wes in Florida, we went to West Virginia to visit my Grandma and
Grandpa.  On the way we stop at a campground.  We are in West Virginia, but we have been
on the road with the dogs, and it is time to get out of the car.  New River campground I
think.  While ther we meet a nice local guy, our age.  Benny.  Benny lives across the
river in the little town of Prince, population, fourty.  We meet Benny`s family that week
when we were invited for dinner.  Now when we went for dinner, we took the dogs.  They
would stay in the car.  Benny`s house was at the bottom of a hill.  The yard seperated
the house and parking for cars.  Cleo always jumps in the front seats to watch.  As we
are walking towards the house, I see a car creeping through Benny`s yard.  "Benny, who`s
creeping through your yard?"  Then, as it goes by us faster and faster, I realize it is
the saturn.  Bamm!  Part of the chimney fell, and the car made a hole into the basement.
Shit.  Thier house.  I run for the dogs, they are ok.  Inside I expect to see Benny`s
parents in cardiac arrest.  Benny`s dad hears what it was from Benny, and he cannot stop
laughing.  That night they took us to the campground, we got our stuff, and they put us
up in thier guest house.  That night it rained during dinner.  There were at least fifty
buckets, pans, bowls, anything to catch water in the house.  They are rich, but they do
not have much money.  That next day, mah and I went to town and bought new osb and three
tab shingles.  Mah, Benny, and I redid that roof.  It was all for you, Jack and Wessley.

Cleo seen her first action there.  Some new residents have bought a house in town that
was for sale.  They are from Pennsylvania.  One night we are burning a fire.  One of those
neighbors comes over.  We are drinking, so is he.  He likes dogs, but is asked to leave
these ones be.  He figures he out weighs us all and can do what he wants.  When he real-
izes he cannot get them to stay, he goes to mah and pets her on the head.  Cleo jumped on
his ass and never let go.  She rolled that big motherfucker on the ground like a gator in
the water.  She weighed fifty two pounds.  Melmac never sat and watched, not while she
could still dance.  They chewed him pretty good.  Cops were called, but they told him to
keep his hands to himself in West Virginia from now on.  He threatened to kill the dogs.
However, he got some disease and died within a week.
These two wonderful dogs never had a collar or leash on.  Those were used for combat
training.  We would walk anywhere without a leash and they would stay on our side, no
matter the situation, they stayed.  So behaved were they, when we went through Tennessee,
we all got to ride in a helicopter.  Melmac died of old age in the back seat of our 1985
Cutlass.  Cleo soldiered on, having litters of her own, eventually landing us all a job
as construction security.  We made eight teen thousand dollars in those seven months of
2008.  Cleo died there, at work.  That is the most money we ever made in a year, on the




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