Chapter 1: The Snake, the Rat, and the Liar

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The sun peeked through the clouds of the morning sky, the engines of cars crept up the street, and the yawns of awakening people saturated the air. In the city of Roanoke, this was normal, but Clarisse hated this kind of normality. The sun, though, she was okay with. How else was she going to wake up? But with her rinky-dink apartment, the car engines were like an air horn to a sleeping bear.

Like usual, Clarisse awoke by the blasted engines and drudged out of bed. “Damn the city life. Damn this hair!” she croaked out as she battled her locks with a rough hairbrush. Clarisse was the usual city-goer, you could guess; long black hair, thin lips, was quite lithe and short, and had big emerald eyes that shone in any light. She convinced herself, though, that they changed to blue when she got out of the shower. Even though she gave off the innocent look, she was anything but. Due to her extensive student loans and also debt she had to pay off to her father- money for college-, she resorted to rather… criminalistic ways to make it by.  


“Drive safe dear. Oh, and get some drinks while you’re out?” Don said as he kissed his loving wife, Steph, goodbye.

“Whatever you want,” she said as she bounded out the door.  

Once Steph got into her car and redid her messed up blonde hair, she quickly glanced to see if her husband was in the window, watching her. Even though he never did, she still had to make sure. As she dialed in the number of her other suitor, she stopped to think for a moment. Was it worth it? Did she really want to go behind her husband’s back? Yes. She always had a boring life with him: wake up, make coffee, kiss him goodbye as he checked his store’s funds, and left for work- sometimes. Then, come home and do wifely duties. Yawn.

This other guy, her suitor, Christopher, though, livened her up. He took her to a local faire- her convincing her husband that he was a dear friend-, and even went bungee jumping, damn it! This was only a small part of what they would do together. All the while, he still held her affection. With this in mind, Steph finally clicked the “Call” button. After a moment’s wait, he finally picked up.

“Hey sweetcheeks.” he cooed.

Steph giggled and immediately her cheeks reddened, “Hey. I’ll be over in ten. I hope you’ve got everything,.

“Oh, I certainly do.” he said as he winked into the phone, although no one could see him, and hung up.

Chris jumped in glee as he bounded into his room to prepare for their exciting afternoon. He was like a 12 year old. He got the bed ready; making the pillows, roughing the blanket up some, and dimmed the lights. After a satisfactory grin to himself, he jumped into the bathroom and messed up his hair. He also threw some water onto himself, to give him that sheen that she always liked. He was no doubt an attractive man. He has brown hair that just covered his ears, blue eyes, and a long nose, giving him a surfer appearance. Having a very fit form, this didn’t help the stereotype.  After carefully inspecting himself, a knock was heard from the front door. Giving himself a thumbs up, he ran to the door. There stood his suitor, Steph, in all her glory. She wore her hair in a bun that sat high on her head, a little black business suit that complimented her curvaceous figure, and held a briefcase. He always wondered if she actually had papers in that suitcase. She never brought it other times she visited.

Noticing that he was glancing down at her briefcase, she winked and said, “I have all sorts of fun stuff in here!” and wiggled her hips.

“Oh boy, I’m more excited than before.” he said as he lavishly brought her in for a kiss.

Steph let out a surprised squeak but quickly sank into the steamy atmosphere he was creating. Sweeping her off her feet, and eliciting another squeak from her, Chris fumbled into the bedroom with Steph in arms. Landing on the bed in a flurry of kisses, Steph started to laugh, but was abruptly interrupted by her phone ringing out the popular “Toxic” by Britney Spears.

“Shit,” Steph panicked, “it’s my husband.”

Chris nonchalantly shrugged and rolled off her, letting  her answer her phone.

“Hi honey! Just wanted to make sure you got into work okay.”

A twinge of guilt poked Steph in response to her husband’s caring voice. Was this whole thing really worth it? Well, she can’t stop and go home now. Because she was flushed and hot for obvious reasons, her voice had a waver to it. “Yeah, I’m okay. Thanks for checking up on me.”

Don noticed her wavering tone and worry washed over him, “Is everything alright? You sound weird.”

“Yeah! Just tripped up the stairs and got winded. Nothing to worry about,” she reassured.

Meanwhile, a sly smirk appeared on Chris’ face. In Steph’s talk with her husband, he slowly crept his hand up her thigh and in the apex that sat there. Steph drew in a harsh breath, which concerned Don more.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” He had a very concerned look on his face now.

“Y.. yeah.” Steph breathed out, and slapped Chris’ hand away. He only chuckled.

What odd behavior, he thought, until he heard the barely audible, “yeah you’re alright” from her end of the phone call.

Steph let out another audible sigh, but quickly straightened herself up, “Have a good day sweetie!”

On the other end of the line, Don held a grim look on his face. “Yeah. You too.” he deadpanned, and hung up. His wife’s suspicious behavior wasn’t so suspicious anymore. She was having an affair! That was it. From the rough other voice he heard, and her sighs, something definitely was going on. There was no more to deduced.


After checking her bank accounts and debit, Clarisse realized that she was in some deep shit. Sighing, she thought of what she could do next to get money. She had a job, but it wasn’t enough. The only way to stay in her apartment, to pay off debt and loans slowly, AND to take care of herself was to steal money and food, occasionally. She has been doing this since she was 17, and she’s 23 now, so she has a lot of experience at not getting caught. Clarisse really didn’t like resorting to the criminal life to get by, but she needed the money.

Getting up from her desk and dragging herself through her room to the closet, she put on a dark sweatshirt, black skinny jeans, and her usual black shoes. She also usually but on dark makeup, but this time, she was too lazy. Her rent isn’t due for almost three weeks, so she didn’t need to steal that much money. The look didn’t need to be dramatic. Quickly eating a granola bar, she grabbed her black backpack and crept out her door. Upon arriving outside, she realized she had no idea where to go, so she just went walking to scope out the place. It was only 8:20 in the morning, so not many people were up and about, therefore she needn’t to worry about looking suspicious. Clarisse walked down the street, looking at all the places she’d stolen from already: Shop ‘R’ Us, Gas ‘N’ Go, a little Dollar General on the corner, and a grocery store a few blocks from her apartment.  Past the grocery store, though, was an unknown corner store. How long had that been there? Was it new? Probably. Straining her eyes, she could kind of read out the sign of the store: Quick Mart. The store looked pretty deserted, no doubt modern. It had a bright look and definitely stood out against the dark atmosphere. It was essentially a symmetrical square for a corner store, save the rectangle room in the back. A freezer of some sort, Clarisse guessed. Covering the store was a bright red roof, and the panelling was bright yellow. Complimenting the bright look, the front of the store bore large windows, and a small bike rack outside of the front door. What is this, some sort of McDonald's rip off? Clarisse frowned at the corner mart, she just didn’t like it. Her opinions didn’t warp her mind for money, though, for money was everything in this world.

Taking five minutes to walk to the store, Clarisse thought of where she could enter. Or break in. Or whatever she would do. Squinting in thought, she realized she could just literally walk in like a customer or a truck driver passing through town. It makes her look less suspicious, but what’s the fun in that? If you’re going to be a criminal, might as well have fun with it. With the thought in mind, she casually walked to the back of the store and hid behind a foul dumpster. The store must have not been that new if the dumpster is already filled with trash. Was this also a small cafe of some sort? Creeping up to the door, she heard a sudden clang! of a can and whipped around, fists up, ready to fight. Finding only a dog with a can in its mouth and frightened eyes, Clarisse muttered, “Shit dog, scaring me.” and shooed it away. The only time she hated animals was when they were interrupting her schemes. Clarisse rolled her eyes and turned back around, wiggling the handle of the back door. Locked. Of course. She sighed, even though not that surprised, and went into her backpack. She’s trained herself in the art of bobby pin lock picking. It took her a while to train herself, but by the time she was 19, she could lock pick any door with enough time. Before starting her break in, Clarisse stopped and thought, But what’s inside? This IS a new corner on the block, what if they had ultra high security? Or low prices? Hah. Standing back up and stretching, she decided she would enter like a regular customer and have a look around.

Submitted: July 22, 2015

© Copyright 2020 questionablefruit. All rights reserved.


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Good writing, but hits a bit close to home. Caught my wife having an affair last week. Keep writing.

Wed, July 22nd, 2015 2:38am


Yikes, I'm sorry! Keep your head up for me, okay?

Wed, July 22nd, 2015 6:26am

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