He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - He Promised He'd Make Me Forget (Chapter Three)

Submitted: April 19, 2011

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Submitted: April 19, 2011



I pressed the doorbell of Ronnie's house and stood there waiting for someone to open. I was holding 7 shopping bags in my hands and they were really heavy.
Someone opened the door and guess what? Raymond.
"Umm….Hey Summer" said Raymond looking at the shopping bags "What are you doing here?".
"I'm working in the mall delivery service now" I said sarcastically as he chuckled "Just let me in, obviously I'm here to see Ronnie not you".
"Ouch" he said sarcastically "You can't see Ronnie anyway, she has guests".
"Would that guest be Olivia?" I said sarcastically.
"Who's Olivia?" he said confused seriously? I'm holding 100 lb in my hands "You mean the blonde girl?".
"Raymond" I growled "Let me in".
"Ok, calm down" he said "But first, I need to ask you something"
"Raymond" I whined "I really-"
"Are you ok?" he said interrupting me as I gave him a confused look "Landon emailed me and told me that you're seeing a psychologist".
"Landon told you that?.....wait, Landon emailed you and he didn't email me?" I yelled. "My point…" he said "Are you sure you're ok?"
"Yes I'm fine as you can see" I yelled "And I don't know why Landon told you that because it's not true".
"So you're not seeing a psychologist?" he said "Cause I know that it's been a hard time for you and everything".
"No, I'm not seeing a psychologist because obviously I'm not crazy" I said as he smiled.
"I'm glad to hear that" he said as I rolled my eyes "You may now come in".
"Finally" I said as he moved out the doorway and I rushed in.
I walked upstairs to Ronnie's room and found her sitting with her legs crossed on her bed while Olivia was sitting on the couch playing on her cell phone.
"It's about time" said Olivia while Ronnie got off the bed.
"Summer, we need to talk" said Ronnie nervously before pulling me from my arm outside the room and closed the door.
"Ronnie, what's going on?" I said confused.
"Ok first of all, did you take your insulin?" she said as I raised my eyebrow at her.
"Umm…yeah?" I said confused "Ronnie, what's going-"
"Did you take all your medication? You need to be ready when I tell you this" she said Landon's dead, I can feel it.
"What's going on?" I demanded.
"Ok" she said taking a deep breath "Landon called me and we start talking…." So he's not dead "…In the end he told me something very surprising but you have to promise to not get upset".
"I promise, just tell me" I said rushing her.
"He told me he liked me and possibly….loved me" said Ronnie. That moment, I felt like I've been hit by a bus, I wasn't angry because somewhere deep in my mind, I was preparing myself for this.

"You know your friend Ronnie is pretty cute" said Landon while we were sitting on his roof.
"Yeah, I know" I said feeling uncomfortable.
"Does she have a boyfriend?" he asked curiously.
"No….Ronnie doesn't really date" I said.
~End Of Flashback~

"Summer? Are you alright?" said Ronnie concerned.
"Yeah…I'm fine" I said trying my best to get the words out.
"Are you sure? You look a bit pale" said Ronnie.
"You know….I think I should go home" I said.
"What? No, you're upset aren't you?" said Ronnie holding my shoulder while I shrugged her off.
"No, I'm not upset" I said forcing a smile "I'm fine, I'm just tired".
"Ok" said Ronnie nodding but I can clearly tell she wasn't convinced.
I smiled and walked downstairs to bump into Raymond.
"Leaving so soon?" he said confused.
"I have a thing" I said walking past him and walking out the house.

I walked through the front door of my house slamming the door behind me and Nora came running right away. I felt my breathing become really really heavy.
"Oh it's just you" she said confused "What are you doing here? I thought you were staying at Ronnie's house tonight"
I tried to answer her but the words didn't come out, The room seemed a lot smaller and before I knew it, everything went pitch black.

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