Chapter 2: Survey

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 165

It wasn’t a good feeling finding out your wife is having an affair. Especially when it’s bright and early in the morning, ready to ruin your day! Really, anytime to find this out is horrible. What a wonderful thought Don had time to dwell on while driving to his store. Furthermore, he hit every single light!

“God damnit,” he gritted to himself. He reeked of anger and sorrow,  his voice holding the characteristic too.

Driving through town to his store was always less-than-cheerful. Even though Roanoke wasn’t a large city, the buildings always seemed to loom over him, making him feel small. But Don was not small, he was a business owner! It was a good thing he was the top dog around his store, because he did not want to be happy and cheerful or put on a facade around his staff. He couldn’t, due to recent events. He can just head to his office and do managerial work.

Rounding a corner driving up to his store, he noticed a girl creeping around it. Judging by the way she looked, wearing dark everything and carried a backpack, it looked like she wanted to cause trouble.

“By all things, here and now, if this girl wants to cause trouble, I’ll unleash hell on her ass!” Don yelled into the car.

Much to his dismay, she just sat quietly on the bike rack in the front. She wasn’t going to break in? Wasn’t going to steal? This wasn’t a common thing for his store, but due to his pessimistic outlook right now, that’s what he thought. My bike rack, he thought. Bike racks were meant for bikes, not butts.


Quietly walking up to the front, Clarisse wondered when the store owner was going to arrive. She hoped she didn’t look that suspicious, she could just be one of those “scene” kids, with her black clothes and everything. A couple of cars drove by, none looking her way, and that took the ease off her. She didn’t look suspicious! Speaking of cars, aren’t any of the staff going to show up? Were there even any staff? Hopefully, this is a store who is only ran by the manager- it would be easier to steal money from. The manager was probably a 40 year old anyways who runs like that one third grader from your gym class.

Finally rounding the corner of the store, Clarisse decided to sit on the bike rack and wait. Noticing movement from the corner of her eye, she looked toward the direction of a car on the corner of the street. The driver was looking directly at her. Was he yelling? He certainly was looking at her and yelling. The nerve! She wasn’t doing anything yet, and she did have some money. When the light finally turned green, the car sped up and drove quite fast into the small parking lot. Clarisse tensed up and stared at the driver, and he stared right back. Slowly, he turned the ignition off and got out of the car. Clarisse continued to stare at him until he spoke.

“Good morning. Enjoying my bike rack?” the store owner, she guessed, sarcastically asked.

“Huh? Oh, uh, I don’t know, it’s a bike rack, “ Clarisse rebuttled, evaluating her seating.  Really? “It’s a bike rack”? Nice job at not being awkward you hooligan, she inwardly scolded herself.

The store owner was not actually the 40 year old man who runs like the third grader in your gym class, he looked like he worked out. He looked about 6’4, had a receding hair line, a bulky nose and thin brown eyes. Complimenting the terrifying look, he had muscles in about every place you looked. Now, he didn’t look like Dwayne Johnson, but he looked like he could take out any crook that took to his store. Shit.

Finally stepping out of her trance, Clarisse finally spoke up, “I was waiting for the store to open. Are you the manager?”


“Well, I want to buy stuff and things.”

How anticlimactic, Don thought. He was ready to fight a bull, and didn’t care if the bull was a black-haired early 20s looking girl. “Oh! Of course, let me open up.”

Even though he was 40, he wasn’t all that bad looking. Slightly bending down to put the key in to open the door, Clarisse had a nice look at his backside. Squats much? If only every man looked like this. All the guys she knew around here were lanky and probably did drugs. She’s way over drugs, though, as they put her in a hospital once. Methamphetamine does horrible wonders to a person.  Adding to that, it took away the taste of chocolate for her anyways. How? Nobody knows.

“Are you going to come in?” Don finally said, frowning at her because she was staring at his ass.

“Oh! Yeah.” she said, and shuffled in.

Quite the interior! On the right side of the store held the cash register and the counter, bearing a huge case a cigarettes above it and all types of alcohol on the wall behind it. The counter held all sorts of mouthwatering candies including Snickers, Kit-Kats, Reese's, some gum and everything else you could imagine. The store must have some great revenue if it can afford all this candy. Perfect. In front of the cash register, also leaving walking space, stood stands full of the typical corner items: bagged donuts, chips, more candy, beef jerky, Ramen, first aid supplies, and the sort. Parallel to the last counter stood the freezer section. Ice cream! There also WAS a mini cafe, but it looked like just tables where people could sit down and eat. Additionally, there was a coffee stand. She could almost hang out at this place.

“Enjoy the scenery?” Don quipped, interrupting her awe-filled trance.

“I do. It’s very modern,” she paused, looking at his name tag, “Don.”

“Well, thank you. No one really calls me by my first name when they’re just a customer. I guess it’s only polite, so.. may I ask your name?”

“Cl.. Anna.”  Clarisse quickly said. She didn’t want to reveal her real name, in case he DID catch her in his store snooping around. 

“Nice to meet you Cl-Anna.” Don joked.

Nodding, she smiled and walked away, to survey the store. She wasn’t really going to look at snacks or anything (well, maybe ice cream), but she wanted to see where the cameras were or where the back door was, or anywhere she could enter and not be caught. Tempted by the ice cream, she finally decided to take a look. She spotted her favorite, Chocolate Brownie Chunk. She thought for a long while, but finally gave in and took it from the freezer. Walking over the check-out, she looked around the store’s ceilings again. There was a camera in the corner of the store by the coffee stand and that was it. Almost too easy.

Submitted: July 22, 2015

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