He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - He Promised He'd Make Me Forget (Chapter Sixteen)

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Submitted: May 06, 2011



I sat with Ronnie in the backyard by the pool.
"It's impossible to sleep with this news" said Ronnie as I stayed silent and still watching the water "I know it must be harder for you since you've known Landon longer than I have".
"16 years minus 3 months" I said as she nodded.
"Since you were born" said Ronnie as I sighed "Hey don't worry, he'll be fine, you just gotta have a little faith".
"Yeah" I said not convinced as I spotted Raymond sitting on the roof in the dark and listening to his ipod while watching us.
"Well we should get some sleep" said Ronnie standing up.
"Ill be there in a while" I told her as she nodded and walked inside.
Once Ronnie went inside Raymond put the ipod aside and climbed down the house holding into the windows like a ninja.
I stood up and walked to him while he smirked.
"Impressive, right?" he said as I forced a smile "You wanna eat?".

"I think I had too much" I told Raymond as we sat on his bedroom floor with our back on his bed with tons of chips and chocolate bags around us. We ate it all: snickers, Doritos, dr. pepper, galaxy, Cadbury, coke simply everything.
"Eating is a good way to get over stress" said Raymond "And I know you're really stressed right now".
"I'm not stressed" I said taking a deep breath.
"Yes you are or you wouldn't have eaten that much" he said as I rolled my eyes "And I saw you fighting with everyone……You're defiantly thinking about something so tell me what's in your head".
I looked at him shrugging "I'm thinking….What if I get my hopes up and he dies? It's best if I prepare myself for the worst so I'll be ready".
"That's a bad plan" he said as I shook my head.
"No, it's a great plan" I said as he shook his head "Well, why?".
"You can jinx it" he said "Think about it too much and say it too much that it might actually happen"/
"We both know that's a big load of crap Raymond" I said as he chuckled.
"I read it online" he said with confidence.
"Exactly" I said "Don't believe that".
"I won't believe it if you believe this….What you're doing will only make you feel worst if he does die" said Raymond as I felt my eyelids got heavy.
"I should really go to sleep, I have the trip tomorrow" I said tired as he smirked at me.
"Think about what Jessica would think if she found you asleep here" said Raymond laughing as I forced a smile before my eyes closed.

I woke up and Raymond was carefully tucking me in my sleeping bag in Ronnie's bedroom.
"Raymond?" I said tired.
"Be quiet or you'll wake them up" he whispered.
"Am I dreaming?" I whispered as he tried to hold back the laugh.
"Yes, you're dreaming Summer" he whispered as I nodded.
"Ok" I whispered.
"Good night" he whispered before kissing my forehead.
"Good night" I whispered while watching him tip toe out Ronnie's room than quietly closing the door.

I sat in the plane next to Jessica by the window while Ronnie behind me.
Planes are pretty exciting if it's your first time or second or maybe even third, but this is my twenty third time on a plane. This time was different thought because I was flying to L.A which is way better than all the crappy places I've been to. As time went by I realized, I was getting one minute farther from home and one minute closer to Los Angeles. One minute away from all my troubles and all my pain. I wished it was permanently.

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