He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - He Promised He'd Make Me Forget (Chapter Twenty Four)

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Submitted: May 09, 2011



Henry sat on the edge of the last row, I sat next to him, Olivia's seat was empty next to me and Olivia was sitting on the next seat on Drew's lap making out. It felt awkward because me and Henry were trying to enjoy the movie but Olivia and Drew were…pretty loud.
"You don't like this movie do you?" asked Henry.
"I liked the book better" I said shrugging as he looked disappointed "No, don't get me wrong, I mean…This movie is great but the book was amazing, I would've enjoyed the movie more without certain special features".
He chuckled as he understood what I was hinting to and he glanced at Olivia and Drew.
"They seem to be getting on well" said Henry.
"Almost too well" I said as he laughed.
"You know, I saw this movie already online" said Henry "Wanna go somewhere else?".
"Like?" I asked.
"Well I'm supposed to ask that since I'm new here" said Henry as I chuckled.
"Well there's…" I stopped talking when I saw Raymond walking in the movie theatre and pretending to look around hi "There's all sort of places here that you can….visit and stuff".
Raymond finally looked our way and noticed that I was looking at him than smirked and walked to us.
"Oh my god, Summer and Olivia" said Raymond pretending to be surprised to see us as I rolled my eyes and Olivia finally stopped her make out session.
"Raymond?" said Olivia confused as she sat back in her seat.
"Yeah" said Raymond in a duh tone "What are you guys doing here? I thought you were going on a date or something".
"We are on a date" I said in a duh tone.
"Oh so you're going cheap, interesting" said Raymond squeezing himself through the two rows and simply pulling me off my chair and sitting on it while Olivia moved off her chair and sat on the other side of Drew while I sat between Raymond and Drew.
"Hi man, I'm Henry" said Henry reaching his hand to Raymond while Raymond shook it.
"Nice to meet you" said Raymond taking his hand back "SO you're Summer's date, am I correct?".
"Well yeah sort off" said Henry shrugging as I start biting my nails from anger "It's more of a hangout than a date".
"You know what Olivia? We should get going" said Drew as Olivia nodded in agreement.
"Yeah, see you at school Summer" said Olivia as I rolled my eyes while Drew pulled her out the movie theatre.
"Great, now it's just the three of us" said Raymond putting an arm around me and an arm around Drew.
"Move it or loose it" I mumbled while biting my nails as Raymond smirked.
"Yeah right" said Raymond sarcastically.
"I'm serious" I said glaring at him from the corner of my eye as he looked a bit scared and moved his hand.

"Now, I don't know about you guys but that was depressing" said Raymond as me, him and Henry walked in the streets after seeing the movie.
"Not really" said Henry "I mean, it's sort of hopeful".
"She gets the guy in the end" I said as they both nodded in agreement.
"So where to next?" asked Raymond excited.
"Actually, I think I'll go home" said Henry.
"No" said Raymond sarcastically "The date just begun buddy, we could still have a lot of fun".
"No, I'm really tired" said Henry "But thanks for everything Summer".
"No problem" I said smiling as he turned to another street. It was time to beat Raymond up.
I watched Henry until he disappeared in the street and than I turned to Raymond glaring.
"That's too bad, I was starting to have fun" said Raymond smirking at me.
"You're unbelievable" I said laughing as he looked at me innocently.
"What did I do?" he asked blankly.
"What jealous people do" I said crossing my arms as he rolled his eyes "You wasted your Monday night just to ruin my date because you're jealous".
"I'm not jealous" said Raymond in a pfft tone.
"Yes you are" I laughed.
"No, I'm not" he said.
We went on like that till he walked me home.

I stood with Landon in his house's staircase.
"You want me to leave?" he asked confused.
"Landon, you know I love you" I sobbed "But I want this all to stop, I'm trying to move on but you're always there, in every face I look at, I see you, every dream I have is about you, when I'm not with you I'm dying till I be with you and when I'm with you all I can think about is how much I don't want to loose you, I want the pain to stop Landon, I want the pain of loving you to stop".
"So I should leave?" he asked for assurance.
"Yes" I said wiping the tears off my face "It'll hurt at first, but…It'll be for the best, your pain will stop and so will mine".
He nodded than disappeared.
~End Of Dream~

I woke up with sweat all over me and all over my bed. I looked at the mirror and imagined Landon's reflection there for a second but decided it was just my imagination.
"It's just a dream" I said calming myself "Just a dream".

I sat in the cafeteria at lunch on my table, studying for my history exam. Ronnie walked to me with her lunch tray.
"Hey" she said sitting on the chair against me as I continued to look at my books.
"Hi" I mumbled.
"Studying?" she asked as I nodded "I can tell, guess what? Yesterday I had a really weird dream".
"Really?" I said looking up at her surprised.
"Yeah" she said "It was about Landon".
"Really?" I said as my eyes widened.
"Yeah" said Ronnie "He was stuck in the middle of a road and he didn't know if he should go back or move forward".
"And?" I asked.
"That's it" she said as I sighed and looked back at the book "What's wrong?".
"I had a dream too" I said as she looked at me confused "I was basically telling Landon to die".
"Wow, that's mean" said Ronnie as I nodded "I'm sure it's just a dream Summer, I mean this isn't enough to kill him, right?".
"Yeah" I said forcing a smile as Olivia walked to us and sat next to me furiously without saying a word.
"Something wrong?" asked Ronnie feeling forced to ask her.
"Yes as a matter of fact, there is" said Olivia "Last night I left with Drew, right?".
"Yeah, you guys looked like you had chemistry going on" I said.
"We did" said Olivia pissed off "Until his girlfriend saw us and made a huge scene".
"His girlfriend?" choked Ronnie.
"Yeah" said Olivia sounding like she wanted to rip someone's head off and it didn't take a genius to guess who.
"Hey, it's fine" said Ronnie calming her down "So he ended up being a douche bag, better knowing now than later".
"Yeah" said Olivia sighing. A part of me envied her for the simplicity of her problems.

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