The Watched and the Watching (Temporary Title)

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The introduction to my new novel, following people attempting to survive a new and dangerous world. There's one world for it Desperation.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Watched and the Watching (Temporary Title) Intro

Submitted: June 26, 2010

Reads: 112

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Submitted: June 26, 2010




The night was still, silent and the many empty gardens were glistening in the pale moon light. However, admiring the star painted heavens above is a difficult task peering through a small, obscure window. Five people sat quietly in the small room with a feeble flickering flame for a light, leaving the corners of the room dark and the faces of the people barely visible. George sat quiet gazing up and out the window wishing deeply to go outside. Nevertheless, he also wished deeply not for death, which would surely come if he were to exit their sanctuary.

George began to let his mind stray away from outside and tried desperately to focus of the merits of living there. He could only think of one, the warmth of the room. Overall looking at the situation they could not go on living in this place, because its three men and two women living in a small wooden shed half buried in the ground and their food supply is waning. He away from the window and faced the others that sat in silence.

“We cannot stay any longer,” said George. At this, a rustling sound filled the room echoing through the outside air. Ricky that sat in the furthest corner lunged forwards towards the small candle flame. With clumsy hast, he licked his finger and extinguished the flame plunging the room into an unnatural darkness. A black object landed in the garden, George snuck quietly to the window and peered out. At first, you would think of a raven or crow, but its rotting flesh and razor sharp teeth make it far more sinister. George’s face filled with disgusts as he turned around and mouthed the words:

“It’s out there.” He turned back to see it had began to approach. He immediately ducked to the floor and others mimicked this in an attempt to hide their presence. The black bloody bird reached the shed window and started to stare in. Its small yellow eyes surveying the room. Soon concluding that nothing was there, it drove its hard head into the cool surface of the window shattering it in frustration. Showering George with broken glass, the bird then moved away and jumped into an angry flight. Taking advantage of this, George quickly brushed off the glass, and froze.

He had seen it, a dark figure sitting on a chair of pure dust, staring at the shed. Luck was still with him as it had not seen him, but he could see it through a small crack in the door. Sitting still waiting for something to show itself. It was hungry and looked like a human deprived of food with singed black skin covered in small leathery glands. Its mouth tight shut but inside are black sharp teeth, and its eyes unclosing blood-red orbs. Without a word, George sunk to the ground, sat still, and thought:

“It’s going to be there all night.” Meaning that everyone would have to remain silent as a mouse and as still as a statue or it would get up and come for them. Also with the window broken the rooms only merit of it being warm was gone.

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