Stuck Together

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Lily and James' hands are stuck together by Lily's friends and the marauders. See how they manage with each other constantly at their side...not that James minds... Read and review!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Stuck Together

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Submitted: March 27, 2012



Chapter one

A plan!

"Lily!" She started walking faster.
"Hey, Lily! Slow down!" She only increased her pace and let out a frustrated sigh. Honestly! The boy never gives up!
Someone caught her arm and turned her towards him. Said person having messy, jet black hair and hazel eyes.

She came face to face with a panting and slightly out of breath James Potter.

"Whoa, Evans! What's the hurry?" James asked, with that infamous smirk plastered on his face.
Lily rolled her eyes, and replied sweetly, "Nothing. Just getting away from you."
James chuckled, "That's the sarcastic Lily I know and love", came the cheesy reply.

She rolled her eyes again. "Honestly Lils, the way you roll your eyes, they'd be sure to fall off any second now", he said teasingly.
She cracked a smile, "And we know who'd be the reason behind it, don't we?"

He grinned, shook his head slightly and said, "McGonagall asked me to tell you", he said emphasizing the "me" and "you", "that we're supposed to meet her in her office for some Head meeting at six."

She groaned. He chuckled.

"What? Our Head Girl isn't interested to attend a boring meeting? Now that's new!" James said, appearing to be shocked.
She almost rolled her eyes again. Almost.
"Be there on time. I know it must be terribly difficult for you but please manage it for once. I'mnotattending the boring meeting alone", she said raising a finger threateningly, with narrowed eyes, though you could see the twinkle in them, looking extremely cute; to James anyways. She gave him a last mock glare and hopped off towards the Great hall.

He chuckled, shook his head in amusement and started following her towards the Great hall.

Lily's POV

"Hey guys!" I said as I took a seat next to Eva, across from Mary and Eva.

Evanna Hansen, or 'Eva' as she liked to be called, was my best friend. I had met on the fist day itself,
when I had walked in her compartment with Se-Snape. I really don't like to think about him so I just won't. Eva and I had quickly struck up a friendship and had spent the entire train ride munching away on chocolate frogs and pumpkin pasties, talking about our families, our likes and dislikes and basically everything. Appearance wise, Eva was quite pretty. She had shoulder length light brown hair and deep, gray eyes. She was extremely talkative, just like me, and we had been pretty much inseparable since the very first day.

Mary Macdonald was one of my really good friends. She was short, shorter than me and Eva, with curly, long black hair and dark brown eyes. I and Eva had met Mary during the sorting ceremony. She had a very bubbly personality and had been quick to befriend us.

Isabelle Donaldson, or 'Isa' as we called her, was the fourth member of our group, and yet again, one of my very close friends. She was taller than Mary, but shorter than me and Eva, with knee length platinum blonde hair and lovely blue eyes. Isa had always been a little shy, especially around strangers. We had found her, on our first day, sitting on her bed and looking around somewhat nervously when we approached her. She'd been a little hesitant at first, but slowly she warmed up to us.
And the four of us have been inseparable since then.

"Hey Lils! What took you so long?" Mary asked.
"Oh, nothing. Had a little…chat with Potter." I said casually.
Isa raised her eyebrows, "Chat as in, him asking you out and you hexing him chat or civil chat?"
Eva smirked, "Well…Isa, looks like a civil chat for once. Potter seems in a very good mood."

I turned my head to where Eva was looking and saw that James did, indeed appear to be in a very happy mood as he entered the Great hall.
"Alright girls?" he asked cheerfully as he passed us.
"Just fine James. And yourself?" Eva asked somewhat teasingly.

He grinned and replied, "Simply marvelous. Don't be late for our date Lils." He winked and walked over to his friends. Well, that did the trick. All three girls', and even some fellow classmates' who'd listened to this exchange, jaw dropped.

"WHAT?" All three of them yelled at the same time.

Lily rolled her eyes and replied, "Yea…I kindly consented to accompanying Potter to a meeting with McGonagall this evening. I bet she won't even realize she's being the third wheel!"

We laughed.

James POV

"Hey!" I said as I dropped on a seat next to Remus, across from Sirius and Peter.

Sirius Black, or 'Padfoot' as we called him due to his animagus from and his-err-'dog like' character, was my best mate, with shaggy black hair, gray eyes and a 'swoon worthy' smile, as he claimed. I'd met him on the Hogwarts Express on our journey to Hogwarts and we've been best friends ever since.

Remus Lupin, or 'Moony' as we nicknamed him due to his 'furry little problem', was among my best friends. He was tall, with sandy brown hair and light blue eyes. We met him on our way to Hogwarts too, when he asked if he could share our compartment. The three of us had spent the entire train ride eating, talking, and well…mostly eating.

Peter Pettigrew or 'Wormtail' as we named him, owing to his animagus form, was the fourth member of our group. He was small and chubby, with blond hair and brown eyes. He was shy, and often spoke very nervously. People often wondered how he ended up in our group, but we didn't care. He was a loyal and good friend, and that's all that mattered.

Thus, the four of us ended up as a group, or the 'marauders' as we liked to call ourselves.

"What took you so long?" Sirius asked through a mouthful of toast and bacon.

"Nothing really, just had a little chat with Lily." I replied as I filled my plate.

Three pair of eyebrows shot up.
"Where are the hex marks?" asked Peter.

I rolled my eyes.
"So, what did you guys-um-talk about then?" asked Remus.
I saw Sirius smirk and open his mouth, most probably with an absolutely lovely and not-at-all-embarrassing comment but I cut him off with a, "Nothing. Just told her about McGonagall's meeting in the evening today. That's all."

Three pairs of disbelieving eyes stared at me.
"I don'talwaysask her out, okay?" I said, a little defensively.
"Hmm, Prongs…sure you don't." Remus said amusedly and went back to eating.

I rolled my eyes again. Gits

It was at about quarter past five in the evening when Lily and Mary descended down the stairs to the common room. They walked over to the girls and marauders who sat by the fire. Mary joined them but Lily looked at her watch and said, "Come on Potter. Meeting starts in fifteen minutes. Better not make her wait." Anyone could tell that she didn't sound particularly excited.

James hopped off the couch, muttered a "See you lot later", and extended his arm towards her.
"Shall we?"

She simply rolled her eyes and started walking, but a small smile was forming on her lips.
James grinned and followed her out of the portrait hole.

"They seem to be getting along better, don't they?" Isa asked.

"Yea, they do. Lily's warming up to him." Remus replied.

A few minutes passed by in silence.

They looked at Sirius who had, uncharacteristically, not spoken anything for the past few minutes. He was stroking his chin thoughtfully.

"You know what they need? They need to spend more time together."

Everyone looked astonished. Eva was the first to speak.
"Wow Sirius. That was actually right. Who knew something like that would come out of your mouth?"

But Sirius wasn't listening. He suddenly looked like a child who was told that Christmas would come early.

He rubbed his hands together and said excitedly, "I have a plan!"

"And what is this brilliant plan of yours?" Mary asked.

"We'll stick them together!"

He was met by six pairs of confused eyes.

"As in, stick their hands together by some sort of charm. I'm sure Moony will find something-" He was cut off by an annoyed "Hey!" but he waved it away and continued- "They'll be forced to spend time together. And they'll fall in love, and get married and make me best man!" Sirius said excitedly,wiping away a fake tear.

"Padfoot…I'm not sure. I mean, it could go horribly wrong…" Remus said uncertainly.
"Of course it won't Moony! It'll be great. And they'll thank me for it one day!" Sirius insisted.

The rest of them looked at each other warily.
This could go wrong…

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