I've got your back stray (part 2)

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I'm mainly posting this for the fun of it, but it covers where the other left off.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - I've got your back stray (part 2)

Submitted: November 29, 2006

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Submitted: November 29, 2006



I've got your back stray (2)

Alright, so I'm finally done with the god awful 2nd part. This is the last time I tell people that I'm going to do more. Next time I'll just surprise people and post a 2nd part. Lol, anyways I'm done and this is it. I'll stop buggin' you and let you read. This is slightly different than the 1st one. Were that one was how it happened I just wanted to post what the effect was. So without further eddo, "I've got your back stray, part II"

So after all that stupid ass shit went down I was later contacted by Kalie. (Sorry, but I'm way to lazy to care about anonymity) Interesting, I spent an entire night yelling at her telling her to go ahead and kill herself so that I don't have to worry about it, and she sends me an IM. Well that's cool, I mostly ignored it. Here is the sample:


Session Start (KvasirS:undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:12:57 2006

[17:12] undergroundnazic: Hey...

[17:14] *** "undergroundnazic" signed on at Sun Nov 19 17:14:47 2006.

[17:14] *** "undergroundnazic" signed off at Sun Nov 19 17:14:53 2006.

Session Close (undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:19:04 2006

Session Start (KvasirS:undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:20:06 2006

[17:20] undergroundnazic: sorry to aks this, but... Have you spoken to Matthew at all? It's fine if you haven't, I don't expect you to.

[17:21] KvasirS: yes I have

Session Close (undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:21:15 2006

Session Start (KvasirS:undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:21:30 2006

[17:21] undergroundnazic: Ah. Okay then... Good to know he's peaking with people...

[17:21] undergroundnazic: speaking*

[17:22] undergroundnazic: I'm planning to do something soon... That'll help both Matthew and I.

[17:22] undergroundnazic: Hold on a sec. brb

[17:24] undergroundnazic: Back...

[17:24] undergroundnazic: What did you guys talk about? ^^

Session Close (undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:24:46 2006

Session Start (KvasirS:undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:26:02 2006

[17:26] undergroundnazic: Hello?

[17:27] undergroundnazic: Does he eget online anymore? ... Are you there?

[17:29] undergroundnazic: Please don't ignore me.

[17:30] KvasirS: too late

Session Close (undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:30:28 2006

Session Start (KvasirS:undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:30:36 2006

[17:30] undergroundnazic: Okay... ?

[17:30] undergroundnazic: I just wanted to check up on everything.

[17:30] undergroundnazic: I've been sick... Still am. Going to to the doctor tomorrow.

[17:31] undergroundnazic: Sorry to bother you.

[17:31] KvasirS: look matt's over you

[17:31] KvasirS: he isn't coming back

Session Close (undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:31:24 2006

Session Start (KvasirS:undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:31:31 2006

[17:31] undergroundnazic: I'm moving down there soon...

Session Close (undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:31:40 2006

Session Start (KvasirS:undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:31:46 2006

[17:31] undergroundnazic: You can tell him that now.

[17:32] undergroundnazic: Not lying or anything.

[17:32] undergroundnazic: So... Yeah.

[17:33] undergroundnazic: Personally, I would want to tell him myself... But I don't have long distance.

[17:33] KvasirS: when are you moving?

[17:34] undergroundnazic: After the holidays

[17:34] undergroundnazic: I asked my mom, and she said it was fine.

[17:34] undergroundnazic: Because I decided to go ahead and either get home schooling or get my GED (?)

Session Close (undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:35:12 2006

Session Start (KvasirS:undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:35:20 2006

[17:35] undergroundnazic: I know this whole thing has been about space and all... So I'm planning to do this.

[17:35] undergroundnazic:  wanted to speak to Matthew about it.

[17:35] undergroundnazic: I only vae his address to his mom's house...

[17:35] undergroundnazic: So, I guess I'll arrive there.

[17:36] KvasirS: so in januarary?

Session Close (undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:36:42 2006

Session Start (KvasirS:undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:37:00 2006

[17:37] undergroundnazic: Probably more towards Feb. Because my dad's birthday is in Jan.

[17:37] undergroundnazic: I need a place to stay once I arrive...

[17:37] undergroundnazic: I also can't drive...

[17:37] undergroundnazic: Dammit... Not feeling well.

[17:38] undergroundnazic: Hold on a sec! ... Need to get some medicine!

[17:40] undergroundnazic: back..

[17:40] undergroundnazic: Is there a way where I can contact Matthew about this?

[17:40] KvasirS: no

Session Close (undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:40:58 2006

Session Start (KvasirS:undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:41:03 2006

[17:41] undergroundnazic: Why not?

[17:41] undergroundnazic: This is the real deal.

[17:42] KvasirS: he doesn't want you

[17:42] undergroundnazic: Liar.

[17:42] undergroundnazic: Anyways...

[17:42] undergroundnazic: I'm moving down there

[17:43] undergroundnazic: Until I hear from matthew...

[17:43] undergroundnazic: I'm not believing anyone.

[17:43] undergroundnazic: So, get him to contact me when he can.

[17:43] undergroundnazic: Because I'm heading down there.

[17:43] KvasirS: he doesn't want to

[17:44] KvasirS: I've talked to him, he is over you

[17:44] KvasirS: leave him alone

Session Close (undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:44:09 2006

Session Start (KvasirS:undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:45:08 2006

[17:45] undergroundnazic: Nope

[17:45] undergroundnazic: Heading down there

[17:45] undergroundnazic: I want to hear from matthew himself.

[17:45] undergroundnazic: Get Matthew on a phone or whatever.

[17:45] undergroundnazic: Because I'm not believing anyone

[17:45] undergroundnazic: Until i hear from HIM.

[17:45] undergroundnazic: I'm heading down there... That's all I know what to do.

[17:47] KvasirS: then it's going to be a waste of time, and money

[17:47] KvasirS: you wont have anywere to stay

[17:47] undergroundnazic: Well, get him on a hpone then

[17:47] KvasirS: anyone to visit

[17:47] undergroundnazic: Well.

[17:47] KvasirS: He doesn't want to talk to you

[17:47] undergroundnazic: Let me hear from him.

[17:47] undergroundnazic: Stop hiding him.

[17:47] undergroundnazic: He can tell me himself.

[17:47] undergroundnazic: Go ahead.

[17:47] undergroundnazic: I'm not scared.

[17:47] undergroundnazic: Do it.

[17:47] undergroundnazic: I'm serious.

[17:48] undergroundnazic: I'm only believing him.

[17:48] KvasirS: I'm not hidin him

[17:48] KvasirS: He doesn't want to

[17:48] undergroundnazic: Then get him to stop being a damn pussy and call. Let him contact me.

[17:48] undergroundnazic: I'm waiting to hear it.

[17:48] KvasirS: you are hearing it

[17:48] undergroundnazic: Only form him.

Session Close (undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:48:55 2006

Session Start (KvasirS:undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 17:48:56 2006

[17:48] undergroundnazic: Nope

[17:48] undergroundnazic: I'm hearing YOU

[17:48] undergroundnazic: Not him.

[17:49] undergroundnazic: So, let him call.

[17:49] undergroundnazic: I'm waiting

[17:50] undergroundnazic: I'm tired of being told from other people about what he might be saying or whatever. I want to hear it from him.

[17:50] undergroundnazic: I'm waiting.

[17:51] undergroundnazic: You making him call? Because I want to hear it from him.

[17:51] undergroundnazic: He can't hide.

[17:51] KvasirS: I'm sorry that you can't get over him, but he isn't going to call you

[17:52] KvasirS: he doesn't want to

[17:52] undergroundnazic: Make him call

[17:52] KvasirS: NO

[17:52] undergroundnazic: Make him call

[17:52] undergroundnazic: Yes

[17:52] undergroundnazic: Because he's hiding

[17:52] KvasirS: no, he knows that you are a freak and wont leave him alone

[17:52] undergroundnazic: He's being a pussy. And he needs to contact the person he was intimate with for so long like a man he is.

[17:52] undergroundnazic: No...

[17:52] undergroundnazic: Tell him to call.

[17:52] undergroundnazic: He can say whatever he wants

[17:53] undergroundnazic: Just as long as I hear it from him

[17:53] undergroundnazic: Not from his friends... Not from other people.

[17:53] undergroundnazic: But form him.

[17:53] undergroundnazic: from*

[17:53] KvasirS: he isn't going to call you

[17:53] KvasirS: and I'm not going to tell him

[17:53] undergroundnazic: Get him too.

[17:53] undergroundnazic: I'm serious.

[17:54] undergroundnazic: I'm waiting

[17:54] undergroundnazic: I've been waiting.

[17:54] undergroundnazic: Because he's a pussy... And he can't call a girl.

[17:54] undergroundnazic: Making someone depressed a sick thing to do.

[17:54] undergroundnazic: Especially the way he did it.

[17:54] undergroundnazic: And now he's too scared to call?

[17:54] undergroundnazic: Thats weak.

[17:54] undergroundnazic: I just want to hear it from him.

[17:55] KvasirS: if I can help it, he's not going to know

[17:55] undergroundnazic: Kno what?

[17:55] KvasirS: i'm not going to say a word to him

[17:55] undergroundnazic: Know what?

[17:55] undergroundnazic: Tell me.

[17:55] KvasirS: I'm not going to mention that you want him to call you

[17:56] undergroundnazic: Let him call me

[17:56] undergroundnazic: Stop letting him run.

[17:56] undergroundnazic: And hide

[17:56] KvasirS: he's not

[17:56] undergroundnazic: He is

[17:56] undergroundnazic: If you havenm't noticed.

[17:56] KvasirS: I have noticed

[17:56] undergroundnazic: Tell him to call me

[17:56] KvasirS: I've noticed why he broke up with you

[17:56] undergroundnazic: It's not a big deal. I just want to hear it from him

[17:57] KvasirS: well, I'm not going to tell him what your doing

[17:57] undergroundnazic: Because I'm stubborn... It's not like I'm dong weird acts...

[17:57] KvasirS: he's going to have to find out through someone else

[17:57] undergroundnazic: Moving down to see someone you love isn't weird.

[17:57] KvasirS: no it's stalking

[17:57] undergroundnazic: He complained about space in between

[17:57] undergroundnazic: Not really...

[17:57] undergroundnazic: If it was stalking...

[17:58] undergroundnazic: That would lead to trying to figure out everything he was doing every single day of my entire life, know every single detail about him and shit... Which... if you haven't noticed, I don't know anything that's been going on

[17:58] undergroundnazic: I've left him alone for a long time now... Shit, I've been wondering my house each day waiting to go to the doctors...

[17:59] undergroundnazic: You fail... Now, let me speak with him.

[17:59] KvasirS: no

[17:59] KvasirS: not through me

[17:59] undergroundnazic: I'm sorry to put you through this.

[18:00] KvasirS: your not putting me through anyhting

[18:00] KvasirS: I'm not letting you

[18:00] undergroundnazic: You act like I am.

[18:00] undergroundnazic: But that's not the point.

[18:00] undergroundnazic: The point is I'm tired of waiting around so let me speak with him.

[18:00] undergroundnazic: I've been to passive about all this.

[18:00] undergroundnazic: I want to speak with him. Let him speak with me,

[18:01] KvasirS: you don't understand me, do you?

[18:01] KvasirS: I'm not going to say a word to him about this conversation

[18:01] KvasirS: what so ever

[18:02] undergroundnazic: Fine. I'll tell him it myself... I'll tell him about moving down there and all. Obiviously you're too scared to.

[18:03] undergroundnazic: I just didn't want to wait until my brother gave me his cellphone, which will be later tonight... I just don't understand why you're being this way.

[18:03] undergroundnazic: Anyways... Im not feeling well...

[18:04] undergroundnazic: I have been passive about this whole situation... You can't say a stalker would be passive... They're more agressive. I'm getting tired of other peopel telling me what he's saying. Anything can be a lie.

[18:04] undergroundnazic: If I hear it from him... Then I'll know.

[18:06] undergroundnazic: It's only normal to want to hear from the person you've been with for almost a year. Not some friend of his that barely speaks to him until supposedly now.

[18:07] undergroundnazic: Anyone can probably feel the same. Maybe not you, at the moment, but you will.

[18:07] KvasirS: no

[18:08] KvasirS: I'm keeping him safe

[18:08] KvasirS: I wont let you mess with him

[18:08] undergroundnazic: From what? ... I'm not messing with him.

[18:08] undergroundnazic: Shit, I was around more than any of his friends.

[18:08] undergroundnazic: I was there when his dad died.

[18:08] undergroundnazic: Where were you?

[18:08] KvasirS: I was right there with him

[18:08] undergroundnazic: From what I remember, I was.

[18:09] undergroundnazic: On the phone... When his dad passed away.

[18:10] undergroundnazic: I actualy missed important things that would probably put me in jail just so I could spend time with him on the phone so he was okay about his dad being dead.

[18:10] undergroundnazic: I was there when the times grew completely tough for the both of us.

[18:11] undergroundnazic: You might not like me right now, which is understandable. But, you can't hide him from me when all I'm trying to do is get hm to talk to me... To tell me everything HE FEELS not what someone else thinks.

[18:12] undergroundnazic: I'm not scary at all... I'm hurting. I want closure. And I want it from HIM.

[18:13] undergroundnazic: Not you

[18:13] undergroundnazic: Not anyone but him

[18:14] KvasirS: fine for you

[18:14] KvasirS: but I'm not going to say anything

[18:14] KvasirS: I'm supposed to meet up with him later

[18:14] undergroundnazic: Okay... When can I call?

[18:15] KvasirS: ....

[18:15] undergroundnazic: I need to hear it from him...

[18:15] undergroundnazic: I wish you would understand...

[18:15] KvasirS: I don't understand freaks

[18:15] undergroundnazic: Maybe you can't because you don't know how it feels...

[18:15] undergroundnazic: I'm not a freak...

[18:15] undergroundnazic: I'm a person.

[18:15] undergroundnazic: Who's hurting too much

[18:17] undergroundnazic: You think anyone who shows emotions is a freak... That's sad.

[18:17] undergroundnazic: You know how badly I've been hurting.

[18:18] undergroundnazic: And you know how much I've cared for Matthew... And how much I needed to find closure with him speaking to me.

[18:19] KvasirS: no I think anyone who is willing to move so many miles to hear that some guy doesn't want her anymore is a freak

[18:19] undergroundnazic: No... I wanted to move down there to be able to help with the "space" or "long distance" between us.

[18:19] undergroundnazic: Obiviously you missed the point to the whole moving ordeal.

[18:20] undergroundnazic: But I do want to speak to him about it.

[18:20] undergroundnazic: Or about how he doesn't want me anymore.

[18:20] undergroundnazic: Either way...

[18:20] undergroundnazic: I just want to talk to him.

[18:21] undergroundnazic: Now, is that more reasonable? Does that make me a freak?

[18:21] undergroundnazic: So, can I speak with him?

[18:23] undergroundnazic: Let me speak with him.

[18:24] undergroundnazic: I'm waiting...

[18:25] undergroundnazic: Letting him hide liek this isn't good.

[18:26] undergroundnazic: I need to hear everything from him.

[18:27] undergroundnazic: You telling him?

[18:27] undergroundnazic: Or, are you hiding as well?

[18:27] KvasirS: no

[18:27] undergroundnazic: WHy not?

[18:27] undergroundnazic: Why*

[18:28] KvasirS: because your nuts

[18:28] undergroundnazic: How?

[18:28] undergroundnazic: Everything I told you wasn't even a crazy idea.

[18:28] undergroundnazic: Shit, now I think you're making up names for me.

[18:30] undergroundnazic: I can't believe that I'm arguing with a friend of Matthew's while Matthew is hiding.

[18:31] undergroundnazic: This is stupid... I just want to talk to Matthew

[18:31] undergroundnazic: Damn...

[18:34] KvasirS: just leave him alone

[18:36] *** "undergroundnazic" signed on at Sun Nov 19 18:36:29 2006.

[18:39] undergroundnazic: He said he'll talk to me on the net...

[18:39] undergroundnazic: But I think he meant later...

[18:57] KvasirS: he wont talk to you

[18:57] KvasirS: he doesn't want you

[18:58] undergroundnazic: He did talk to me

[18:58] undergroundnazic: And he said we'll talk later.

[18:58] undergroundnazic: So...

[18:58] undergroundnazic: Yeah

[18:58] KvasirS: you know what that means

[18:58] undergroundnazic: We spoke to each other.

[18:58] undergroundnazic: He's hurting.

Session Close (undergroundnazic): Sun Nov 19 18:58:49 2006


Now depending on how well you know me, you know that I don't like to play these games. I love to help, and do I ever. I enjoy helping someone get over something, or solve some problem, but I do not like to be ignored. The entire time I was talking to her she would interrupt me. So I would stop and wait for her to finish. Then I would continue.

Now, the biggest issue that just sends me over the edge would have to be interruption. Now I don't lose my temper, but I do lose respect for someone that would rather yell at you then take your advice. I swear, the entire time I argued with her I just wanted to crush her fucking body, but of course that would be wrong.

So I just set back and kept trying to get my point across, and she would constantly tell me that she hurt. Or, what was the other one, "I want to hear it from him" ... "stop hiding him".

A. I was not hiding him. How the fuck would I hide Matt? There is just no way can I hide someone. I'm not talking about metaphorically, which is how it reads, I'm talking about physically.

B. I live with my folks, he lives with his parents, well recently he moved out. Now how can I hide someone that lives on the other side of town?

So after I told her for the n'th time, "I'm not hiding him" I started to lose my temper. Now I don't believe that anyone has strength online. You just can't, it's not possible. So I just decided to say "I'm not going to tell him". If she really loved him, she would look past the money, she doesn't have long distance, and call him herself. (I think I forgot to say that part. She is too young, and lives a few states away from us.)

Now, yes I could have called him and tell him that she wanted to tell him. But like I said, if she isn't going to do it because it costs her money, then why the fuck am I doing it? So I sent him a text saying that she was moving down here (Which I highly doubt) and that he needs to tell her that he's over her.

This is where things get all fucked up. He calls her and they get to talking. I'm not sure of what they talk about but, as you can see, he goes back to here saying how "he's hurting". Yeah, right. I don't like to judge, what the fuck? I love to judge, I judge the shit out of everything.

So like I was saying, I don't think that Matt knows what love is, and I know for fucking certain that she doesn't know what love means. Now I don't want to seem like that rat, but she's a fucking kid. He's never had a boyfriend and at the drop of the hat, and a little for-play, you can get her to fuck you over the phone.

Trust me on this; I talked to her for several hours a day, every fucking day. If I didn't have morals I would have had some really freaky ass phone sex, but I do have morals so she can fuck a pole. I don't like chicks that are too fucking stupid to understand what "he's over you" means.

Now I'm not saying that I see this as "morally" wrong, but I do see this as wrong. Matt is a fucking man, he can make his own fucking decisions, the fact that he bends over for this bitch.

A friend of mine always said, "Trent a woman as much as she treats herself." She's a dumb fuck ass bitch and that's how I'm going to treat her. Now she is young, and I do understand that age doesn't mean anything, but she's barely 16, she legally does not have rights. How the fuck can society let this kind of fucking kid live?

I once read a book, very good book, about how society can be broken down. I can't remember the title, but it was based on Locke's ideology that all men, when left to there own devices, are evil. I think it was Children of the Island or something like that. At about the same time I was reading Aristotle's Republic I don't know who can sit there and read those things, but if you can pull it off do it. These are really good points in what I'm talking about.

I'm not saying that love at first sight doesn't exist, but I am saying that for these two kids, it doesn't. Matt is better than this, and Kalie is just stupid. She's an immature kid that doesn't have enough years under her belt, literally, to know what love really is.

I'm sorry, I'm repeating myself. I could dissect this entire thing giving more essays to read and shit, but that's just not what I want to do. I can only do that to people that I don't know, and I think I know matt a little better than that. It's just that to do it right, you have to cut all ties you have to that person and watch him in an entirely new light. Now I have been able to whiteness this in a different light, I know that I am too loyal to the guy to write something like that about him.

So I'm going to leave it like this, sorry it's a bad ending. I'm just out off ideas on things that I've already covered. So that's it. Laters.

-Ralf Out!!

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