Angelic Sugar

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Rachel got a message from GOD, that she had to come to Earth and go to High school as if she was a normal teenager, but she isnt a human, a teenger yes but not a human. She is an Angel. Rachel is confused as to why GOD would want her out of all the angels to come here and what for?...She waits for her next message from him and as she waits, she gets addcited to the human life, she loves having friends and she eventually learns to love what love feels like..........

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Angelic Sugar

Submitted: April 28, 2013

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Submitted: April 28, 2013




I walked through the doors of Westerchan's High school, my books in my arms, my backpack slung against my shoulder, my head was held high and the sound of my 7 inch high heels echoed through the hallway as I walked past my fellow students. As i walked past the group of nerds, I could feel envy rolling off of them, as I walked past the jocks, three quarters of them had lust rolling off of them, the other quarter held fasicnation, When I walked past the cheerleaders, most of them instantly hated me and the others were envious. I couldn't blame any of them, I didn't mean that in a shallow way but I am after all 5 foot 9 inches, so I am really tall, I have long blonde hair that reaches my waist, which was at the moment flowing down my back. My eyes were green with flexes of blue, my head looked a little like a heart, I wore a plain blue singlet and white skinny jeans with my 7inch black high heels, these were my favourite high heels. To most humans, I would be considered as a beautiful teenager, or even something called a "model" but I was neither of these. I was in fact beautiful and I was only 17 but I wasn't human, I am what humans call an Angel. I don't have a halo and I don't have some massive white glow that constently follows me everywhere but I do in fact have big white fluffy wings. They can't be seen at the moment though because I don't want them to be seen, I don't know where they go, I don't know if they are invisible but I do know that if I don't what them to be seen then they can't be seen.

This is my first time on Earth, so this makes the first time I have ever set foot inside a high-school. My father is Micheal, I have no idea who he is, I only know of my mother, Siarah, she is also an angel. I guess you are wondering why an angel such as myself is on Earth and not on heaven, I am here because the father has wished it to be. I know I said that my father was an angel called Micheal but he is only my biological father, the father that I speak of is what humans call "GOD", he rarely talks to anyone besides the archangels, but I have faith in my father. He had told Gabriel the archangel that he wanted me on Earth and then that message was sent down to mwah! me.

I have no idea on why I am wanted here but I am very happy. It is very rare for an angel to come to Earth, let alone be even mentioned by GOD. Lets get back to the story shall we? After walking past all the humans, I reached the main building of the school otherwise known as the Office. The human lady that sat behind the desk looked up at me as I walked in.

"Hi, My name is Rachel"

The lady behind the desk looked suprised by the sound of my voice. She nodded her head and searched around for the paperwork that I needed.

"Here is your schedule and a map of the school"

I took these things and silently thanked her, I pushed my way out of the cue that had built up while I was speaking to the human, it looked as if everyone was late. I pushed open the door and had a look at the paperwork that I was given. To be honest, I didn't need the map, I arrived on Earth a week ago and had already scooped out the School, as if I wouldn't.

I started walking towards locker 328, otherwise known as my locker. In order to get there I had to pass humans, I don't really like touching people, I can always tell people's emotions and if i'm lucky, I can get a glimpse of thier past or even what the future holds for them. I didn't need to brush past anyone though, everyone just got out of my as if I had some contagious flu, they all looked at me too, was it that obvious that I was new? Awell I don't really care about what these little humans think or say about me.

Once I reached my locker, people were pressed up against it, trying to avoid me I guess.

"Would you kindly move, you are standing against my locker"

The humans moved and I walked towards the locker.

"Would you kindly move,  you are standing against my locker"

Someone had repeated my words except in whiny voice, like a little rug rat. My head snapped towards the direction that the voice had come from and my eyes glazed over the girl that had said those words. I turned the rest of my body so that it was facing her.

"Would you like to repeat that again?"

Once I had said that, I could hear that people were trying to stiffle thier laughs, the girl had a light blush against her cheeks and neck. She obviosuly decided that this fight was a waste of her time because she walked away leaving almost everyone speechless. I shrugged and turned back towards my locker. A boy was leaning against it looking at me, more like staring.

"Get out of my way"

"Why sugar?"

I grumbled something under my breath which was definetly not Angelic like. I shoved the boy away from my locker and he stumbled towards his jock friends.

"Come one Sugar, I want you and you know you want me"

I turned around so that I faced him, I slowly walked towards him, knowing that I was making things a bit dramatic, once I reached his face, I punched him, nice and hard right in the nose, I had hit him so hard that he was bleeding.

"I appreciate the offer sweetie, I just don't think that you could handle all of this" I pointed down towards my body

"So No thanks……..Sugar"

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