Christ Over - Daniel R. Angel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 8 (v.1) - - Christ Over Daniel R. Angel

Submitted: January 01, 2014

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Submitted: January 01, 2014



like a heart monitor, blood pressure monitor, more along the lines of emotion monitor.
direct feed with dynamic specifications for, monitoring. hit a marker and you will get
attention. will it ever go away? yes and no. catch up to yourself, yes. fight yourself
you will hit the train every time, yourself. aliens? no. technologies mostly from us,
mostly. no game changers were needed or added, choice given. all choices given. that
said the 1% as i come to know them kept the choices to themselves. they are using the
ancient art of school yard bully tactics, and death is punishment. umm, ok.

as maker and us got to the root of the problem, maker was gone, in space and time, not
willing to stop helping us. look, do you see that? them? makers, all of them, here,
now, in our time. Tic-Toc. makers we are not, we evolved beyond. thinkers, i think.
makers are close as they could get with help from, us. that is what 99% does. i feel
for the makers, want them to be like us. they are, were not mal, just negligent. but
that was enough for evolution. think about it. there is no God, and we are creation.
the act of playing God is insulting yourself, burying yourself.

the illuminated, thugs of the 1%. none of them live longer. none are inter planetary,
and are finding themselves not as smart as even a year ago. a little dimentia. think.
maybe paranoia is setting in, like God was in thier heads for a moments notice.

------------------WHAT IF-------------------------------------------------------------





i kept it spinning(on vacation now). illuminated thought you had pulled the wool over
our eyes. well we let you go this far. (Ripples). purpose: to see your true colors, a
pointed there is no `ultimate` sin you could create to cause. just you. the illuminat-
ed lack of vision is sad, but true. true: many times have been layered over, hints to
demise, not to repeat. learn from. technology is mind extended, even metals of the
`unknown` origin, like sheet metal. the rest is propaganda of imagination. illuminated
propaganda, world imagination. think people. did they communicate with `visionaries`?
yes, they were. up until they lost communication, and they sisn`t even notice. choice
given. are they human? yes, anything else is propaganda, scare tactics. have they re-
leased germ warfare? yes. but the `germs` evolve upon release. Next!

believe in God and you dont evolve. all illuminated today, thugs for the 1%. the 1%
knew this. the highest to evolve is the one who writes the book o life. what they knew
not was the book of LIFE. now you punk ass 1% know what happened. you knew you lost,
yet still cannot accept a no class whooped your ass`. dignifying  =)

reincarnation? well, yes so to speak. not all reins are sent back. those are selfeins.
selfeins are beyond diety, thinkers. the goal: 99% beyond diety. end has to be reached
so we don`t miss one understanding of 1%. illuminati evolved to the 1%. it was a bad
place beyond, yet never was. do not hide the past. evolve.

never was `illuminated 1%` contenders, just a lesson in time. Tic-Toc~

now think for yourself, compare the last 100 years advance to the previous 900 years.
 you could bat a thousand here. those with extended knowledge can park it...






i did it. i shared all i have and will find, ever. no master, no overseer. just us. us
is ALL of us. just us. human is a lesson in time. you just don`t remember it all, yet.
i do at times needed get what i need, mental or physical. think. the enemy in boots,
the mothafuckin police, my personal eye catcher, those closest to us. think. listen to
daddy, and listen well, you are public SERVANTS not public sargeants, your last Chance
to get right. illuminated behind schedule? is that possible? all moleculars thought of
as well as moleculars of end in sight, so illuminated 1% vastly out of
league. we 99% are currently in both. both what? both `dead` and `alive` dimensions.

all tapped into the same LIFE frequency. fishing ourselves, watching ourselves, need-
ing not fear ourself if good, right. was done in such a way as to be undetectable to
the mal, like a cloud storage. i cannot give it away, i tried. so i share, and whammy
am i able to share! share what? now we`re getting somewhere. only fear yourself. some
feel a hint of fear in that thought, being beyond diety. you are evolving, catching
yourself. some will make no sense of HOW? at all, others not yet. honoredly informal.

past choices have put some back in space time, here now, redone. no recall of past
`victories`, no satisfaction. a fair Chance at choice. makers intersect, showing the
choices, linger from afar. better than average core help. lightly. yet some will not
be able to catch ups.

as our/the frequency, ourself tell us we are ok, then not gone again but unheard of

(don`t give the prics the satisfaction) why re bel, we are in control, teaching.
what? illuminated. we cleaned up after LIFE and like students learn good. teach good.
for the good. majority rules nothing. good does, or i never existed. i am backed up by
nothing, i just am. are you?

hardest of my evolution so far: i care for all equally, and about ran ragged trying
to fix what cannot fi x. so i learned when to say f uck i t. no class. the obvious,
some illuminated will/are awaken ing. (cloud). and will come out publicly as some al-
ready have(beware of alien/lizard propaganda `turncoats`). who are we to take thier
choices? that`s why we know WHAT?.






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