Christ Over - Daniel R. Angel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 9 (v.1) - - Christ Over Daniel R. Angel

Submitted: August 09, 2014

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Submitted: August 09, 2014



Choice is known, you illuminated fucks know i am the anti christ, i just accepted it. but i kno i am

not the picture you have painted. i kno why you cannot get to me, i am untouchable. so much has

been done, you kno my kindness is not a weakness, i am learning, teaching. st louis, albuquerque,

denver at the moment. these cities, these great untouchable cities, my ass. nothing, no one is be-

yond our reach. we are waking the ones, and there aint nothin you can do but change or  `scar`. all

i have said has and is goin on. those following have choice, walk out and change no matter the `cost`

or `scar` no middle `ground`. i have been denied all our united states government can deny a working

citizen. i realize i am not even considered a citizen of the united states so we are taking it back, solid.

we shall see eachothers past present and future soon. as you look back on all the technology it is easy

to see how a virus is contained~ so much has been done for the ease of transformation to get as many

free of themselves(illuminati teaches nothing, just brings out). i am dumber than a box of rocks, but Ma

nature Loves meh lika  Rock. i see all thier sublims, games, pokes, prods, minds eyes, you name it, Ma

sees to it i got it, and they kno it. more than ever before. honestly i want to leave america, as there is no

backbone left in the ppol unless provoked. well im gonna go before then. hope Russia listens..Ma..

alex jones, illuminati counter punk. shut the fuck up you stoopid motherfucker. how much does the illumin-

hated pay you to incite riots in the streets? sit and shut! leave the underground reporting to those with all

the experience; full bodied reporting. Putz.

Christ. ya ya`ll see thru it easier. Stoopid. but some cling because they have been left here, cold.  i am here

for all i can, hotter than hell. on meh winnin streak, er i always was, but now i see the marker~you illuminated

pucks took me thru vegas on `the run`. you thought you had it all in your hands. STOOPID PUCKERZ!

i kno life ran the whole show, the whole time, without hands...BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ok, you never had mojo, you

were used to bring out the best and worst, it ends here, now. there will not be another decade on this rock~ EYE

am not going into detail about blowing up presidents, the cia, fed, fbi, etc etc as i have all those fuckups over the

phone, in person, online, etc~ you federal fuckups kno now; change or `scar`. EYE did not run thru these states just

to show i got balls~EYE did it to free as manie as `you` can~

you, the united states gov denied me my health insurance. truman show. you kno/report to the illumin-hated. you kno

i was injured on the job, yet you let my family go. remember that, you let go, (do not try to grab again..~.Signed,Melmac)

Thanks Ma!

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