He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - He Promised He'd Make Me Forget (Chapter Fifteen)

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Submitted: May 06, 2011



I sat by the pool in Ronnie's backyard. Me and Ronnie were sitting on a table by the pool talking about the trip.
"It's going to be super fun" said Ronnie "The only bad thing about it that Jessica's coming too".
"It's weird thought" I said "She didn't want to come but when she knew that Raymond wasn't coming she wanted to come all of a sudden".
"I don't blame her for wanting to get away from my brother" joked Ronnie as I chuckled.
"Hey girls" called Jessica walking out the house and into the backyard.
"How about leaving?" I asked Ronnie as she nodded quickly and we both stood up and got ready to get inside.
"Where are you going?" asked Jessica confused.
"Inside" I said as she looked at us confused "We don't want to get a sun burn…that's what L.A's for".
"Oh good point" said Jessica "I should go inside too".
"No" yelled Ronnie quickly as Jessica looked at her a little scared "You should stay outside….Cause it's good for the baby".
"Yeah" I said backing Ronnie up and trying to compromise "It gives the baby vitamin S which makes the bones stronger".
Jessica looked at us thinking in a suspicious way "Wow…I never heard of that".
"I stumbled on it online" said Ronnie as Jessica nodded finally convinced.
"Good" I said before Pulling Ronnie from her arm into the house.

I ran with Ronnie to the living room and hit into Raymond really hard than bounced back on the floor.
"Whoa, what's the rush Ms. Clumsy?" said Raymond helping me stand up.
"We're running away from your pregnant girlfriend" said Ronnie "She won't leave us alone for one second".
"Ok first, stop calling her my pregnant girlfriend she has a name and it's Jessica" said Raymond as me and Ronnie rolled our eyes "and second….Why do you both need to be alone? What's so secret and private that you don't want Jessica to know about? Do you talk about how hot I look?".
"Raymond stop being a complete jerk" said Ronnie as I nodded in agreement "We don't want Jessica to know ANYTHING about us because we know she'll post it on her facebook account and the whole school will see it".
"Don't worry" said Raymond "Jessica won't ruin your social life for a very important reason, you don't have one".
"Really? We're not the ones missing the hottest trip this year so shut up" I said as he looked stunned that I said something like that.
"Wow….didn't expect that from you Summer" said Raymond impressed "But looser plus looser equals…two losers so no big deal".
I rolled my eyes while he walked away.
"So you don't like him anymore?" asked Ronnie.
"Didn't say that" I said as she sighed.

I sat with Ronnie in her bedroom packing our bags the day before the trip when there was a knock on the door.
"Come in" called Ronnie as Ronnie's mum walked with mine in the room.
"Mum?" I said confused as mum smiled.
"Summer, we need to talk" said mum as I looked at her confused and than Ronnie and I looked at each other concerned.

"The trip's cancelled" I told Ronnie walking in the room after I finished talking with mum and mum was standing behind me while Ronnie's mum was standing by the doorway.
"What? Why?" said Ronnie as I sighed and crossed my arms.
"They found Landon" I said as a glimpse of hope fell on Ronnie "He's dead Ronnie".
"What?" yelled Ronnie.
"Summer, he's not dead" said mum in shock.
"He will be dead" I yelled "It's only a matter of time".
"Why are you saying this?" cried Ronnie.
"He's hurt Ronnie, he was beaten up and left on the highway" I said trying to pull it together while my eyes watered "They found him, bruises everywhere, deeply cut and dog bites all over him".
"He's healing Summer" said mum "He's in the hospital now and he's healing".
"No mum" I cried turning around to her "Not this time, he made it the last time and the time before but not this time, he's not strong enough for this".
Raymond appeared by his mum with Jessica and looked at us confused.
"What's going on?" Raymond asked.
"Not now" his mother told him.
"Summer, that's a horrible thing to say" said Ronnie "If we believe in him and believe that he'll make it, he will be fine".
"No" I screamed "Landon is going to die".
"Stop saying that" yelled Ronnie.
Everyone looked at me disappointed while I looked at them in disbelief.
"I have to go to Saint John" I said as mum shook her head "No mum, I have to go, I have to be beside him in his last minutes".
"Me too" said Ronnie.
"No one's going" said mum "You're both going to L.A and that's final".
"Why?" I yelled.
"Because he'll be fine" said Ronnie before mum could speak than looked at mum "You're right, we should go to L.A because now we know that Landon's fine and he's alive so now we could enjoy the trip".
I knew there was no point in arguing because they outnumbered me and they'd win but they couldn't change my opinion. I was going to prepare for the worst and I didn't care one bit about the truth.

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