Bottle of perfume

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Chapter 13 (v.1)

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Submitted: December 27, 2009



“Oh, yeah I guess you could call him athletic, he did get a scholarship for high school and he was on the track team” I replied, thinking hard to look back on the time that he’d first started high school.
We’d made our way through the back door and out into the yard. I hadn’t been out here in a while — not since Darren’s arrival. As a kid I remembered being so care free, adding embellishments to the tree hut that my father had built me when I was four (that was before he and mum started working a lot). Danny would come and marvel at the establishments and tease me into playing games like hide and go seek. Dad use to join in with our games but mum was always inside the house. She’d been so unhappy with her life because she was never fully satisfied with how things had been. She thrives on perfection and brags about how high achieving that we are going to be to her friends and neighbours that would visit every now and then. I noticed at times in my childhood — that she was always angry when she didn’t have any one to boost to. I could always distinguish when she was angry and when she was at ease and not quite as much acridness in her tone of voice.
Mum and aunt carol and aunt era were sitting on the picnic table (Obviously boosting) I thought. I wasn’t going to let myself get worked up about how totally rude they’re being. It’s Danny that should be the main topics, not economics and cars and other unimportant things .So why aren’t they pouting and instead they’re standing around the barbeque sizzling kebabs and steak with beer in their hands. Mum and my aunts had wine in theirs and I could see josh grabbing to beers out of the cooler.
“Do you drink?” He asked before handing me a cool beer.
“I well uh this is my third time drinking so of course I have” I spat, lying and struggling to take off of the bottle top. He raised an eye brow,
“Here pass it here” He spoke before taking it and tugging at it before it hissed and over bubbled when the top had popped off.
I took the first sip and clicked my tounge in distaste. It tasted a little like overdue grape juice accept this had another mildly bitter taste after it. I acted as if I didn’t care but the plastered expression melted away when I took the taste with each sip. I could feel the burning bile twist around my throat. It was horrid; I wasn’t ever going to get use to it. I got over the foul likeness and drunk as many as my body would react to. 
 “Cynthia what are you doing you’re not allowed to drink” She mused and came up to me trying to grab the bottle from my hand. I wasn’t sure what the hell was happening but it wasn’t me. It was like a dream when you see what is happening but you’re not completely in control. Accept this was a terrible nightmare I didn’t have anything right with me and the bad girl had full control.
“Cynthia let go” She demanded with a grunt as she persuaded to take the beer.
“You’re a bragger did you know?” I blurted out still holding the bottle.
“Cynthia you’re drunk, I think you might want to give it up” Josh said and jerking the bottle from my hands.
‘Ow’ that really hurt. My hands were blistering hot as the pain seared and the mind numbing stinging finally began. I tired slapping josh for being such a push over and siding with my mum. When I’d gathered enough strength I balled my fists and nipped at my knuckles in pain before throwing the first punch but instead ending up hitting my mum as he ducked. My knuckles crunched under the blow and the pain came back twice as worse as before. I wobbled and went off of balance falling hard onto my butt. Mum stumbled back before she’d cupped her nose and stopped the fresh blood getting onto her good clothes. Everybody looked stunned but I kept crawling and apologizing like an idiot.
“Get away from me” She sobbed when my aunts had come to pick her off of the ground.
“Mum I’m sorry” I yelled after her before josh slid his hands under my arms and hauling me off of the ground.
“Where are you going?” He exclaimed after me.
I didn’t know where I was going but it was going to be far away from here as possible. Staggering drunkenly out of the drive and down the street she who I fought to take control of had been unleashed.
I could hear him whispering to his dad and my dad.
“Do you want me to follow her?”
“No she’s going to be okay she’ll learn her lesson” I heard dad reply.

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