At Worlds End...

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Rowan is a thief. Mara is a princess. Their worlds collide. Their lives change. They will save everything.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - At Worlds End...

Submitted: October 27, 2013

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Submitted: October 27, 2013



Live and Let Lie 


"Rowan, this is a terrible idea. Master said for the experianced to take this job. Not us." Rowan's brother whispered.

"Jaylen. You and I can both agree that we are just as good as Deck and Wen, maybe even better. Now come on. We have to bring back something to show Master. He won't believe us if we don't." Rowan glared at Jaylen, "Come on. Let's go get some jewels."

Rowan and Jaylen climbed down the castle wall into the crowd of nobles. Rowan ducked behind a horse cart when a castle guard walked by. He saw Jaylen sneaking up on a tall lady who was talking to a short lord. Jaylen reached his hand into her purse and pulled out a long gold chain.

He raced back to Rowan and lifted up the chain, "Look, I got one."

"Let me show you how it's done." Rowan weaved in and out through the crowd, he reach up behind a lord to snatch his silver crown when he stopped and lowered his hands.

Rowan stared over at the youngest daughter of King Benedict, Princess Mara who was being harassed by the Prince of Hecta, Steven. He was trying to get her to go to his chamber.

He heard them arguing, but couldn't makeout the words. Then he saw Prince Steven take hold of Princess Mara's arm and tried to pull her toward the castle.

Rowan looked back at his brother, Jaylen gave him a look of leave them and take the crown, but Rowan shook his head. Quick as a flash he pulled out a small dagger and threw it at Prince Steven. The dagger plundged into his right shoulder and he fell to the cobbles. Mara gasped, but a small smile was splayed on her lips.

Rowan cringed and raced back to his brother. Someone called out to the guadrs and they chased after the brothers. Rowan jumped onto the castle wall, Jaylen hot on his tail. Jaylen landed on the dirt and looked up franticaly at his younger brother.

Rowan was staring back at Mara. She didn't look afriad, like the nobles. Or furious, like Prince Steven. She had a look of wonder and surprise, and something else, something Rowan just couldn't place.

He jumped down from the wall and took off with Jaylen.

They fled into the forest, down an old dirt path, and into a wide feild of yellow wheat. There was a small house and an old robe covered man tending a herb garden.

The old man stopped and raised his hand, "My boys! How did it go?"

"It would have gone better," shouted Jaylen, "But, we had to run when Rowan stabbed Prince Steven!"


"He was hurting her!" Rowan tried to explain when they stopped infront of Master.

"Wait, her?" asked Deck, emerging from inside the small house with Wen.

"Yes," Rowan spun and looked his older brother in the eye, "Yes, Prince Steven was hurting Princess Mara."

"Ooo! Princess Mara, she's pretty." Wen wiggled his eyebrows, earning a sigh from his brothers. 

"I didn't do it because she was beautiful-"

"I said she was pretty, not beautiful." Wen chuckled.

"Whatever, I did it because she needed help.That idiot prince was hurting her and I didn't know what to do."

"You could have left her and we could have gotten more than a gold chain!" growled Jaylen holding up the chain.

"I know." Rowan said and walked past them and into the house. He walked down the stairs and into their room.  He threw his cape onto his bed. He flopped onto his goatskin blankets, he stared up at the dirt ceiling, and the last thing he wondered before he fell asleep, was what Princess Mara thought of him.

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