Tales of Anna

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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I didn’t realize how sore I have been until I stretched my fully-grown legs after joining Anna on the ground.

“It wasn’t always easy, wasn’t it?” I looked down at her, peacefully nestled on the hilltop floor with her arm draped across her face. She nodded and pried her eyes open, placing her hands at the back of her head instead. 

“Look where you've gotten though.”


He introduced himself as Mr. Morra, standing at the front of the room with his face serious with lines that stretched across his forehead. Stubble crossed his chin as if he hadn’t shaved for lack of time or interest. He stood there and bothered to welcome the class before going straight to a botanical lecture.

Holding a chalk in one hand, he attempted to draw multiple flowers, stating the name and description of each one. He talked slowly, monotonous. My eyes lazily danced across the board. It wasn't before long until blades of grass grew in between the dull grey tiles, slowly overwhelming the whole floor. The desks, the whole class was being pushed away at such a great speed while mine remained still. Forced to close my eyes as my vision was blinded by a bright white light. I was still. Eyes closed, reluctant to open.

Open your eyes. I found myself in a wide clearing under the bright sun surrounded by a think forest, where the grass grew to my stubby knees while I simply sat there. The once clammy air was fresh and crisp. I looked around and took it all in. The way everything was bright. Like a day of June with the August weather. And how the vibrant colours grew in between the grass, how the grass slightly danced along the autumn wind and the faint sound of rustling leaves in the background. But I found something, a familiar figure in the middle. And I walked towards it -- with a skip in my step and a hint of a smile playing on my lips. I continued to walk, quickly growing itchy as the grass tickled my legs. But as I was nearing the middle, the grass became shorter, flowers quickly blooming with each step and the figure more prominent.

“Abby?” The figure called as it heard me approaching, the brown eyes unmistakable hers. "What are you doing here?"

A big smile stamped on my face. "I like it here." Being here also translated to being free from the strangled feeling from lectures, blunt lessons. And I was with Anna, sitting down while we held each other closely. A warm sisterly gesture. 

I asked her about the flowers, how every flower was different. Unique, yet appealing. She explained each one -- the images and their names surprisingly easy to memorize, while keeping a lively conversation. And yet, she still had that energy surrounding her from two years ago. But I was too busy fixated on a white rose, her voice barely perceptible as I studied it. Its thorn-covered stem holding together ivory petals so delicate to the extent that I was too afraid to even lay a finger on it. I look back at Anna and grinned at her, realizing how I was truly in a state of sweet bliss.

“Ms. Williams.” Mr. Morra’s eyes were fixated on mine and the setting of the classroom manifesting out of thin air. He tapped his head before saying, “Your head. Out of the clouds, all right? Trust me when I say this, nothing good will come out of it." He paused before announcing, "Pop quiz tomorrow, I’m hoping that everyone paid attention.” His eyes feel upon me while stating the last sentence.


“You know, I really loved that clearing.” Anna stood now, stretching from keeping still too long.

“And he looked at me like I was foolish. Like I was going to fail and I knew he wanted me to.” She turned towards, me studying my face before smiling.

“But I helped you and you passed.”

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