He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - He Promised He'd Make Me Forget (Chapter Thirteen)

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Submitted: April 27, 2011



"You're an idiot" I told Raymond for the millionth time as we stood by a lake watching the car sink slowly in it.
"You think I sank my car in the lake on purpose?" he said "Obviously it was an accident".
"An accident that takes an idiot to make" I said "We're far away from town and our cell phones are now sinking with the car".
"Well, I'm sorry Ms. Thanks for the talk" he said sarcastically "Obviously I was helping you but you switched 180 degrees just because we had a little bump on our road".
"Bump on our road?" I said in disbelief "We're stuck in the middle of nowhere".
"It's ok, I'll check my GPS" he said simply as I rolled my eyes 5,4,3,2,….."oh wait that's in the car".
"No shit Sherlock" I mocked as he rolled his eyes.
"Listen, I'll work something out" he said trying to take responsibility "We might have to hitch ride"
"That should be fun" I said sarcastically as I looked at the clock and it was 3 P.M great, mum's gonna freak out.

10 P.M, I watched Raymond trying to get a ride on the highway while I sat on a tree behind him.
"What the hell is going on? Seven hours and not one car has passed on this highway, is that normal?" said Raymond walking to me and sitting next to me.
"This road leads to our town Raymond" I said "No one ever comes to our town, it's the crappiest place in America".
"Good point" he said gazing at the road "But you know what? This could be faiths way to make us have a decent quiet conversation".
"We can't have a quiet decent conversation without being stuck in the middle of nowhere?" I said confused "Besides we already talked".
"We talked about Landon and we talked about Jessica" he said "But we didn't talk about you and me".
"There's no 'you and me' remember?" I said rolling my as he sighed.
"You never assumed that I might have feelings for you too?" he asked ignore that Summer, just ignore that, he doesn't mean that.
"No, I never did" I said shrugging "But what difference does it make? In the end wither I assume it or not I know that the answer is still not".
"How can you be so sure?" he asked as I looked up at him after my long stare at my feet, I gave him a 'what the hell are you talking about' look while he just shrugged innocently.
"You got Jessica pregnant" I said "and you told me loud and clear in my face that you can date billions of girls but never me….. Why the hell would I assume that you had feeling for me after that?".
"Because you know very well that sometimes it's for the best to save people from massive heartbreaks with just a little one" he said.
"So what? You did that to spare my feelings or something" I said as my eyes widened when I spotted a car heading our way.
"Maybe I just-".
"Raymond, a car" I interrupted quickly standing up and jumping up and down to make the car see us.
Raymond quickly walked to me while the car pulled over slowly next to us and a hippy guy with long red hair stepped out of the smoky car.
"Maybe we should wait for the next car" I whispered to Raymond as he rolled his eyes at me.
"Don't be a coward" he whispered back while smiling at the guy "Hey man, do you mind giving us a ride to town? Our car broke down".
"No it didn't, he drove it in a lake" I said.
"To save a deer" said Raymond for the millionth time.
"You mean a frog" I said while he rolled his eyes.
"Sure, I'll give you a ride to town" said the hippie while Raymond smiled proud at himself.
"What are you smiling for? I found the car" I hissed while he rolled his eyes at me.

I walked through the front door with Raymond behind me to the living room to find my parents sitting with Nora and Ronnie in the living room with a little extra touch that I'm not surprised about….the police.
"Summer" cried my mum walking to me and Raymond while my dad looked at Raymond annoyed from him "We were so worried".
"Where the hell were you?" said Ronnie walking to us.
"That would be partly my fault" said Raymond as I rolled my eyes "I was taking Summer to see the forest next to town and on our way back we had a tiny accident".
"Tiny accident?" said Nora confused.
"I drove my car into a lake" said Raymond as me and Ronnie tried to keep ourselves from laughing.
"I would've called but my cell phone sank" I said as Nora chuckled and dad glared at her so she kept a straight face.
"How could you go out of town without telling us?" said dad "Anything could've happened to you and we would've never found out".
"Sir, I apologize for that but we would've never known that we would have a little bump on our road" said Raymond "But I can assure you that this will never happen again".
"You better" said dad glaring at him while Nora smiled but than turned her face straight again.
There was a minute of awkward silence when we all shared glances.
"So, I should leave" said Raymond "Ronnie, are you coming with me?".
"Yeah so I can hear mum and dad yell at you for loosing the car? Don't thin so" said Ronnie sarcastically.
"Yeah, probably right" said Raymond trying to smile "But thank you for the nice chat Mr. and Mrs. Summer's parents…. And thank you officers for your hard work at finding us and actually I was wondering if anyone had dry money to give to the hippie guy outside".
"Raymond" I hissed under my breath glaring at him.
"Or I can just give him those" said Raymond "He'll blow dry it and they'll be fine".

"Tell me everything" said Ronnie excited as we sat down on the couch in my bedroom with her.
"Ok well….we talked" I said as she looked at me waiting for more "Well that's pretty much it".
"So you want to tell me, that you've been with each other this whole time and you didn't kiss him?" said Ronnie amazed as I nodded in pride "Finally".
"I know" I said "But he kept hinting that he might have feelings for me".
"Yeah right" said Ronnie sarcastically.
"I swear" I said as she sighed.
"Listen, if he did have feelings for you" said Ronnie hypothetically "Than he wouldn't tell you straight in your face that he didn't and he wouldn't for sure get Jessica pregnant".
"I know" I said as she nodded "So overall did you have a good day?".
"I've had better" I said as she nodded in agreement.

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