He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - He Promised He'd Make Me Forget (Chapter Twenty Two)

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I sat in the forest by a tree in the rain while Raymond lied next to me passed out.
"I know you can't hear me but I hate you" I told Raymond glaring at him than I sighed "Well maybe I don't hate you but this sucks".
Raymond shifted beside me uncomfortably and mumbled something in his sleep than slowly opened his eyes and sat up.
"Jeez, where am I?" he asked as I looked at him and rolled my eyes.
"We're in the forest" I said "It's raining and I'm covered in your vomit".
"Why?" he asked confused as I glared at him.
"Because you told me to take you here" I said "You were drunk and I listened to you so now it's my fault".
"Well yeah" he said in a duh tone as the rain slowly stopped and I looked at the sky waiting for more rain but nothing came.
"Finally" I said sighing in relief.
"Wow, how long did we stay here?" said Raymond as I looked at my watch and it was broken.
"I don't know but the sun is starting to rise so we could be lucky and find the truck" I said standing up than helping him stand up too.
"Good" he said before he froze in his place and looked behind me.
"What is it?" I said before I turned around and saw a wolf stand in front of me.
"It's a wolf" he said freezing in his place as I froze too while the wolf stood there glaring at us.
"There's no wolves here" I said.
"That's what I thought too" said Raymond "Ok we shouldn't be scared or it'll smell our fear and attack us".
"What if we run?" I asked.
"It'll run after us" said Raymond.
"Why?" I asked.
"Because that's what wolves do" said Raymond shrugging as the wolf started walking closer to us and I wanted to scream. The wolf walked in circles around us than stopped behind us while I shook in fear "Don't be a coward Summer".
"Raymond, I don't want to die" I whined before we heard a gun shot and I quickly closed my eyes thinking I died or something.
I opened my eyes slowly and I wasn't dead. Me and Raymond quickly turned around to find an old man who looked like a hunter standing with a gun over the dead wolf's body.
"Now do you mind explaining what you two kids are doing here?" asked the old man as me and Raymond sighed in relief.

"Are you mad at me?" Raymond asked me while I drove Ronnie's truck on the highway and he sat in the front seat.
"Of course I'm not" I said "It's not your fault you got drunk, you were having a pretty hard time, you must've been upset".
"I wasn't upset" he said as I looked at him confused than looked back at the road "I was just angry a little at her for keeping this way from me and using me like that, it's just sick, you know?".
"She had no choice" I said "She needed you".
"I know" he said "But what am I supposed to do now?".
I didn't know what to tell him because frankly I didn't know what he was supposed to do "I think you should talk to Jessica about that".
He sighed than nodded "Yeah, good point lets change the subject….How's Landon?".
I couldn't help but laugh "What's up with you asking about Landon wither you're sober or drunk?".
"I asked about Landon when I was drunk?" he asked confused as I nodded "I didn't say anything wrong did I?".
"If you did, you wouldn't live to be sober" I said as he chuckled.
"Anyway, how is he?" said Raymond getting back to the point.
"He's still in the coma" I said shrugging "Nothing's changing".
"That's good, I mean….it could be worse, right?" said Raymond.
"You mean he could be dead?" I asked as he nodded.
"But he's not" said Raymond "Which is good".
"But he could be" I said.
"You know what, lets change subject" said Raymond as I laughed.

"You smell like vomit" Ronnie told me as I walked through the front door with Raymond.
"Yeah, my bad" said Raymond as I chuckled.
"Where were you guys all night?" said Ronnie "Mum and dad were gonna freak out if I didn't tell them you were staying with some friends".
"We were in the forest" said Raymond.
"The forest?" said Ronnie looking at him in disbelief.
"Hey, I was drunk" said Raymond in his defense "She's the one that took me there".
"Summer" whined Ronnie.
"He asked and he made us look like idiots in front of the whole bar so I had to say yes" I said as Ronnie rolled her eyes.
"Where's Jessica?" asked Raymond out of the blue.
"Upstairs sleeping" said Ronnie.
"She's still here?" I asked confused as Raymond ran upstairs. Me and Ronnie looked at each other wondering if we should follow him.
"He could kill her" whispered Ronnie.
"Maybe" I whispered "Ok, we'll spy on them but really quietly".
We both nodded at each other and we were just about to take the first step on the stairs.
"No one come upstairs" called Raymond as me and Ronnie backed up right away.
"Shit" muttered Ronnie as I sighed.

I sat with Ronnie in the living room bored out of our mind while we waited for Jessica and Raymond to finish 'talking'.
"This is impossible" I said "I need to go upstairs to take a shower, if you haven't noticed I'm covered in mud and vomit".
"And you're sitting on the couch which will totally piss mum off" said Ronnie as I rolled my eyes "They've been up there for 40 minutes, what are they doing?".
"Maybe they're not just talking" said Ronnie hinting to something that made me feel like throwing up.
"You know what? Screw them, I'm going upstairs" I said standing up.
"Not a good idea" said Ronnie standing up "But I'm coming too".
We both walked furiously upstairs and just when we were about to open Ronnie's bedroom door, Jessica opened and looked at us surprised.
"Umm, hi" said Jessica awkwardly than she looked at me in disgust "You smell like vomit".
"Not just any vomit, your boyfriend's vomit" said Ronnie as I rolled my eyes.
"Yeah, well I'm going to the mall, see you later" said Jessica smiling at Ronnie and rolling her eyes at me.
Once she left, me and Ronnie rushed in her room where Raymond was randomly messing around with Ronnie's make up.
"Ok first what the hell are you doing with my make up?" said Ronnie grabbing her mascara from Raymond while he shrugged.
"It smells funny" said Raymond as Ronnie looked at him in disbelief.
"What did you and Jessica say?" I asked getting to the point.
"We talked" said Raymond shrugging as I looked at him expecting more "Jessica's not gonna leave".
"What?" me and Ronnie yelled at the same time.
"You're going to like her after she lied to you?" asked Ronnie in disbelief.
"No, actually we broke up" said Raymond looking at me than looking back to Ronnie "I'm going to help her but we're not gonna date, and no one will find out about this".
"Don't count on it" said Ronnie crossing her arms.
"Ronnie, you're not gonna say anything" said Raymond "just look at it like helping a friend".
"Jessica's not my friend" said Ronnie as Raymond nodded.
"But money's your friend, right?" said Raymond taking out 20 dollar bills from his pocket as Ronnie smirked and I sighed.
"You want money too?" asked Raymond confused.
"No, I just….I don't understand why you're doing this" I said as he shrugged.
"She needs help, and I need a distraction from life" said Raymond "It's a win situation from both sides".
"You're still gonna have to marry her" said Ronnie.
"Not if she doesn't want to which we discussed that she won't want" said Raymond "It's temporary until she gathers enough money to live alone".
"Which will be when?" I asked as Raymond shrugged.
"A year or so" said Raymond.
"Perfect" I said sarcastically.

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