He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - He Promised He'd Make Me Forget (Chapter Twenty)

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Submitted: May 07, 2011



I stood in the backyard of Ronnie's house with Jessica setting the plates on the table for the BBQ.
"I'm back" called Ronnie running to us.
"Did you bring the turkey?" asked Ronnie's mum as Ronnie nodded "I have to start cooking it or we'll be late".
Ronnie's mum walked inside while me, Ronnie and Jessica finished putting each plate in front of a chair.
"There" said Jessica looking at the table in pride than looking at her watch "With 3 hours to spare".
The three of us walked inside the house and Jessica looked at her watch again.
"I have an appointment with the doctor" said Jessica as I secretly brightened up "I'll be back in about an hour and a half".
"Have fun" called Ronnie while Jessica smiled and walked upstairs.
"Finally" me and Ronnie said at the same time sighing.

I walked in the garage where Raymond was doing something to a rusty, old, red pick up truck.
"Playing around?" I asked walking in the garage while he looked up at me sort of annoyed.
"No" he said in a dull tone than looked back at the engine while I looked at him confused but than ignored it.
"L.A sucked without you" I said leaning on the truck.
"I don't care" he said looking up at me "Summer, can you leave me alone?".
"Why?" I asked confused "What's going on?".
"What's going on? What's going on is that I'm having twins, that's not one baby that's two babies that I'm responsible of" said Raymond pissed off "And on top of that, my parents want me to marry Jessica so it won't be a scandal which means I'll have to put up with Jessica my entire life and I'm a respectful guy, I can't cheat on my wife so I can't be with you or even look at you or even think about you which is hard when you pop out whenever I start forgetting you….. so leave".
He looked back at the engine while I stood there frozen in shock.
"Ok" was all I can say "I'll just…I'll just leave you alone".
"That would be good" said Raymond not taking his eyes off the engine.
I looked at him in disbelief than walked back inside.

I respected Raymond for making that decision, I didn't like his decision but I respected it.
I watched Raymond slow dance with Jessica while me and Ronnie stood by the snack table.
"I think I might throw up" said Ronnie.
"Yeah, it disgusts me too" I said looking at Jessica and Raymond slow dance.
"Not from them" said Ronnie as I looked at her confused "I think I ate too much".
"We all did" I said rolling my eyes as she gave me a concerned look.
"You look pissed off" said Ronnie.
"Raymond and Jessica are getting married" I said as her mouth turned into an O "why didn't you tell me Ronnie?".
"Same reason you didn't tell Raymond the truth" said Ronnie "It's better if you found out yourself".
"We can't let him do this" I said.
"Hey, you're the one that didn't want to tell him the truth" said Ronnie.
"And I still don't want to" I said as she rolled her eyes and I eyed Jessica "Jessica's the one that has to tell him".
"And how are we supposed to make her do that?" asked Ronnie in a duh tone.
"I don't know" I said "but I will".

I stood with Jessica in the backyard after the party, cleaning up with Ronnie.
"I'm going to take this inside" said Ronnie taking the rest of the turkey and walking inside while I walked to Jessica.
"Jessica?" I said as she looked up at me.
"What is it?" said Jessica smiling.
"I know the truth" I told her as she gave me a confused look "I know that the baby isn't Raymond's".
"What?" she said trying her best to smile while I felt sorry for her but gathered up all my strength to tell her.
"I heard you with the other guy" I said as she looked at me terrified "That night in the hotel".
"Summer you have to understand….." said Jessica "If Raymond knows than I'm screwed, my parents kicked me out and-".
"If you don't tell him, I will" I said interrupting her before walking away.

"So she'll tell him?" Ronnie asked me while me and her stood in the kitchen.
"I don't know but she got the message clear" I said sitting on the kitchen counter "They're in Raymond's room so I guess maybe she will".
Ronnie nodded while we heard the front door slam. I looked at Ronnie and she looked at me suspiciously.
"So soon?" asked Ronnie confused as I shrugged and I walked with Ronnie to the staircase to find Jessica standing there with tears all over her face.
"What happened?" said Ronnie confused.
"We had a fight and he left" said Jessica hiding that she was crying than she looked at me in disgust "I hope you're happy now".
"As a matter of fact, I am" said Ronnie as Jessica shook her head in disbelief and ran upstairs.
"What did I do?" I said in regret.
"The right thing" said Ronnie in a duh tone "The truth is out".
"Yeah" I said feeling a rush of guilt "I need to find Raymond".
"You should give him time to cool down" said Ronnie as I shook my head.
"I'm gonna go find Raymond" I said grabbing my coat from the coat closet.
"And I'll calm Jessica down" said Ronnie as I nodded in agreement.
I knew exactly where to find Raymond.

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