Asteroid Auction 2 The Planetoid (Sneak Peek)

Asteroid Auction 2 The Planetoid (Sneak Peek)

Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction



I’m a first time author looking to make it big with my first book, Red Entaries. I have two-hundred pages to go yet. My hopes and dreams are in this book. Please tell me of any changes I need to make. I will be looking for a agent and publisher when Red Entaries is finished, and I am writing it right now.
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I’m a first time author looking to make it big with my first book, Red Entaries. I have two-hundred pages to go yet. My hopes and dreams are in this book. Please tell me of any changes I need to make. I will be looking for a agent and publisher when Red Entaries is finished, and I am writing it right now.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Asteroid Auction 2 The Planetoid (chapter 1)

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I’m a first time author looking to make it big with my first book. I’m also writing a sequel to Asteroid Auction right now. My hopes and dreams are in this series, please tell me of any changes I need to make. I'm looking for a agent and publisher for the Asteroid Auction series right now.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 29, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 29, 2014



Part One

“Central Station to Moon Dock, I repeat, Central Station to Moon Dock there is an emergency, a planetoid is headed for the moon!”

These were the words Trevor Trahern and Joanna Trahern heard after eleven months on the moon in which their moon house and their new headquarters for mining asteroid Dakrin had begun to be built. Everything was going well, even they were trying to have a baby when they heard these awful words. This is what happened in the past eleven months:

During these months Trevor and Joanna were separated from their friends and family on earth for a long time, but that didn’t stop them from making new friends.

They met new friends such as Admiral Logan, April Dane, Diana Carl, Galina Barkov, and more. Admiral Luke Logan is the leader of the colony First Reach and is seen as a saint, and many look up to him as a role model. April Dane is a scientist in cybernetic technologies, she helps engineers who make cyborg technology for mining asteroids. Cyborgs are excellent miners as they are stronger and have more endurance to work on the asteroids. Diana Carl is a soldier who serves under Admiral Logan, she carries a peace-protector rifle of a new model, and protects the colony. And Galina Barkov who is a miner and a new cyborg who mines precious minerals on asteroid Dakrin. She works for Trevor.

These past eleven months were the happiest moments in Trevor’s life he would say, even his father Arthur would visit him on the moon. Arthur is retired, he used to be a cargo pilot for the Olympian Space Fleet and a chairman for Lunar Life Corp. He lives off the company money of Trevor’s new corporation called Moon Life Corp. Trevor’s old man visits once in a while and gives him gifts like he used to when he was a little boy, such as a souvenir or a large painting from esteemed artists, and his mother visits too.

But where would Trevor store these gifts from his father? While him and his wife only lived at Moon Lodger’s Inn and at Logan’s moon house from time to time, they had no place of their own to call home, that’s when people eleven months from that day started to flee from the moon, this would make many moon houses available for purchase for Trevor and Joanna. They bought a moon house.

Trevor won the first asteroid auction, but, as a planetoid was said to hit the moon, which would be large enough to wipe out First Reach, there was a new asteroid auction announced, one that Trevor believed started because the moon is the target of a planetoid.

You see, all of the asteroid mining corporations are on the moon except one, which is on Mars, and when the chairman of the now auctioned asteroid heard a planetoid has a fifty percent chance to wipe out the moon, he decided to sell his company and auction off his lot on asteroid Dakrin to the highest bid before the planetoid strikes. Trevor tried to buy his company but the chairman of Mars Reach bought it first.

In the first asteroid auction Trevor made a good deal for it of twenty-five billion for one asteroid lot, but this new auction is more expensive and a larger lot. The bidding starts at thirty billion and that’s exactly the bid Trevor made competing with four other companies, so far, Trevor is in last place to win this auction.

Trevor was living his dream for the past eleven months, so when a new asteroid auction appeared, he decided, why not go for it? Even in the shadow of a planetoid he still decided to hold on to his corporation and not sell it.

“In the face of this planetoid I will hold on to my dream, and even further it by winning this new asteroid auction,” Trevor said.

During the past eleven months the corporation of Trevor Trahern started to be built, Moon Life Corp. The foundation of Trevor’s company has begun to be established, it is estimated it will take twenty years to finish the building in its entirety, so in nineteen years and one month from today the resolution of Trevor’s dream will be finished. In the mean time Trevor was still able to make large profits with his company by mining asteroid Dakrin. He has fifteen miners and two of them are his close friends, they are Michael Rahden and Galina Barkov. They use special space-jets which help in mining the asteroid.

When Trevor left earth for the last time two of his longtime friends lost their jobs. In the past eleven months they tried to find new work but were unable to find the jobs they were looking for. They used to work for Trevor. Eddy used to be Trevor’s butler, and Tyrone used to be his bodyguard. They would love to work for Trevor again as they did on earth, and that is what they’re hoping for, the problem is they need to find a way to get to the moon. Also, for Joanna Trahern, Trevor’s wife, and her sister-twin Lorena Brown, they are hoping for new jobs too, in the past eleven months they have been pondering it.

Lorena would love to have a job on the moon, even though working as a secretary for Lunar Life Corp was fulfilling enough. She would be ecstatic to work near her sister on the lunar surface. And Joanna, she’s been thinking of going back to the FBI, but to work on the moon. She would have to talk to Trevor about this serious decision.

Part Two

“Joanna my sweet, why do you look so glum?” Trevor said. “Is it because a planetoid is headed towards us on the moon? Is it because you miss the blue planet?” Trevor opened his palms as a gesture. “Is it because you miss your friends and family on earth?” Trevor came close to Joanna and warmed her body with a hug. “Will you tell me why my sweet?”

“The things you mentioned,” Joanna said. “I can live without those, my love, just as long as that planetoid doesn’t hit us.”

Joanna and Trevor rubbed their cheeks together.

“But its…just,” Joanna said. “I don’t have a job, I’ve been a house wife for eleven months, that was nice, but I need something more than that, like when I used to work for the FBI, I want to do that again.”

“Oh my Joanna, is that all? And Joanna I believe we have enough fire power to destroy that planetoid, especially with the Olympian Space Fleet on our side, it should be no problem,” Trevor said positively as he released the hug.

“But my sweet are you sure you don't miss your friends and family?”

“Of course I do!” Joanna stomped her foot as if she was surprised to be asked that question. “And I miss my twin sister Lorena Brown more than other member, and I'm sure she would love to be on the moon right now, especially with me,” Joanna smiled evenly.

“I heard she's still working for Lunar Life Corp,” Trevor continued, “My corporation which I sold to the Olympian Space Fleet, and I remember when Lorena used to work for me as a secretary, even when you Joanna, were in disguise pretending to be her, you had me fooled,” Trevor laughed.

“Yes, I remember,” Joanna laughed, “that was when I was undercover to see who was behind all the blackmailing of the first asteroid auction.”

Trevor and Joanna smiled together.

“I also remember when we first fell in love,” she said.

“Yes, that was after you walked into a emergency landing zone,” he said, “I could have fired you for that you know Joanna, your lucky I fell in love with you, and it was obvious that you didn't know a space-jet was landing.”

“Yes,” Joanna said excitedly then felt sad, “but you fired Blake your security chief instead.”

“Yep,” Trevor said. “I fired him because he accepted bribes and at the time I thought he made a false accusation of you being in the mob, but in the end it turns out Blake was right and I was wrong. Too bad though he was killed by Mugg, a black-snake in the Mob.”

Trevor turned around suddenly. “Joanna, I have a proposition for you, you said you wanted to be a FBI agent again, well there's something I want too. Lets say if you get to go back to work then I get a select amount of my friends and family back here on the moon from earth, what do you say, do we have a deal?”

“Will they stay permanently Trevor?” Joanna said

“I will pay for their stay until Christmas is over, that's it. I would love to see them again, Joanna please.” Trevor was begging.

“And this means I get to join the FBI here on the moon with your consent Trevor?”

“Yes my sweet, even though I know your expertise is to go undercover, which is so dangerous, I'll still allow it.”

Their emotions came together in a deep hug, Joanna had tears in her eyes.

“Oh my love, I love you and accept this deal,” she said

“Thank you my sweet, I love you too and I'm glad I'll get to see my friends from earth again, I'm so happy!” He said. 

*Once this book is finished I'll be looking for a  agent and publisher. I'll let you know when it is for sale so you can read all the chapters, thanks for reading.


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