He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - He Promised He'd Make Me Forget (Chapter Ten)

Submitted: April 25, 2011

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Submitted: April 25, 2011



"Who were you with in the stable?" said Cash while we walked away from Ronnie.
"What?" I said stopping "You were spying on me?".
"Well you can't be powdering your nose for 30 minutes Summer" he said in a duh tone as I looked at him in disbelief "Listen, I just wanna know who he was".
"Why?" I said confused.
"Because I'm your boyfriend" he yelled as I looked at him shocked "and you were in a stable with a strange guy".
"He's not a strange guy" I defended "Landon's my friend for as long as I remember".
"Landon? So he has a name?" said Cash dramatically as I raised an eyebrow at him so Hollywood material.
"Of course he has a name" I said in a blank tone "I mean everyone needs a name…".
"I don't care" he interrupted yelling "You blew me off to go spend your night with a strange guy or Landon or whatever while I brought all these gifts to you and spent so money on you".
Is he serious? What gifts? "ok seriously Cash, I don't want your money" I said in a duh tone.
"Liar" he said pointing at me "All you want is my money, all women are the same, I knew this would happen".
Ok, Cash=Freak "Yeah you know what Cash, I'm so after your money" I said in a fake tone "But now since you turned out to be a little psycho, I don't want a cent from you so we're over".
"Oh no, you're not gonna dump me cause I'm dumping you" he said.
"Whatever you say" I said walking away from him and back to Ronnie.
"What is it?" said Ronnie confused.
"I dumped Cash….or Cash dumped me " I said.
"Wow, are you ok?" she said concerned.
"I'm better but I won't be good until we bring Jessica down" I said as she nodded in agreement.
"Guys, I found Jessica" said Olivia running to us "But I can't find Raymond anywhere".
"Who cares? Once we have Jessica, Raymond will have no reason to tell mum and dad" said Ronnie as the three of us nodded.

I walked with Ronnie and Olivia by the pool and spotted Jessica on the other side of the pool and she was heading to Ronnie's parents on our side of the pool.
"There she said" I said pointing at Jessica while the three of us walked to her.
"Back off Jessica" I said in a warning tone as she looked at me in disbelief.
"Seriously, they have to know" said Jessica "I'm pregnant which means they'll be having a grandson or granddaughter that they should know about".
"Not tonight Jessica" said Ronnie as Jessica gave me a disbelief look.
"I'm not waiting for your permission" said Jessica crossing her arms.
"Wow, you're not looking for our permission" I said smiling "You're quite a talker, lets see how you swim".
"What the fuck is that-" I didn't wait for her to finish and I pulled her from her hair than threw her into the pool but slipped and fell with her too.
I didn't know what happened, I just fell deep, really deep. For 2 minutes I was kicking and swimming to the top but than for just a second I stopped and wondered about what's the point. Why do I want to live? That's when everything went dark.

I gasped for air as I woke up and I was in Ronnie's room on her bed. I was dressed in my warm cozy pajamas. I looked at the clock and it was 3 P.M.
I kicked the blanket off me and slowly sat up while Raymond walked in the room holding a tray with a chicken soup bowl on it.
He stopped once he saw me awake "Umm..….mum told me to bring this at 3 P.M" he said embarrassed.
"Couldn't anyone else bring it?" I said glaring at him as he placed it on the coffee table.
"No one's here" he said "Ronnie and my parents went to see Jessica in the hospital".
"Is she alright?" I asked concerned.
"Well after you pushed her in the pool she swam back to us but her parents like to be dramatic" said Raymond leaning against the door as I nodded "It must've been embarrassing to push her in the pool than fall after her".
"I don't know since I was out cold" I said in a duh tone standing up.
"No you're not allowed to get out of bed" he said walking to me and sitting me back down.
"Raymond, I'm not five" I said standing up and pushing his hands away from me "I can get out of bed whenever I want".
"I was just trying to help you" he said backing off and putting his hands in front of him in defense.
"Why are you even here? Why didn't you go with them to see your precious girlfriend?" I said confused as he sighed.
"I didn't wanna be there when Jessica told them she was pregnant" he said of course.
"You know Raymond, you're a coward" I said as he looked at me in disbelief.
"Yeah well you love me" he said in his defense.
"Wow use that card, real mature" I said "You don't even care how I feel right? So why don't you just run of to your little soon to be giant as a whale pregnant girlfriend".
"You can't be serious" he said "I care about how you feel that's why I did what I did".
"I don't wanna hear this" I said "why don't you just leave?".
"I am going to leave" he said "But before that…"
He grabbed my wrist and slammed his lips into mine he was warm….super warm and as for me, well I didn't fight back until….
I pushed him as hard as I can and he slammed in the wall "Damn it Raymond, pick a side already".
"I can't pick you" he said.
"Than leave me the fuck alone" I said.  

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