Christ Over - Daniel R. Angel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 6 (v.1) - Christ Over Daniel R. Angel

Submitted: February 01, 2012

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Submitted: February 01, 2012





(try to keep up, there is much to read between the lines, and how it is all placed in
 paragraph sequence, is essential if you try to reply and not look like a dumb ass).

Why did I grab that dog chain to protect my brother before I was five?  Because I was
taught that blood is thicker than water; there are enough of us kids to fend off pro-
blems.  The downfall of the youngest is there is no time to learn, you must get in the
groove or get left behind.  The best thing is that you get to learn faster than the
older ones.  For instance, I would not be in a crompomising position with my old man`s
wife`s daughter.  Or maybe learn it is ok in the tub because dad said it is, not.  So
as we prowl my mind, what else is in here..wishmaster is in...carefull what you wis4

I never ended in prison, I am still here.  My life is still the same too.  I have all
the lessons I learned to get here.  I know why you talk to me like that on fB.  You
want to be accepted.  To be more `in the family` than I can.  Do you know why you do
that to me?  Because I am the scape goat, it is what you were taught about me.  I have
never been broken in spirit, and maybe you envy that.  But it is easy to get a mob to
rally against me from your synthetic cozy spot in life.  For all the life I was
denied, I am the happiest man alive, simply because I care about all things, everyone.

I say, you all let your intentions known.  I get a call three days before thanksgiving
to hear I we not invited to flatrock.  Two days before christmas, same thing.  Good to
hear you all had a swell time.  No wonder God saw fit to Grayce mah and I with a
beautiful little girl.  I am comfy in my life, I am not scared of anything.  I love God
for all we have, and the better world that is already coming.  For all you weekend
God lovers, if you had God like me, you would know no fear, fake motherfuckers.  It
would seem that I am the only one with the balls to tell it like it is.  I will give
you a 101 percent guarantee, I seen enough to know when I have been in God`s personal
path, opening eyes, proving points.
I want to thank you for the drama, drama queen.  You are, "prettier than a bag of assholes",
yet told everyone I treid to break in to rape you.  I told the old man I tried to get
in to steal a car battery that time in 1989, a year ago.  I think I was sixteen, living
in mah and my own apartment, paying our own bills from our jobs we worked on the weekends
and after school.  We did as much as we could with what money we had, but raised ourselves
mentally on our own, for twenty four years last I looked.  Head strong to take you on. 

Why would you say that when I went in the garage only?  Are you sweet on ole Daniel R.
Angel? and the closest fantasy you can have is puting yourself in that well worded po-
sition of mattress back land.  Hey, you said it, not me, truth be known.

The name change.  What name change?  You see a title and go ape shit.  But let`s look at
why you wrote the name change section like you did.  Ok, I see you think I changed my
name to write this and hide from the mafia, maybe the government, maybe the family.  Now
look in that melon seed you got there and think..........................................
....... ..............., ok. 
See that there, behind the twinkies, no the other case, yea, there.  It says fear god and
obey his word or face his wrath.  Well no one admits it, so, that book is a pile of
shit paper.  I smoke dope in the pages for christ sake.  Good shit too.  Yet you hold a
book title and its pages like God gave you something to fuck me with.  I wrote it dumb-
ass, they know who they are, they know whoo I am, and now they know who you are.  Is there
anything else I can help you with there in north platte, nebraska, buffalo bill road, is
it?  Is there anything else God can do to help your budding career, my lady?  Must be
like being in hell.  I know, I was there, until I found God.  Don`t fuck with me.  I am
not the scared one.  I will call the hand, I never fold, for I am the richest by far.
Head strong.  I did not stop learning after school.  I taught myself to speak castellano,
chinese, french, braille, morse code, american sign language, and others.  I read the
dictionary and get the latest tech news.  And I spent a life getting the education of
mental prowess.  So any one else want to synapse witt me?  Come git summ.  This is the
most original story line in decades, all my own.  Now either I am really smart, or was
really fucked over as a child.  Maybe it screams both now, one learning from the other
every day of my life.  Or crazy if that`s the best you can do.  If this manuscript can
open the eyes of only one person, then I fucked up bigger than shit.

Wanna play tag?  If the feds are the `top dogs` we know of, then I am fucked, right?!
Now frisk yourself, what I have seen, am I really afraid?  Is it a miracle I am even
alive?  Is this God`s world?  Hypocrites.

This is how much I care about a great world for all.  You that sit on your thumbs, asses
wide open, teach your kids the same.  I felt it necessary to include this in this book,
as it demonstrates the shit that still flies around and says no one can do better than
how they were raised.  Not so fast.  I knew the good choices after I stepped outside the
box, I did it, and I got invited to stay out of that box.  That is the Power of God. 

Now, to be honest, those mafiosos that were after us are dead now, in beyond.  If you
really cared about all now, you would be outside the box, and know your head from your
ass.  The whole organization is falling, putz.  In fact if you look at my wake in this
water of life, many bad things in the world have been torn apart as I cruise.  Piss off.

I regret stealing a leather jacket from a great and wonderful man.  I did it and will
make it right.  I never took a watch from another great and wonderful man.

We as humans are taught from our environment.  I did not break that mold.  I do not think
like that.  I would accept that mold as a lesson of a learned experience, while still
living that same one.  I do not want pieces of shit all over, I believe in learning from
the shit to teach the next generation.  Now, do you flat out show them what you mean?
No, you cant expose them to that, you teach them without teaching them, hope inside your
mind wanting them to understand, the sooner the better. That, my lady, is the closest I
can get you to understanding paradox, without you trying.  Who`s next!?






The very fact you see here is `under the rug` bullshit that keeps us down as people.
Nothing is any ones fault, pass the buck, under the rug.  Also taught to us from
world government.  They aint shit anymore, I aint scared.  I learn, the right way.
They know I found something, they wont touch.  You see, as Hard Knox educated, I
happen to live under that rug.  Because you are to busy trying to stay out from
under the rug, everyone else gets shunned, not forgot.  (between the lines people).
My daughter is not born, yet here I fight for the human rights forgotten when my old
man took you out from under the rug.  All I had to go on growing up is what the old man
taught me.  He is the reason I made life what it is, there is nothing bad in my eye as
I look upon the old man.  If there is tough love, he knows it, with just the right
recipe to bake anyone.  He did not do anything to hurt me, he did things at just the
right moment, so I would see for myself.  I won because I had one parent as a guide.
If you ever took a moment to listen to him, you would see, not hear, he has a wisdom
only one that cares could get, able to reach anyone in his path, if they want loved.
Just because I write, does not mean it is my life, it is a wake up call, maybe.  If
you will just shut the hell up and let me be, you will enjoy your life a
little more.  If you listen to the old man, he can show you heaven on earth. 

If you bitch out the bible actors, I bet you would make the big time.  But thanks
for the exposure, and don`t believe everything you read.

Be happy with what you have.  You and the old lady are the two I suspect will surely-
probably call congress to get a declaration of war on me.  I may have disrespected you
in the past, like when I was sixteen,  I even apologized to you for that, but I have
given you respect that you have never earned from me, for love of my old man.  but I have
never got one from you.  You have run out of free respect from me, I love you.

A key here for universal understanding is, christina and I got along as synthetically as
ever, before I wrote a manuscript.  So, enjoy the lies I write, and let the images flow...

Don`t mistake Dad`s love for weakness no more christina.  Only fear yourself.








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