He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - He Promised He'd Make Me Forget (Chapter Fourteen)

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Submitted: April 28, 2011



I sat in class behind Olivia and in front of Ronnie chatting while the teacher Mr. Fredrick talked about the school week tip to Los Angeles.
"The registration is only 500$" said Mr. Fredrick "the school pays the rest".
"Mum is never gonna give me that money" said Olivia "I have 453$".
"I can lend you the rest" said Ronnie simply.
"No, it's fine" said Olivia "I'll just ask my parents for an allowance".
"I hope Raymond doesn't come" said Ronnie "he'll ruin the whole trip for me".
"Mr. Fredrick?" I called as he nudged at me "Umm…. Are there going to be any seniors on this trip?".
"Yes as a matter of fact, this trip is for the whole high school" said Mr. Fredrick as I nodded and Ronnie sighed.
"Maybe your parents will ground him" said Olivia as Ronnie's face brightened up "I mean he got Jessica pregnant and he drove the car in the lake…. I don't think your parents are going to let him come".
"Good point" said Ronnie as I nodded and secretly hoped that Raymond will come.

I walked out of class and rushed to Raymond's locker where he was standing and sipping a soda.
"Are you coming to L.A?" I asked quickly before even saying hi.
He looked at me stunned than took a deep breath "Well…. As much as I'd like to come and see the whole school in swimsuits…. I can't".
"Why?" I growled fisting my hand.
"Well…" he started "I'm grounded and I have to spend this spring break cleaning up our entire house to learn how to take responsibility and I need to find a new car for my sister because she'll be driving me around since I'm not allowed to get near a car ever again".
"Well that sucks" I said crossing my arms.
"Yeah" he said smirking while slamming his locker "But hey….you wanted me to go?".
"Shut up Raymond" I said as he rolled his eyes.

I sat on dinner with my parents, Nora and Tammy "The trip is going to take us all over Los Angeles, it'll be really fun".
"I don't know" said dad "I mean, Los Angeles? Alone?".
"Well she won't be alone, dad" said Nora in my defense "This is a school trip and there will be adult supervision".
"Yeah" I said "they even lock us in the hotel after 9 o'clock".
"Ok" said dad sighing as I smiled at victory "I guess this trip will be a good distraction from the Landon case".
Mum glared at him for bringing that up when she noticed that my facial expression changed 180 degrees.
"No updates?" I asked as mum looked at me with sorrowful eyes.
"He's still missing" said mum "They're looking but nothing's coming up, no one saw him and no one knows where he went".
"I'm pretty sure he's fine" said Nora trying to keep everyone calm.
"Maybe he's kidnapped" said Tammy calmly as she shrugged "Maybe they're holding him a hostage and they won't give him back until we…..give them money or something".
"Maybe he ran away" I said while messing with my peas with my fork. When I looked up everyone was looking at me amazed "Well it's the one thing that's most likely to happen".
"Summer has a point" said dad "This is Landon, we can expect anything but I don't think he'd run away because that's clearly stupid and I know Landon since he was a baby, and that boy isn't stupid".
I looked back at my plate uncomfortably.

The next day, I pressed the doorbell of Ronnie's house anxious to see who opens and secretly hoping it'll be Raymond.
The door opened and it wasn't Raymond, it wasn't Ronnie, it wasn't their parents either…. It was the worst person that could open the door for me: Jessica.
"Jessica?" I said confused as she looked at me blankly.
"Who are you?" she said confused.
"Umm….Summer?" I said in a duh tone.
"Oh right" she said remembering "The girl that always hangs out with Ronnie".
"Yeah, her friend" I said "You know you shouldn't be here…umm… If Raymond's parents found out-".
"They invited me" she interrupted "I'm staying with them these nine months, isn't that sweet?".
I wouldn't exactly say sweet.

"Why?" I told Ronnie as I stood with her in her bedroom "Why did you invite me to stay with you until the trip while you're also having the wicked watch of the west in your house?"
"I didn't know when I invited you" she said innocently "And mum and dad felt sorry for Jessica thanks to my stupid brother knocking her up so they invited her to stay over until she gives birth to the baby".
"So your parents decided to be nice all of a sudden?" I said confused as she sighed.
"I know it'll suck but the trip is only in a week" said Ronnie "Can't you handle Jessica till than".
"Umm….no?" I said in a duh tone as she rolled her eyes.
"Well you can't leave me alone with her Summer" said Ronnie "The two of us together can bring her down".
"I'll stay" I said "but I'm defiantly not sharing a room".
"Where is she supposed to sleep?" said Ronnie confused.
"In the backyard" I said as Ronnie rolled her eyes.

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