Life n Between Birth and the Present Time

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The life of Eliza Evans so far. Full of overall disappointing people and others who put up with them.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Life n Between Birth and the Present Time

Submitted: May 16, 2012

Reads: 78

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Submitted: May 16, 2012



The Evans family is dishonest. My name is Eliza Evans. But one day, I will have a partner that I respect; I will no longer be an Evans. Not because of a piece of paper that says so, but because I will have a successful, and happy relationship with someone and will have been able to do something few Evans can do.Commit.

My mother got pregnant at seventeen. I can’t really say I’m disappointed in her for this, otherwise I would not exist. My father is five months older than her. But has the attention span of someone much younger. We spent a couple of years in a second story flat that was full of damp (which I can thank for a strong immune system), playing happy families. But my father soon became bored.

On my first day of school, My mother and I stood on the head of a giant, multi-coloured snake that was painted on the playground. Its twisting body was covered in numbers, later, a small group of friends and I played ‘what’s the time mister wolf?’ with the numbered path. She told me that when the bell rang for home time she would be standing there, on the snake’s head, waiting for me. But at the end of my first day, she didn’t wait there; she met me at my classroom door, like all the other mums. She didn’t meet me where she told me she would, but at least she came.

When my father collected me from school, he was almost always late. I stood outside with my teachers well after the other children had left and waited for him. But most of the time, the school had to phone my mother. She would leave work, get on two buses and pick me up as quickly as she could, apologise to the school and be embarrassed for my father. He was normally out with his girlfriend.

I was too young to realise that my dad shouldn’t take me to the park with his friend and I soon told my mother about the wonderful times that me, daddy and Katie would have feeding the ducks. However, my mother was not stupid and suspected that my father was unfaithful long before this, but she was still not clever enough to only try the password on his phone twice, to not arouse suspicion. But the reaction to his phone being blocked was more confirmation than any text message or female contact could give.

My mother cried in the bathroom. I remember that it was late, long after dinner. And father returned home in a purple shirt. I stayed in my room and covered my ears. I don’t like it when people shout.

Liar n A person who tells lies.

Lie n A deliberate falsehood.

Cheating adj Not faithful to one’s spouse or lover.

Commitment n dedication to a cause;responsibility that restricts freedom of action.

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