Christ Over - Daniel R. Angel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Christ Over Daniel R. Angel

Submitted: January 27, 2012

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Submitted: January 27, 2012





Now nebraska has an interstate compact with colorado.  If there is a warrant for you in
nebraska and you are in colorado, they transport you back.  I never got transported
from nebraska in fifteen years.  One night mah and I are camping at a highway pond in
north platte.  Cops arrive.  They want my name.  I give a false name.  Then I tell the
dogs to run away in sign.  They do so I pretend I am chasing after them.  I lay them
down fifty yards away and I run through the corn.  One sheriff walked that way when I
didn`t return.  He ran into the dogs and started shooting.  He killed Porter, shot him
in the chest.  Porter was one of Cleo`s pups.  The sheriff`s searched our car and found
my name and ran it.  They told mah I cannot be taken to colorado for that one though. 
Now the cop shot my dog, I lied my ass off, and I ran.  Yet there is no record of the
events.  Come git some boys, pussies.

Prince, West Virginia.  We are at Benny`s house.  I bought an sks assault rifle.  We are
all shooting for days on end at targets.  Well the park rangers show up.  They do not
like me cause I tell it like it is.  We are on private property, and my rifle has not
been shot for two days now.  They want to see my rifle since they heard it is really
nice.  I ask Benny to get it from the saturn trunk.  When he gets back to the rangers
and I, they tell Benny to give it to me since it is mine.  As soon as he hands me the
rifle, the rangers put me in handcuffs.  I ask what for and they say felon in possession
of a firearm.  I said you cant do that, it is entrapment.  I never heard another thing
about that episode.  I want my rifle back motherfuckers!!

Hmmm.  This looks trendy now don`t it.

Now they still took me to jail, as I was arrested for a carjacking charge back in
colorado.  They had me on a fugitive from justice warrant, no bond.  I was out on
bond in three days.  On new years eve 1999-2000 I got a phone call from my public
pretender.  Colorado is letting me go, but the warrant will remain.  of course. 

Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Mah and I are just relaxing.  We hear a car with a loud boom-
ing stereo.  Then it stops, but they were still in the cove of the apartments, so we go
outside to tell them there last warning is delivered, as we are the managers.  I see a
cop pull behind them, lights flashing overhead.  I seen this car before, I have video
of it selling drugs at the complex.  The cop sees me, and first thing he does is assume
I am the buyer.  I am four beers into the night, and I am not talking to any of these
motherfuckers with a badge.  I go back inside, locking the screen door.  Now I was
taught by George to do anything with a computer, and I can.  At the apartments, I have
internet set up for the tenants, and I have a bedroom full of computers that I sell.  I
have the outside all monitored by video and audio.  I cannot remember his name, but it
is on the video I took personally.  See, one of them, barney fife, ran to my door, was
there quick too.  He wants me to go outside.  I told him we are the managers and you
seem to have it under control, and thank you.  He smarts off to us, does not believe we
are legit, wants me to go outside so I can explain.  By now I see this crooked motherfucker
coming, I grab the camcorder by the door.  I do not let them see it as I record the e-
vents.  Now I really get them going, as three more showed up at the door by then.  I
inform them I have had a couple beers, and I am not going outside for you to whoop on
me.  "Just come out," he says.  I tell them how corrupt they are, and how sad it is that
this is the city cops we get in america, that they are the standard setters.  This
really gets them going, they try the door, but it is locked.  I laughed, cracking open
a cold one.  So halfway through that beer, and I drink slow, I showed the camera that
is poised in the screen corner.  The screen door is all metal, camera wedged in secure.

The rate in which they all look at each other is syncronous, and just as pretty they
all turn and walk away.  Not ten minutes later, barney is outside my back yard fence, I
was watching them from the security monitors.  I open the door fast, scared the shit
straight out of that crooked motherfucker.  I laughed so hard I was not spared, I had
to have pissed it was so raw.  Ever seen barney fife try to get his gun fast?..I am
laughing my ass off again...  Ok.  So when he gets out of that hell, he is pissed.  He
tip toes up, looking me dead in the eye and says "I will get you."  Now had I known
computers years before, I would have more videos.  I would put a computer in a car door
and wire it up, wireless.  As it records I would send the files straight to the internet
and wait for me or anyone.  Then if they find it in the door, it is too late, it is al-
ready online, crooked motherfuckers.  I make my own night vision cameras, plumbing on
all my own led`s, all custom.  But those times are over for me, I no longer worry.  I
hope these crooked motherfuckers try with me.  Want to protect yourself?  Care about
everything, and watch life happen. 

Now just like in St. Louis when the other officer pulled up and stopped murphy from
beating me with his flashlight and let me drive away, when this barney seen me next, he
had nothing to say to me.  Not one smart ass remark, and I was under arrest for car
jacking out of colorado.  That comes soon, crooked motherfuckers.  Someone is pulling
these criminals off my ass, just like vegas, etc etc.  Do they know something that I
do not?  Back then, I would say yes. (i just remembered why, later times, so much coming
back to me).  So a while after the fiasco at the front door with fife, I am driving in
my van and get pulled over for peeling out when turning.  So an old warrant comes up
from colorado.  Mah and I lived in denver after the juarez crap, and the neighbors knew
they wanted us there.  Those neighbors got to know us, being very friendly.  Now a month
later mah and I are at thier house when Jack Benson says that the juarez people know we
are in denver.  Now the scope of things for these people to know is surging through my
brain.  I look at mah and say it is time to move.  We have no car, they offer thiers.
I tell them I will take mah somewhere and I will return the jeep within two days.  It
is agreed to.  The next day on my way to return the jeep, I know not to go back there.
I park the jeep at greeley mall, keys inside the glove box, doors locked.  I called to
tell them I left it there, I lied and said I ran out of gas.  Jack Benson reported it
stolen, saying I took it from him with a gun.  There, charged as told.  That`s my life;
was my life.  that was in 1994.  They let that charge follow me for over fifteen years.
It was one day I was driving home when I turned a right corner two blocks from home and
the posi traction made the inner tire peel a noise.  The lady cop was very professional.
When I seen the backup unit arrive and barney get out, He looks in the car I am in, then
turns around.  He did tell the lady officer to tow the van though.  Now the law in new
mexico says you have to have insurance to get it out.  Mah went there the next day and
got it out, no insurance, and a hundred some dollars cheaper.  She drove it out of there.

I was in jail.  Now I have an eye that is different.  The pupil is sprung, and it cannot
get smaller.  It is sprung to where the color of my eye is barely visible because the
pupil is so big.  The zonules in my same eye are broken, so the lens does not flex to
focus.  Light is a problem for me.  I wear my sunglasses at night.  Now in the county
jail I am blinded by the lights.  Needing to adjust, the jailers cannot wait.  One bitch
is escorting me to booking.  My eyes closed to adjust, she ran me straight into the door
jam.  I trusted her when I was blinded by the light.  Can the bitch see me from there?

I am in jail for a fugitive from justice warrant, no bond on those.  I was out on bond
in three days.  We were working extra jobs as construction security at this time, mah
took Cleo and Bolan to work alone while I was in jail.  Soon enough the us marshals
show up to take me to adams county colorado jail from the bernallio county jail in new
mexico.  Three weeks later I am in kentucky in the back of a van with others being
transported, all in chains, but we are still headed to colorado, right!?  2008 was it.

They reduced the charges, I plead guilty knowing I would get out faster.  I got two years
probation and three thousand in fines.  I was released from the jail immediately.  I got
a bus to new mexico.  I made my payments on time, and I was released from the remainder
of probation and the fines in less than a year.  It was on my birthday.  Who gets off
two years probation in eight months?!

In 1990 I was in jefferson county jail for a driving offense.  Mah made my bail.  I was
in the dress out room.  The badge returning my street clothes makes a smart ass remark to
me, I turned it against him, good.  He leaves the room he is in as there is only room
for clothes to fit through the window.  He enters my side.  Now I am stark naked, was
expecting my clothes.  This crooked motherfucker starts to whoop on me right there.  I
was then given my clothes and released.  I held my tongue.  When I was free, I went
straight to the front to file a report.  Now the sargent in charge of the jail is who I
asked for.  I think he passed away.  He says that the deputy was to call for assistance
any time conflict arises, and that he did not is a problem.  So he says he will be in
touch.  I get charged with assault on a police officer.  I find this out when my name
gets run while driving.  I get put in jail.  To get out I plead guilty to this charge
because my pretender says the da wants probation.  The judge gives me four years pro-
bation, with the explicit knowledge that if I fuck this up, I go for four years, no more
court.  I told him I know the deal.  I fucked it up walking out the door.  I have not
ever heard another word about that.  It just disappeared.  I know what happened...there
was this cop that would not let good life be.  He was just a cop not three months ago.
I seen him in front of the house in his patrol car.  I was pulling out in my car, he was
on the phone screaming into it because he knew of the warrant.  Through paradox I knew
this asshole would not leave me be.  But the offense its self has been `paradoxed` out, and
you were so sure you had me again.  That quick you are a pretender.  Paradoxed.  Who`s next?
To that partner with him, who knows something is going on now, be good.  If you see a
fellow officers daughters at a party, don`t let them run out the kitchen door to
escape charges.  Want to see the videos?  Big brother?  Make me laugh.  I am much better.
To those cops that let those girls go, God fished most of them out of there.  Your words
carry no weight when you are the criminals, so to tell them to stay put while you play dad
to the girls you let go, piss off.  Why not use that dad attitude for all children?  Or
does the badge keep you royalty?  Punk motherfuckers. 

So if you ask yourself how this guy, me, not educated past nineth grade, is this efficient.
It comes to the point of school.  We, the real victims, are taught in Hard Knox.  We didn`t
create this situation.  To those Hard Knox I say, this is kung fu.  A kung fu in the mind.
We are the ones with the thought pattern unlike any other, use it for good, and watch life
happen.  This is the pinnacle I mentioned, it is us with the brain power now. 

I am not done yet.  I have only scraped the clump of shit known as corruption.  I can do
this for a long time, But this will close yet another chapter.  I know people threatened
by cops that have to sell drugs for them or go to jail...
I know people that pay cops, and the cops...
I just know...






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