He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - He Promised He'd Make Me Forget (Chapter Twenty Three)

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"I hate school" I whined as I walked to my house's kitchen on Monday morning. Mum and dad were back from Saint John and they were having breakfast while Nora made some eggs.

"You still haven't went to school" said Nora.

"But I know it will suck" I said sitting on the table.

"One week vacation isn’t enough?" asked mum.

"This week was one of the most exhausting weeks I've ever had" I said sighing than I remembered that I forgot to ask them about Landon "How's Landon doing?".

"The same" said mum shrugging as I felt worried.

"He'll get better right?" asked Nora putting a plate of scrambled eggs in front of me.

"Of course" said dad "Landon is a strong kid".

"No actually" I said as everyone looked at me confused "Landon is the most fragile person I've ever met, he got dozens of paper cuts and whenever I saw him he was always getting hurt, physically and emotionally".

There was a moment of silence than mum decided to break it "Wow Summer, that's pretty deep".

I rolled my eyes and got back to eating my breakfast but with everyone's weird stare on me.

"That must've been awkward" Ronnie told me as we walked in class with Olivia.

"It was" I said sighing as I sat in my desk with Ronnie behind me and Olivia in front of me.

"Summer, I need to ask you for a favor" said Olivia turning around to look at me while I gave her a confused look "Ok so my cousin is in town and at the same time I have a date with this cute Drew from English class but my mum won't let me go because she wants me to be with my cousin so I told him that I'll take him on a double date….Interested?".

"Umm, no?" I said in a duh tone as she looked bummed "I'm sorry but I already have someone on my mind".

"Yeah, my brother" said Ronnie in a gagging tone.

"What about you, Ronnie?" asked Olivia peeking over me to see Ronnie.

"I saw your cousin in your last birthday….No thank you" said Ronnie as Olivia rolled her eyes.

"Summer" whined Olivia "Please, please, please come".

"I don't want to date" I said "Not your cousin anyway".

"It's just one date" said Olivia "You'll never see him again".

I sighed and decided there was no point of fighting back "What's his name?".

"Henry?" asked Raymond leaning on Ronnie's door while I stood with Ronnie, Olivia and Jessica in Ronnie's room getting ready for my double date.

"Yes, Henry" said Ronnie "Like Prince Henry".

"Or that nerdy dude in that movie" said Jessica as me and Ronnie rolled our eyes.

"Your date is going to swoon over you" said Ronnie.

Raymond looked at me pissed off while I smirked and tried to hold myself from smiling.

"Umm, Summer? I need to have a word with you" said Raymond. He didn't give me a chance to say no and he pulled me from my wrist outside the room.

"What is it Raymond?" I asked innocently as he looked down at my clothes which was a pair of grey skinny jeans and a black top.

"You should change your outfit, something a little less revealing" said Raymond as I smirked.

"Raymond, if I wore anything less reviling, I'd look like a Nunn" I said.

"Well you can't wear that" said Raymond.

"Why?" I said confused.

"Because….It looks good….and this guy is a stranger… who knows what he'll think" said Raymond compromising as I rolled my eyes.

"Raymond it's a blind date" I said "I'm doing Olivia a favor, you don't have to be jealous".

"I'm not jealous" said Raymond in a duh tone.

"Good, than I'll wear this top" I said shrugging and about to talk in he pulled me from my hair back to him.

"Raymond" I whined.

"You will go and change right now" he demanded letting go of my hair.

"I'll change if you admitted that you're jealous" I said crossing my arms.

"I'm not jealous" he said defensively.

"Than hasta lavista" I said running back to Ronnie's room while they all gave me confused looks.

"What was that all about?" asked Jessica curiously.

"Nothing" I said smirking as Raymond returned to his place by the door frame and I stood in front of the mirror smirking at him while he looked at my reflection.

"Summer, we gotta go or we'll be late" said Olivia looking at her watch.

"My baby girls are growing up" mocked Ronnie standing next to Jessica.

I rolled my eyes at her and followed Olivia out the room and passing Raymond by.

"Don't worry, something good will come out of this" said Olivia.

"I just got mine already" I said smirking as she chuckled.

I walked with Olivia in the movie theatre where we were supposed to meet our 'dates'.

"Why did you tell your cousin to meet us here? Couldn't he just come with us?" I asked while Olivia looked around her searching for them.

"I wanted it to be traditional date where the boys wait for the girls" said Olivia as I rolled my eyes "There they are".

She pointed at two guys. One was really tanned, tall, blonde and well simply hot and I knew right away that was Drew. The other had pale skin, dark hair and he didn't look so bad, he looked pretty hot too actually.

"Drew, Henry" called Olivia waving for them as they both spotted her and walked through the crowd to us.

"Hey Olivia" said the blonde one than he turned to me "You must be Summer, I'm Drew Olivia's date".

"I know, we have gym together" I said feeling awkward and offended that he didn't recognize me but than again…neither did I.

"I'm Henry" said the other one reaching his hand as I shook it and smiled.

"I'm Summer" I said pulling my hand back from his sweaty hands.

"What movie did you guys get?" asked Olivia smiling to Drew from ear to ear.

"I got the Last Song" said Henry as me and Olivia looked surprised.

"Oh" said Olivia "That's nice".

"Isn't that a chick flick?" I asked confused as Henry looked embarrassed.

"He picked" said Drew rolling his eyes as I looked at Henry confused while he just blushed.

"I thought you girls would like that movie" said Henry shrugging.

"And we do" said Olivia in a warning tone glaring at me as I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah we do" I said smiling at Henry as he sighed in relief.

"Lets go see the movie" said Olivia excited as I pretended to be excited too.





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