Christ Over - Daniel R. Angel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 7 (v.1) - Christ Over Daniel R. Angel

Submitted: March 12, 2012

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Submitted: March 12, 2012



The stores were by far the easiest bank in the country. I can say without pause that I
am why stores went to computers so soon. They couldn`t catch me for nothing, never will.
I will not be punished for living. I never hurt mom and pops ops, but corporate can kiss
my beyond ass. Which brings me to whistle blowers, leakers, etc. Kudos to you all. If
a whistle blower has seen something strange during a government fuck`s investigation,
Chances are you are being helped. Put your big panties on and enjoy the ride. I like
doing the right thing, as I am not held by the government fuck`s rules of scare and tax.
Be logical, not criminal, and watch them g-fuck`s walk around you. As the united states
puts more and more of it`s people through jail and other programs, we are getting smarter
and smarter. It becomes easier to read between the lines of a g-fucks mind. Now a g-fuck
can be a city worker g-fucks. Now, I want you to remember, if the shoe fits...

My goal is to crush the secrets in g-files. National security my ass. More like how much
do I g-et? And we the people keep letting them drill us right in the ass. If we the
people would wake up; we are in a dying world, dont you fucking care. To all with chil-
dren, you are letting your children play on the city highway, but you already know that
don`t you. Yet the g-fucks let you keep your kids. I thought we took kids in danger out
of such danger around u.s. WAKE UP WORLD. If we the people can`t get it done, someone
take these motherfuckers down, yes, the g-fucks. If a nuke in america would free this
world, I will be first in line to go. Whatever it takes. I never lose.

Now, what if there was an explanation for our time, since year 0? Do you imagine it is
an easy explanation, or could it require thought? For instance, time is a tool used to
raise children. It got a lil screwed up, but now it has been fixed, and we are the time
frame for change. Or have we been left to g-et fucked for eternal generations?

What type of lifestyle is left? As governments progress, they are devising ways to keep
you unknowing and scared. Doctors are merely automated billboards. Cops are the problem
on the city streets. Congress is the most corrupt in our history, with my uncle being
voted the most corrupt, ever. Yes, Charlie Rangel is my uncle. Insurance is like oil.
And george is a pussy motherfucker that strokes cheney`s pipeline behind the bush. I bet
bush moved to cheney`s hometown, to be closer...cheney, you stroking charlie in session?
charlie is fucking all of us, hinting he is entrenched in his rant. I hope you die off
you crooked motherfucker, so we can free up some people in gov that want change. Can
they all be bad?.. I seen no america when bush and cheney ran for offices. Americans
were jailed for speaking. I am convinced, we, the united states, are not up to par.
(does it show?) Why do I not pay taxes? Besides g-fucks knowing I am a real person,
I do not pay them g-fucks for drilling us in the ass, no more. I want the renewable re-
sources on the table, the same table as internal combustion engines. I want my God giv-
en right to choice of geothermal, solar, wind, or water. The bad shit we know in this
world is our pants, not our bed. We can have 300 mile plus batteries in a chevy volt,
for instance. But they use inferrior batteries, charging the price of 500 mile batteries
for 30 mile batteries. We live in a constant state of being freed from slavery. Where
does that leave say third world countries? Child labor, perhaps. I care about this
whole world, unconditionally. Do you think you are really helping the world, knowing
what you do keeps the world in constant proposed freedom. Maybe you gave up on the world
just in time to see what you are made of. What if god got caught, and someone used all
the life known to teach all to go beyond Gods, in time? Only fear yourself.

Now the majority of this can be discovered as true, if the people would
force open the vault of secrets, see how far off I am. Until that time I have not one
word to say not written. I will not argue stoopid with stupid. So you could say, I have
nothing to say.



Logan County Commissioner`s Oversight Committee. Are you friggin kidding me. Is that
the pot calling the kettle black? or the fox guarding the hen house? Don`t matter,
it is led by the crookedest, or dumbest judge I ever seen. Now there has to be a degree
of psychology in being a judge. Do not our children come first? In logan county then,
corruption ruled. That was the city coppers and the county sheriffs. Today we have
a very most excellent sheriff`s department, but the city coppers are going for the army
style force, and they still are as fucked up as ever. Don`t we have agencies to inves-
tigate these crooks? Now, do I look scared of you city coppers any, as you see me in
town? No. Let me tell you in three words why, you aint shit, mind over matter, went
through that, can`t touch this, or Admiral Jim Stockdale. Now the LCCOC was conjured
to say something, the government does not work and we are proof. Pot kettle fox house.
How many innocent people and kids have you condemned, mister L? All in the name of
power to the pence? Pictures run best in Sterling, nothing else matters is my finding.
so let me tell you, power to the pictures, crooked motherfuckers. You create the facade
Sterling aint nowhere to live because we need militarized police. I bet you sum bitches
have a direct line to congress too, in case of war in Sterling. I bet the subject book
has pop up pictures too! Now wherever I seem to go, things get right. Don`t think you
are different coppers, there can be only one. This is your head start, like before
kindergarten. Now I have been back in Sterling for a year now. In that time I have
seen city police break the law more than the people. I love technology =]. I also
like this freedom I was denied by elected corruption. See, you aint shit to me. You coppers
that know me, know I should be in prison, for another eight years I geuss is left. But, as
you see, here I am, singing like a free bird. What do you suppose that means? One, I
am employed by the government, or two, something amazing is happening this time frame.
Computer told you I was doomed, my record was wanted fugitive from justice, escaped
prisoner sentenced to twelve years. So, what is a computer, do you suppose. Or is it
as simple as the u.s. government took it out. Or maybe China did it...oh shit, did you
pick up the congress line? Piss off! Seen many wrongfully convicted people freed in
the recent past? Ever wonder what Thomas Jefferson said about a just gGod? What if...
and all that pass are beyond God`s, or learning how to be. If one god was in charge
before... I was on the run as a fugitive over fifteen years, but no one had the balls
to haul me in. And when they did find the nerve, I was released, quickly. So what
happened, you g-fucks? Did the ghost of christmas past say hola? Yeeeehaaaaaw!!!!!!!!!
Kiss my ass you crooked motherfuckers. Or I could say crooked doug lamborn; same!
Want them to walk around you too? Just do it, right.

libel this crooked motherfuckers ,,l,, ,,l,,

cnn, fox news, etc etc. You stoopid assholes. Power to the pence, right. Well, let
us see what is in the sac for know the only real paper I have ever seen in
my time is AFRICAN AMERICAN VOICE. Hands down. Power to the People. They are the
only paper I seen to date that is on current events. Right on.

Power to the pence. News medias. Medical research outside of cures. Doctors that pro-
mote those drugs for pence. Medicine man medical marijuana dispensary in metro d-town.
Worthless crooks. Medicine man on Nome in metro, sell you diseased clones with the
hope they can infest your grow operation. The only place I have seen a sign say all
sales final-no refunds or exchanges. Hash tastes and smells like stems. And will chase
you off for asking them to help people instead of drilling... I told you pete and pete
that you were messing up, but no, who will help one legit customer... I know you can
change pete and pete, but you are going out of the people business, you have no business
where real help can happen right now. Maybe you can just grow for wholesale...

Does one walk in front of a moving train to prove anything? Depends on the situation
I suppose... What if that one lives through the impact and turns to state a few points
while the train is still passing by. Didn`t see that one coming did you. Well if you
read two lines at once I suppose you got me there. Try it, and retain the understanding
as you go...WOW! Once you practice on other litterature, And understand it the same,
come back and do that on this litterature. Welcome to the big time, multi-taskers.

What if someone stood up and said enough, no more locking up innocent people to further
your pence... What if someone was already working over, harshly(only fear yourself), the
minds of g-fucks drilling us... What if one person chose to keep living thier life know-
ing it would be difficult, just for fate to happen... If no g-fuck is going to help,
what do you think will really happen to that lame government, our government of the u.s.
Weather looks very unpredictable these times... <---crooked motherfuckers.

Mecican mafia. What a pack of pussies. Want to know something, I never understood how
we were able to go from state to state in Mexico, being chased like we were, alive. Now
I know, if the world govs cannot fix us it is obvious, it will take divine intervention
to save us. We have trusted in them long enough. The only real help in gov comes from
people not entrenched in politics. Whoa can anyone stop me? I am off the hook. I say
wipe them crooked motherfuckers off the planet. Whatever it takes. Yes, I am saying
this and will say more, and I will be left alone, tic-toc, just listen to the train go
past. So, things that make you go hmmm.

I been wanting to just spew for a while now, and I am always learning and I will post it
as I see it. Am I political? No! I am American. Am I zestfull? Yes! I can`t slow
down. Am I hopefull? Yes! Is time for Hope! Am I scared of gov or mafia? No. They
can present themselves on open ground, bend over and kiss thier own arses. They know
why I am not scared, though they only know for sure, why, now... dick cheney, I just
want to personally tell you, "you are a corrupt piece of rotton shit and you look like
a whitey motherfucker too, you worthless fuck.

larry sampson from las vegas, you are a bad man, you punk ass bitch poo butt motherfucker.

officer murphy in st louis, you little white devil. You in prison, yet?..............

sterling police department, corrupt much lately? Bastards in a legal gang? No, homie
don`t play that. Ah Ha

I want to take this to say, the Logan County Sheriff`s Office has changed in all the right
ways. Even if there are military types there, they are led by an honest man that will
and does go the extra miles...

To that bitch in bernallio county that ran me into the door jam, hehe, tic-toc 400 years

corrupt g-fucks, tic-toc 400 years. Quit jaming the walkway of people, mkay

I am one who will not stop until we the world are free of pence. Now do I stand for truth
is your problem, if the shoe fits. Want to butt heads with me, I am always available.
Just have a solid resume or I`ll eat your ass whole. rofl I have had many names in all
the travels. Paco in West Virginia. Cargo in St Louis. Cosmo in Florida. Melmac in New
Mexico. In juvenile detention it was Grasshopper.

In all I have been through as a juvenile, I have no reason to believe that is not why I
have an F.B.I. number issued to me at such a young age. Have they seen my life? Sure.
Do they wonder what the fuck is going on? Sure. I mean, a 15 year old that can call
a favor in to some Chinese friends might have seemed a little extreme to the principals.
Perhaps that is why they called my placement officer to voice concerns. I assured them
I was not as scary as I seemed. I was shuffled through three homes in Estes Park due to
colorado youth services ability to provide safe and secure placement. I was there less
than a year, mind you. The first guy, howard cole, was gay. He told me to my face. I
had raised concerns to the placement officer, but no. They had a talk without me present.
When I returned, I was assured that howard`s sexual preferences were no different than
anyone elses. I knew better. Anyway, you go cowboys in juvenile services. Putzs. Hold
on kiddos, you are remembered. Can things get worse? Sure, and definitely will if you
are a problem to the answer. Renewable energy is a good place to get busy. That is a
warning to you corrupt poo butt mother fucking g-fuc kkk s. I may just have a direct hand
in your demise. I mean you dead, me happy, world better off. Bullshit this you punk ass
crooked mother fuckers. Ever wonder what would happen if you got caught for all this shit
you have created? You are being called. I propose all corrupt government officials be
terminated, immediately. I have stated many corrupt g-fucks in my literature...
I shall go sleep well now, as I say to you, only fear yourself as the train passes by.



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