i pray everynight that you feel the same way i do

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melissa and josh have been best friends for ever and theyve been kids they never let any one tell them that a boy and a girl can not be friends.but melissa has been in love with josh for so long but the problem is that josh has a girlfriend when josh finds out taht melissa is in love with him hes confused and then begins to realize that he is falling in love with her.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - i pray everynight that you feel the same way i do

Submitted: February 01, 2013

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Submitted: February 01, 2013



chapter 1

'' wake up'' josh says i look up and groan oh god i can not belleive ive slept through math class again josh is laughing and gives me a big grin i just roll my eyes at him. know i finally discover why my grade is so lowi caint help it though my moms paying me to watch over my two littel sisters and trust me once you've babysat them you dont want to do it again.and then josh promises he will help though most of the time he just watches as my two sisters attack me to a chair tie me up with toilet paper and put make up all over my face.we one of these days its going to be joshes turn wither he likes it or not.

so aside from josh being annoying sometimes he realy was great hes my best friend and the one ive been secretly in love with i know its never a good idea to start having feelings for your best friend.and besides theres no way josh would ever love me back cause hes dating angela the biggest bitch but then agiain thats just my opinion. ive never liked angela.and sometimes i just want to ask josh what he ever saw in her but i dont because i dont want to create conflicts bettween us.

'' you should start sleep earlier'' josh says

'' really josh really its not my sleep its the devils'' i say

'' you mean your sisters i wouldent call them taht i would'' but i cut him off

'' i dare you to babysitt them for a day without me then you''ll let me know'' i say i roll my eyes at him

'' wow and cranky too'' josh says then he spots angela and raps his hands around her waist and kisses her just the kiss makes me want to throw up i caint stand them toghter but its not anything new they've been toghter for seven months you gotta get used to it eventually.but secretly when josh wasent around i would picture him kissing me.just the thought was too painful.and on top of all that what bugs me the most is taht he caint even tell that im in love with him.

im actually suprised all my other friends know and they keep on bugging me about it telling taht i should tell him how i felt but if theres one thing i know is taht its not a good idea and it would just complicate stuff so its better to not say anything.

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