Eight Stars of Ferra

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Ferra is a world like earth, only with magic, and far more creatures, and is dying. Elizabeth is a girl who grew up in our world, but is brought to Ferra with her friends and meets Christophe, the Prince of the Humans, and learns of the destiny she shares with 7 others, and save the world of Ferra.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Eight Stars of Ferra

Submitted: May 02, 2012

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Submitted: May 02, 2012



"Hey, Liz, where are we going?" called one of the girls to the front, barley missing being hit in the face by a branch. All three of them were still in their school cloths and had their backpacks on their backs. A girl up front with platinum blond hair and glasses lead the group, easily dogging all the trees and undergrowth that surrounded them. They had only been going about an hour, but already the girl is the back was breathing heavily.

"Come one, Crystal, how would I know where we are going? I'm just trying to find a clearing," responded the girl with blond hair. Crystal glared in her general direction with her near black eyes.

"Come on, Crystal, we don't want to be separated from Liz," commented the third girl. She had short brown hair, and was skinny with average height. She easily avoided all the obstacles as well, most due to her being on the hurdling team.

"Hey, guys, there's a clearing up ahead!" Liz hollered from in front of them. She was standing in the middle of a clearing that looked to have a 20 feet radius, her backpack laying next to a tree by where the girls stepped into the clearing.

"Finally, I thought I was going to collapse from exhaustion!" Crystal dropped her bag not far from Liz's and let herself fall to the ground. She started to doze off when rustling in the bushes on the opposite side of the clearing disturbed her.

"Who's there?" the third girl called out. Both her and Liz were in a stance where they could easily decide at last minute to run or fight if needed.

"Your majesty, please, stay back. We don't know who these people are," warned a man not that far ahead. The three girls glanced from one to the other, not understanding a single word of what was said. People came into view, one of them, a boy around the girls' age, sat atop a horse. He watched as the girls with thoughtful eyes.

"Let me talk to them. They don't seem to understand what is happening," pointed out the boy when one of the people around him protested. He demounted from the horse and walked up to the three girls. All three watched quietly, waiting to tell what he was planning.

"What do you think we should do, Alyssa?" Liz questioned the brunet. The boy looked confused when she spoke, as if he didn't recognize the language.

"Try speaking in another language," Alyssa suggested. All of them were in foreign languages, though only Liz was fluent in hers.

"Do you speak French?" Liz asked, still in her stance that said that she was questioning whether to fight, or flee.

"You speak French? That makes things a lot easier," the boy answered back.

"Listen, we're not from around here, and we just want to get back home. Do you know anyway to get back to Seattle?" Liz asked.

"Seattle, I've never heard of that country. Is it possible that you are foreigners?"

"You never heard of Seattle, Washington? What country is this?"

"This is Ferra, a land where humans and spirits coexist." Liz's mouth dropped slightly. Never before had she heard of such a country, or of spirits and humans coexisting. "I take it from the look on your face that you have never heard of Ferra? Are you possibly from another world?"

"It seems to be that way, I guess."

"Hey, Liz, what is he saying?" Crystal called her back from the conversation neither of the other girls could understand.

"He says we're in another world, in a country called Ferra" Liz trailed off. She turned to the boy again, "Do you know how we could get home?"

"I do not, but Ash may. Sadly, he does not speak French, and you clearly don't speak Ferranien."

"Sorry, that isn't a language that we are taught. Is there a possible way to understand him?"

"There is, but one of you must be put under a spell, and he doesn't take to spells all that happily," the boy gazed out of the sides of his eyes.

"So it has to be me under this spell?"

"Yes. The spell itself is not difficult, but sadly, the person must give up all their freedom and can never do anything against the spell caster, as long as the spell is in place."

Liz paused. She glanced at her friends, confused, and then glanced back at the boy. Just in order to find a way home for them, she would have to give up her freedom to him. She once again looked back at her friends, who looked tired, dirty, and stressed. Sighing, she turned back to the boy. "Very well."

The boy stepped forward, right in front of her. Alyssa tensed up, but Liz motioned for her to relax. She turned to look the boy straight in the eyes. He was a couple of inches taller than her, just a little over six feet. He had cold, hazel eyes that held pity in them.

"This spell is painful, and requires one thing for you to say before you pass out. When I am done chanting, I need you to say 'Yes, your majesty.' Do you understand?"

Liz nodded her head, her throat starting to tighten in reflex of her fear. The boy leaned forward, closed his eyes, and kissed her right on the lips.

At first, all that happened was nothing. Then, a warm tingle spread from where their lips connected across her face, into her scalp, along her neck, and down her back. When it reached down by her tailbone, it stopped spreading. Instead, the warm tingle turned into what seemed like someone running hot iron along her skin. Liz's muscles began to tense, her face tightening from pain. She tried to pull away, but he did not allow her. This continued until finally he released her.

When he finally released her, Liz dropped to the ground. Alyssa and Crystal ran up to her, checking to make sure she was okay. Liz was panting hard, ready to pass out from the pain. Alyssa looked up and glared at the boy, who was just staring with cold eyes down at Liz.

"I, Prince Christophe of Ferra, take this girl to be my servant. She will serve me in sickness and in health. If I were to be in a fight, she will be my sword and shield. I hear by agree to this pact, taking this girl as my servant. Do you, girl, agree to this?" he chanted. He looked down at the three girls, waiting for Liz's response.

"Yes, your majesty" Liz panted right before passing out. Her eyes closed and her body relaxed in Crystal's arms. She could not recall what happened later.

Authors Note: Okay, in this story, you will notice the font change. That is to signify a different language being used. Here is the order so far: English, French, and Ferranien. A note about Ferranien, it does not have different words for third person singular, unlike English. You'll notice this in later parts, but I decided to say it now.

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