The Bakery

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A classical story consisting of diary entries written by a bakery girl and her adventures in becoming a princess. The romance and the darkness that occurs in her relationship with the prince making her turn from a good girl to a bad girl with plans up her sleeve. Love or Lies? The Game begins.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Bakery

Submitted: October 03, 2015

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Submitted: October 03, 2015



Dear Diary,


Today's bread smelled different.

It smelled like the perfume the princesses use way up high in their palace, the golden girls.

It smelled like the love they received everyday from the kingdom, their family, their husband, their maids, their cooks, this unconditional love that they receive due to their rose coloured blood called Royalty.

Oh, how I wish, how I wish to be a golden girl !

How I wish to smell this perfume daily and have people love me daily.

Today I had a scent, a very charming scent, from a man who came in the bakery. My grandma left me alone today and I prepared myself to impress her with many bread crumbs left on the counter when she arrives. This man he came in with a dark cloak that made me feel unsafe at first until he pulled his hood down and a shining glimmering figure popped out of the abyss and I was immediately stroked as I realised I was just imagining things... he really... really he smelled like that perfume. He smelled like royalty and I felt it but I didn't say it. His long blonde hair till his shoulders were cut wildly but stood in a sophisticated position, and his eyes, oh his eyes, they were so blue. And then there's my dark brown curled up hair that I did not fix in the morning as I was expecting an old granny not a handsome prince charming at my door ! My eyes sparkled as I quickly was in service of him. He asked me in the prettiest voice ever as if he was trained to speak beautifully:

"May I have some bread?"

"You may indeed! Nice and warm !" I said confidentially.

My voice didn't shake as I am a confident girl and although my hair was a mess my face was bright and nicely structured... if only the ashes of the fire did not hide my beauty I would be visited by the highest and mightiest princes ever everyday !

"Thank you milady !" he said "How's the amount of wheat you receive?"

"Not that good sir" I replied a bit twitched by the question as I was expecting something else...

"Why not?"

"Thieves...those bastards" a bit of my anger got into my face and I tried to switch back to my confident beautiful look but he interrupted.

"Is that why you have that scar milady?" I was surprised by that remark, that he noticed such a thing, to think such a beautiful man was paying attention to me! Oh my ! He then touched my arm slowly running his finger up to my scar, a rushing feeling as if his rose coloured imaginary blood was flowing towards my dark red and filling it with a natural mix of flourishing colours. I looked down, blushed in silence and he quickly stopped the gesture.

"Oh excuse me I-" he realised his forbidding movement towards a single bakery girl, what torture he did to my heart.

"Here" he said reaching out into his pocket and taking out a handkerchief covered in roses and vines patterns drawn with hand. What Art ! I couldn't stop staring at it as much as I stared into his eyes for all I remember.

"T-thank you" I said thinking I deserved it, I held it across my chest and smiled to him. Trying to be confident but exposed by my blushing cheeks. The handkerchief was royal and I knew it for the cross on it proved so.

I always knew. The feeling I got from that day was never forgotten. I want him so badly, I want him to fall for me as I have already fallen for him.

"Then... Bye my lady !" He said taking off, putting his hood on.

"Come again !" I said as he walked out and he looked back as I came from behind the counter exposing my full body, wearing the bakery traditional outfit my grandma made for me, my chest holding up as I breathed heavily thinking how devastated I will be if he leaves me with this souvenir and never come back. Threads coming out of my dress I realised how silly I looked and in shame I looked away.

"I will." he stepped forward and took my hand. "For sure." and he kissed it...

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