He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - He Promised He'd Make Me Forget (Chapter Eighteen)

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I sat in a table with Ronnie on breakfast in the hotel's restraint. I watched Jessica sitting with her friends and laughing.
"Summer?" said Ronnie snapping me out of my thoughts as I looked at her in shock "Summer, why are you staring at Jessica?".
"I'm not" I said looking down at my plate but still feeling Ronnie's eyes on me.
"Spill it out" said Ronnie as I looked up at her pretending to be confused "Summer I know you're hiding something and we've proven not thousands but millions of times before that you suck at lying".
"You have to keep this a secret" I said.
"What is it?" said Ronnie rolling her eyes.
"Promise?" I asked holding my pinky.
"Promise" she said pinky promising me.

"Say something" I told Ronnie as we walked by the Hollywood sign.
"That bitch" spat Ronnie "She's only using Raymond because he can guarantee a good future while the other dude can't".
"I know" I said sighing "And to think that I felt guilty for my feelings to Raymond because of her".
"How are we supposed to tell Raymond?" said Ronnie.
"Are we supposed to tell him?" I said "I mean, it'll hurt his feelings".
"He's gonna find out anyway" said Ronnie.
"How?" I asked confused.
"I don't know but lies like these never really last" said Ronnie.
"Let him find out by himself" I said "I really don't want to tell him something like that, I just can't take it".
"But I can" she said.
"But you're not gonna because you promised" I said as she nodded and pretended to zip her lips.

I sat on my bed listening to Bring Me To Life/ Evanesce on my ipod with one earphone while Jessica sat on her bed checking her facebook on her laptop.
"Wow, can you believe it's the last day here in L.A?" said Jessica "It's amazing how fast this week just flew by".
"It's a relief to go back home" I said putting my ipod on my nightstand "There's so much going on and I hate being far away from it".
"Yeah, I miss home too" said Jessica sighing "I miss Raymond".
"Me too" I said without thinking, as I stood up I noticed how weird that sounded and how confused Jessica was while she looked at me "I meant I miss home too not Raymond".
"Oh" she said sighing in relief.
"Yeah, like I'd ever miss Raymond" I said in a pfft tone as she nodded "Jessica, how come you don't speak to your parents anymore?".
"My parents…. They don't really want to speak to me anymore" said Jessica shrugging.
"Because of the baby?" I asked as she sighed.
"The baby was the match that blew up the entire fireworks" said Jessica shrugging "I've made a lot of mistakes but this time I went too far....But I changed now, I'm…better than how I used to be".
"I can tell" I said smiling at her as she nodded in confidence "You know, I thought you were a total bitch before".
"Really?" said Jessica as I nodded "Well I guess I was a little bitchy but not anymore….Summer what happened between you and Landon? I mean you dated for about two weeks than simply stopped".
"It was the accident" I said "Landon was sleep walking and he fell out his window, they took him to the hospital and luckily while examining him they found out that he needed a kidney right away so they did the surgery while he was still out cold and after he woke up, he didn't remember me, he remembered everyone but me".
"So you're used to having him in the hospital?" asked Jessica.
"More than you think" I said as she nodded "But this time it feels a lot different".
"Because you're not with him?" asked Jessica.
"I don't know" I said shrugging "I just don't feel good about this".
"I'm sure it'll be fine" said Jessica as I nodded.

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