He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

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Chapter 39 (v.1) - He Promised He'd Make Me Forget (Chapter Thirty Nine)

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Submitted: June 04, 2011



.:. Ronnie's P.O.V .:.

My eyes widened at shock as I quickly let out a scream. I panicked as her blood kept flooding on the kitchen floor.

"Raymond" I screamed "Somebody help".

I kneeled next to Summer trying to do anything but I had no idea what to do. She slowly opened her eyes and a glimpse of hope was there.

"Don't" she said barely breathing as my eyes popped out of my head "Don't call 911, don't save me…please".

"What are you talking about?" I said in disbelief as Raymond and Jessica came walking in and looked at both of us in surprise.

"You stabbed her??" screamed Jessica as I looked at her in disbelief.

"No, you idiot, she stabbed herself" I yelled as Jessica looked taken back "Go call 911 don't just stand there".

I glanced at Raymond and he was standing there helplessly while Jessica ran to the phone. He looked like he was holding himself from crying.

"Raymond" I snapped as he looked at me while his eyes started to water "It'll be alright, we're taking care of her remember?".

"I ruined it" he said in pain as I shook my head "I was supposed to take care of her but I ruined it".

"911 is on its way" said Jessica looking actually nervous as I nodded.

Everything was gonna be ok, everything was gonna be ok, everything was gonna be ok

"What happened?" said Summer's mum panicking as she walked with her husband to me and Raymond. We were standing by Summer's recovery room.

"Where is she?" asked her father as me and Raymond looked at each other not sure what to say "Well? Answer me, where's my daughter and what happened to her?".

"She stabbed herself" I blurted to make them stop as they both froze "I left her for one second and she stabbed herself and guess what? She tried to jump off the roof the day she failed her exam".

Her parents took a second to analyze all I said and once they did her dad sighed while her mother shook her head.

"You can't be talking about my daughter" said Summer's mum "Summer would never do such thing, she doesn't want to kill herself…Summer…Summer doesn't want to die, she has a great life".

"Landon's dead" I said "The one person she always trusted, the one person she thought would always be there is dead, can you even imagine how that feels?".

"It's not Landon's death" said her dad as we all looked at him confused "Summer's psychologist called me 3 months ago….. Summer has bipolar affective disorder".

I looked at Summer's mum and she looked shocked just like me and Raymond.

"What?...How can…How can she have it and you not tell me?" said Summer's mum confused as I glanced at Summer's dad sighing.

"There was no need to worry you" said Summer's dad as I shook my head in disbelief and looked at Raymond who looked like he was gonna beat someone up.

"Well that's…That's just great" said Summer's mum trying to keep herself from having a nervous breakdown "Summer's going in rehab".

"What? No" I argued "She doesn't need rehab".

"That's not your choice" snapped Summer's mum before looking at Summer's dad and Raymond put his hand on my shoulder to hold me back.

"There's no need for that" said Summer's dad calmly as Summer's mum glared at him.

"Don't say a word" said her mum "I don't want to hear any word from you".

"She's still my daughter" said her dad as I felt awkward standing there and I felt pity for both of them. How could they fight in a time like this? It was so inconvenient.

"Listen" I snapped interrupting them as they both looked at me "Summer lost a lot of blood but she's alright…. You guys can fight right now about whose fault this is but it won't help doing anything, what you guys need to do is make a decision about how you're planning on treating her instead of having an argument that looks like it'll end in a really bad way".

They both looked at me surprised cause I looked like a box that exploded in them than they both looked at each other.

I looked over at Raymond but he wasn't there, it didn't take a genius to guess where he was.

.:. Raymond's P.O.V .:.

I sat on the couch next to Summer's bed where she was sleeping.


I opened the front door and a 12 year old Summer was standing in front of me with a ponytail and a summer dress.

I looked her up and down than looked at her confused "Yes?".

"Hi, I'm Summer" she said with a big smile as I raised an eyebrow at her.

"Listen, I don't really want girl scout cookies or whatever you're selling" I said as I started to shut the door but she quickly slipped herself inside "What the hell are you trying to do?".

"I'm not selling anything" said Summer "I'm Ronnie's friend".

"Ronnie doesn't have friends" I said with confidence as she raised an eyebrow at me.

"You're Raymond" said Summer "Her annoying older brother that kicks her friends out, right?".

"That sounds like me" I said as she chuckled.

~End Of Flashbacks~

I watched Summer as she slowly opened her eyes and cringed from the pain. She looked around her figuring out where she was, once she saw me she looked away.

"We're gonna talk sooner or later" I said standing up and walking to the edge of her bed and looking her straight in the eye.

"There's nothing to talk about" she said coldly as I sighed.

"Summer, you have bipolar affective disorder" I said as she looked at me surprised "Your parents are gonna send you to rehab".

"What?" she yelled sitting up "I'm not going to rehab, I'm fine Raymond, you know I'm not crazy".

"I know" said Raymond "But I know you need help and you have to get it even if it's against my will…which it is".

"Raymond" laughed Summer making it harder to be responsible in front of her, her smile was hypnotizing "That makes no sense, I can't have bipolar whatever thingy, I'm not like that and you know it".

"No" I said as I saw her lips twitch "I'm not the one to make this decision cause if I do… it'll always be that we both stay together and you'll never leave my side but that's not what's best for you….I thought I could take care of you but lets face it… I can't".

"That's stupid" said Summer before her parents walked in and sighed in relief.

"Oh Summer, we were so worried" said her mum as Summer looked at her mum and her dad confused.

"About what? I fainted, it happens a lot, big deal" said Summer looking pissed off. I raised an eyebrow at her than looked at her parents who looked frightened.

"Summer, don't you remember what happened?" asked her dad as she looked at him like he was an idiot.

"Of course I know what happened, I was at Ronnie's house and I fainted" said Summer in a duh tone.

"you stabbed yourself" I said out of the blue as she looked at me in shock than burst out laughing.

"Yeah, funny Raymond" she said rolling her eyes as her mother started crying and Summer looked at her in shock "Mum, what the hell are you crying for?".

"We're booking you into rehab starting next month" said her dad "It's final".

Summer's mouth dropped in shock as her parents walked out the room. She turned to me glaring.

"What did you tell them?" she yelled as Ronnie walked in the room "Good Ronnie, you're here…Raymond told my parents that I stabbed myself".

Ronnie looked at me shocked than looked back at Summer with sorrow.

"Summer….look at your stomach" said Ronnie calmly gripping her fist.

Summer looked at both of us in disbelief than lift up her shirt a little to see the stitches and her eyes widened.

"What…What is this?" she said panicking as Ronnie sighed.

"Do you remember anything Summer?" said Ronnie "Failing the exams? Trying to jump off the roof?.... Landon's death?".

Summer's eyes turned red as tears started to stream down her face.

"No" she sobbed "I…what are you talking about?".

"I'll take it from here" said Summer's psychologist walking in the room. I looked at Ronnie and nodded as we both walked out of the room.

It felt like that was the last time to see her, it felt like Summer was dead.

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