He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - He Promised He'd Make Me Forget (Chapter Nineteen)

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Submitted: May 07, 2011



"Welcome home" Raymond said approaching me, Ronnie and Jessica in the airport.
"It's so good to see you" cheered Jessica hugging Raymond while me and Ronnie looked at each other in disbelief than rolled our eyes.
"How was your trip?" Raymond asked us pulling out of the hug.
"Longer than it seems" I said sighing.
"Where's mum and dad?" asked Ronnie confused.
"Work" said Raymond than he turned to me "Summer, your parents said that you're staying with us this weekend until they come home from Saint John".
"Awesome" said Ronnie giving me a high five.
"That'll be fun" said Jessica smiling.
"Nobody's home?" I asked Raymond.
"Just Nora and Tammy" said Raymond shrugging.
"I think I'd rather go home" I said as they all looked at me confused "I need clean clothes besides…I miss my bed".
Ronnie chuckled and nodded "Fine but I expect you to visit really soon".
"Duh" I said obviously "Bye guys".
"Bye" they all mumbled.

"So how was the trip?" Nora asked me trying to break the silence while I unpacked my bags in my room.
"Good" I said "How's Landon?".
Nora sighed and looked around her "Mum and dad don't want me to say anything but I think you should know that he's not doing so well".
I took a deep breath and nodded "I know and I'm preparing myself for anything…Thanks for telling me Nora".
"You're welcome…. But that doesn't mean he can't still get better" said Nora regretting that she told me as I rolled my eyes.

I sat in my bedroom on my bed with my legs crossed while reading Pride And Predjuce while listening to Hello, it's me you're looking for/ glee cast version on my stereo.
"Knock, Knock" said Ronnie walking in my room as I turned to her and smiled surprised.
"Hey" I said in surprise as she walked in the room and closed the door.
"Wow, so dramatic music" said Ronnie walking in the stereo and closing it.
"I was reading" I said closing the book and holding it up.
"Pride and Predjuce" she said impressed as she looked at the book "Very classic".
"Read it a million times and I can't get bored from it" I said.
"I thought that was twilight" she said confused.
"I love all books" I said standing off the bed and putting the book on my favorite books shelf "So what brings you here?".
"Well you said you were going to visit but you didn't so I used it as a reason to get away from Jessica" said Ronnie as I chuckled and stood by the window "But why didn't you come?".
"No reason" I said shrugging as she raised and eyebrow at me while she tried to read my mind.
"It's about Raymond" she said with confidence "and probably about you finding out that Jessica's a liar".
Damn it, she's good at this "See? I suck at lying, I barely made it through the airport scene, how am I supposed to make it through an entire day or even an entire hour? I'm gonna blow it and tell him anyway".
"Well lets tell him" said Ronnie standing up and walking to me "He'll find out anyway".
"I don't want to" I said "Jessica seems like she has really good intentions and she looks like she really changed, she deserves a chance".
"Summer" said Ronnie holding her nerves "Jessica is the saint himself, she is the farthest thing from nice".
"I can't tell him" I said shrugging.
"Let me" she begged as I shook my head quickly.
"Either Jessica tells him or he founds out himself" I said "It's the only way to keep my conscious clean".
"Fine, but don't avoid him ergo avoid my house which means avoiding me" said Ronnie as I sighed "Come and spend the day at my house tomorrow, my parents are having a business party BBQ".
"Copying my parents?" I mocked.
"Hey, my parents did it first" said Ronnie defensively as I rolled my eyes "So you'll come? We can use the extra hand in the setup".
"I'll come" I said taking a deep breath as she looked at me excited.

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