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Chapter 6 (v.1) - The Search for Green Eyes

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4. The Search for Green Eyes

I strolled up to Darius with my big mouth bellowing, “God damn its dark in here!”  He took the hint that I was referring to his dark skin and replied as he usually did.

“Hey how about you go fuck yourself,” he said as we both laughed.  Darius’s has an extremely dark sense of humor as he is found to be more of a crude person compared with most people.  I guess you could say that’s why he’s my best friend.

Darius has a small build, but very stout.  Unbelievably quick on the football field which allows him to slice across receivers in the secondary and intercept the ball.  Darius has very thin eyebrows but sideburns that stretch halfway down past his ears.  He is one of the two African Americans in the school which isn’t a problem until we step out of the school premises.  Many people have spread racist rhetoric about him and his parents, a fact that our friends at school don’t take kindly to.  At least people generally understand he’s my best friend so they know that when I’m around perhaps they should keep their mouth shut with their bigotry dominated minds.  I don’t know, perhaps it’s because I’m typically bigger and more muscular than them that intimidates them.  If that’s the reason, good.

“Ha ha, what’s going on man?” I questioned as the table stood and began walking to their respective classes in a zombie like way; once lively, now their eyes seem dull as they go about the rest of their days.  Darius and I all swiftly glided down the hallway towards our least favorite class of the day: math.  Not only is it an unfavorable class, Mr. Fredrickson is the biggest pain in the ass in the school.

“Ah, not much man just chillin’.  We were talking about a party with some dancin’ over at Gilligan’s tonight after the game if you wanna hit that up,” he said, pleading slightly.  Gilligan was actually James Krueger, a very thin sliced kid who had bleach blonde hair.  He also came from a farming family who had been struggling just like we have as of late, but their operation seems to be taking a heavier hit than ours so far.  It’s easy to see it in Gilligan too because his face makes it blatantly obvious when they either got the rent raised too high on a farm, or they lost the farm entirely.  But he gets through his day like everyone else, and without a word escaping his mouth on these separate incidents.

Gilligan is a rather peculiar fellow; the type of weird guy that is somewhat creepy due to his nature but he’s been my friend since I was in kindergarten.  He can be hilarious if he’s in a safe, comfortable environment.  To be honest, ever since kindergarten we’ve always called him Gilligan and for a reason that’s unknown to even me.  I guess I don’t really need to know; I am aware of his moodiness however, yet I still appreciate being around the guy at those times.

My mind pressed on to Darius’s question at hand.  I reasoned from several different angles but couldn’t really come up with an excuse to just hang with Aliya tonight, although I knew that was a reasonable enough excuse.  Oh well, I suppose a couple beers wouldn’t hurt anything.

“Hell yes brah, we’ll have to stop by,” I said faking enthusiasm.  Darius’s mind was a bit off pace of mine though.

“Stop by?  Fuck I ain’t even gonna leave!” he laughed as he finished his sentence.  Always like Darius; the most fun loving guy you’ll ever meet.  We turned into the math hallway just as he continued, “So what did you and Aliya do last night?”

It took me a moment to ponder and then realize that Aliya didn’t even come over last night.  Then it all of a sudden hit me. “Ah she couldn’t come over.  I don’t know she said she had something she had to do with her mom..?  I’m not exactly sure.”

Darius peered at me through his peripheral vision and I could sense a sly remark forthcoming.  “So you’re implying that you got math done then, right?”

“Ha!  When was the last time I even did a math assignment without cheating off you?” I asked rhetorically with my head pasted on the squared floor.  The panels were a bland light brown/pink color that were chipped to the point of needing replacement, yet that was not in the near future.  My attention on the floor panels is what distracted me from realizing that we were extremely close to Mr. Fredrickson’s classroom at the end of the hallway.  I peeked up to see Mr. Fredrickson standing no more than five feet away and his eyes glued on my forehead.  I hope that he didn’t hear my comment, or at least decides to ignore it.

“So Mr. Gaines, I can assume that you got the assignment done for today, correct?” he said in a very proper manner.  Well, I hoped he was out of earshot.  I could see the tense look on his face and that usually implied that he was in his normal pissy mood, so I suppose my ignorant comment probably didn’t smooth things over.

“I might’ve misplaced it Mr. Fredrickson,” I stated sarcastically with a bright smile on my face.  Darius did all he could to hold in his laughter.  Frankly, I’m surprised that Mr. Fredrickson still held the door open for me instead of just slamming my body in between, squeezing out all of his frustration into my sternum.

We sat down in our back row seats to prevent being called upon by Mr. Fredrickson at the head of the classroom.  I examined the room to see all the math posters that people had done for extra credit; most related to math puns, which of course, lacked in humor.  I finally brought my eyes back down to meet Darius’ and his flashing smile.

“Smooth move cock fag,” he snickered while peering around to make certain the Fredrickson hadn’t entered the room yet.  His eyes blew a sigh of relief to see that he was still at the door, just out of hearing distance.  Darius straightened himself out in his chair before glancing back at me to see my reaction.

I laughed momentarily before responding in a slick manner.  Very slowly and carefully I brought my right middle finger up to my face and stuck it in my right nostril making it flair out to a distance that it hadn’t reached previously.Darius snorted before catching himself as he eyed Fredrickson walking right down our row just as I yanked my finger out of my nose.

“Mr. Gaines,” said Mr. Fredrickson with authority.  He glared down at me as I placed my hand underneath my desk without any intent on retrieving it anytime soon.  I thought he was going to continue, but he quickly darted up the row and to the white board in the front.  Most of the class had turned around to see what had occurred, but none were aware of what happened.  Mr. Fredrickson eyed me for a moment then began his lecture.

My mind wasn’t even present though, it was off in room 104 where Mrs. Speights was teaching Spanish to a strikingly attractive blonde haired green eyed girl.

 I couldn’t stop counting the minutes till study hall with Aliya as I reached my locker at the end of the hallway.  It seemed like the day kept extending its time, preventing me from finally talking to my girlfriend.  The frustration builds so high that it took me a couple tries to open the spin lock on my locker; my mind also failed me because I couldn’t remember what book I was searching for for my next class.

Just then I noticed that head of hair that my dreams were filled with last night.  She was wearing exactly what the eye desired, minus nude of course: a short white skirt that was hugging her waist tightly, a blue low cut shirt that exhibited the crevice on her chest, and her hair was hanging down barely brushing on her shoulders as she walked.  I met with her Lysterine eyes and they flared out like sparklers, her cheeks were brushed to a rosy red.  She smiled ever so perfectly; in such a way that I would daydream for hours until the sun had died late in the day.

She hinted on heading towards my direction as she maneuvered through the halls with multiple heads stopping to examine this magnificent specimen of godly work.  But suddenly, she pivoted and walked right past me with her smile growing.

“Oh, that is just harsh,” I said trying not to smile and act serious.  I could tell that she knew exactly my intent.

“You’re just going to have to wait,” she spoke softly, barely overheard by the immense sounds of people talking blaring throughout the hallway.  I kept my eyes on her hoping she would whip her head around to look me up and down, yet she never did.

Impatiently I sat in my creaking plastic chair in the unsanitary conditions of the lunch room, or now the study hall room.  I kicked my leg on the ground making a thumping noise that was at a louder magnitude than the study hall teacher taking roll up front.  Finally the long legs of Aliya came around the worn down brick walls that contained us, and her face beamed.  My jaw ascended ever so slightly and it sat stationary there for a few moments before I became aware of it.  Instantly, I shot it back up so hard it connected with my upper row of teeth making a popping sound.

She took the long route to get to my table; sort of a back road, just for the scenery type trip around the multiple round tables that filled the room.  Eventually, she finished her trip by perching herself in the chair to the left of me.She sat in perfect posture in her uncomfortable seat as to allow everyone’s gaze to meet her lovely body without ever wanting it to leave.  For an instant, and what seemed like an hour, we sat alone at our table in silence as we both awaited someone to make the first move.  I realized I had waited just long enough.

“You’re a hard girl to track down,” I said with another smile.  The green waves in her eyes crashed from shore to shore making my heart leap into the unknown once more.  There isn’t anything anymore that my attention didn’t latch onto; her every move within eyeshot was tracked by my lustful eyes, and even when she was out of range I would imagine the possibility of her activities.

“Not if you have something I want,” she stated confidently.  I could sense the danger in her tone, like she wanted to make my desires to increase exponentially; they were.

“Well God damn, you really are making this hard on me I hope you know that?  We better hang out tonight after the game,” I said.  Her originally orange notebook that lay beneath her is now clothed in random pictures of her and her friends, including several people from different schools.  She slid her hand over the cover to open the notebook and feign working on homework to avoid any confrontation with the anal study hall teacher.

“Ah, depends on how you play tonight,” she said.  For a moment I was confused on how to react until she began laughing hysterically.  “Yeah, I suppose we can hang out.  What did you wanna do?  I heard from a guy I used to hang out with that there’s a place over by Dexter that is having a party.”

Immediately, my jealousy of her conversing with another guy took over.  I tried to calm myself down, taking into consideration that she just talked to a guy.  That’s kind of psycho to flip out about, right?  I began going back in forth in my head trying to reason myself out of starting an argument over something incredibly dumb.  No matter, I know I have her.  Wherever we go, she’ll be there.

“Actually Gilligan’s having a party at his place tonight.  I mean, it’ll be closer and there’d be a lot of people there from the game that we can chill with,” I said with almost a question mark at the end.  I knew how much she disliked Gilligan due to his wacky antics, but I pursued anyway.  Being at Gilligan’s would be so much more convenient, not to mention that Darius and many other people will be there.

A look of disdain almost filled her as she flipped her head up to meet my eyes.  Pausing for a second, she looked past my head when she spoke.  “That would be easier,” she said forcefully.  She dipped her head back down on her work, and to my surprise she was actually writing.  She quickly changed subjects, “My mom and sister were talking about you last night,” she said matter of factly.  “They seem to think you haven’t visited in awhile.”  At this, her smile crept up along with her eyes momentarily.

“So is this a sign that I should come see them soon?” I asked already aware of the answer.

“I don’t know what it is but they’ve come to like you quite a bit.  My mom thinks that ‘he’s just the sweetest young boy that you’ve ever brought around’,” she paused briefly and searched for her next words.  “And my sister-“ I cut her off with a smartass remark.

“That’s saying something considering all the guys that you’ve been with,” I said.  For a moment she looked surprised at being cut off, but then proceeded to smile.

“Oh-my-god-shut-up,” she stated very quickly blending her words together with a laugh.  After tossing her pencil on her paper she continued, “Well as I was saying before you opened your freakin’ mouth, my sister talks about you constantly.  It’s like a daily basis that she asks if you’re gonna come over,” she rolled her eyes up in thought.  “It’s so cute when she gets talking about you too.  I think she kinda has a crush on you,” she said.  Her tone was rather suggestive; almost egging me on.

I can’t say I blame her; her little sister Katie is the cutest little girl on I’ve ever laid eyes on.  Her eyes matched her sister’s and her blonde hair mimicked that of Aliya at that age.  Perpetually, she would team up with Aliya in pestering me about everything.  For instance once I told her my real name, she won’t ever call me J.D. anymore; now she just calls me Decky, sometimes sounding like Dicky, as she tries to poke my belly.  Yeah, she’s a little runt but I like being around her.

I responded in a very sarcastic tone, it’s how I speak most of the time.  “Ya know I was thinkin’ about that last night, but then I thought, huh.  The whole she’s 8 and I’m 18 thing is a bit of a stretch even for my standards in women,” I said bluntly. 

She went along with it, “Well, I’m sure my mom would be ok with it as long as you don’t make a move on her.”

“She’s 8!” I stated strongly.  She began laughing after I spoke and we ended the charade.

“It’s still cute though!  And that still doesn’t take away the fact that you’re coming over tomorrow after you’re done working for your dad,” she responded quickly again.  Her powerful precedence over me was overwhelming, and I knew that any objection would be futile.

“Do I have a choice in this matter?” I spoke softly, though again I knew the answer prior to asking.

“Nope!  And that’s that,” she confirmed my thoughts.  It grew silent as we both flipped anonymous pages throughout our notebooks, yet every few seconds we would connect random glances at each other.

I couldn’t help but stare at her while she wrote in her notebook.  Her letters were so perfect with every single swoop and even her small hearts she sparingly used to dot her I’s.  She noticed my eyes’ inability to look elsewhere, so I tried to cast my gaze around the room but that didn’t last long.  That blonde hair hanging down slid over her eyes and she curvaceously tossed it back over her ear.

God damn I can’t explain how lucky I’ve been this year.  It seems that the chips are falling my way for once, and I can’t help but be thankful.  I’ve been through some bad times in my life yet at this moment I feel like that garbage is beneath me.  Of course the paranoia of the potential farm crisis is more than bothersome; it appears that it could turn south yet an amazing feeling has arisen in me: disregard.  I do not feel like any crisis will hurt me as long as I have Aliya, my friends, and of course football.  Yeah, agriculture is probably going to take a hit; yet I still have that bright smile on my face.  Hell usually when I wake up during the night, the day following is full of yawns and my eyelids drag on the ground.  Today, Aliya has my eyelids wide open in hope of catching a glimpse of her.

Finally, Aliya had decided to take a break from her work and she began throwing her eyes across the room to meet anyone’s lustful glance.  I dared my dark blue eyes to try to catch her attention by locking onto her, but she wouldn’t even acknowledge my attempt.  Eventually I realized how long we had been sitting there without talking so I had to find a topic to spark some sort of conversation.  Instead, I continued on what we were previously conversing about.

“What did you want to do tomorrow?” I asked eagerly.

Her eyes sunk back into her head in thought, then she turned to me and said in a sexy way, “Well, since it’s supposed to be rather drizzly out tomorrow I was hoping that we could just have a day to ourselves.  Curl up on the couch, and watch some movies.  We’ll see what happens from there.”  After she trailed off, her typical smile voyaged up the side of her face.

That sounds like one heck of a day if you ask me.  I just wish that I didn’t have to move cattle with Dad tomorrow; he always picks the worst days.  When we pregnancy check them in the winter, somehow he manages to pick the -10 degree Saturday morning; and when we give out the pre-birthing shots in the spring, his wizard like skills choose the only freezing, pouring, drizzly, miserable day in the week before and after.  But I still have something to look forward to: Aliya, Katie, and her mom.

“Oh, I’ll try to fit that into my schedule but I don’t know if I can,” I dared.  Once we both got in this similar mood it was easy to continue our little game.

“Uh huh,” she said unconvinced, “and why is that?”

I could tell she was playing along with my façade.

“I mean, I got these other girls that I promised to hang with for awhile.  But don’t worry, it’s nothing too big,” I said as she feigned to be upset.  So, as always I took it a step further, “Just some campin’ so we can be out in the wilderness...all alone…without anything to keep us warm...”  I realized it was probably time to end the charade.  “Should I shut up now?”

Her eyebrows were still barely off the edge of her hairline.  “If you want to continue being in a relationship then yes, shut the hell up.”  I began laughing it off and she turned awkwardly, searching the room once more.  But then she proceeded to tell me some rather unpleasant news.

“Oh crap, I have to get going to the library.”  When she spoke, her eyes were planted on her notebook as she began packing it into her book bag.  Everything was zipped up before she glanced back at me once more, and even then I had no words to muster.  Instead she continued, “Yeah, I have to work on this art project with Emily and I told her I would meet up with her about halfway through the period.  So, I’ll see you after the game.”  She smiled as she stood up and stepped towards me.  Looking down at me, she stared at my forehead; I’m not sure how I know that or why it matters, but I knew she was just playing this game on me, making me painfully anxious for tonight.

“Yeah that’s cool,” I played it off as best as I could.  I’m still certain she could sense how much I disliked this idea, but that didn’t bother me.  Rather, I hoped it would bother her enough into staying, though I know its effectiveness isn’t to the level that was necessary.

“Seeya,” she stated bluntly and began her beautified walk down the hallway.  Not only did my head turn to watch but so did a few others from across the room.  Damn, she’s killing me.


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