He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

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Chapter 40 (v.1) - He Promised He'd Make Me Forget (Chapter Forty)

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Submitted: June 06, 2011




.:. Raymond's P.O.V .:.


I sat beside Summer on her hospital bed playing with her hair as she slept. She spent the last two hours crying her eyes out, I didn't know how I could help her….I didn't even know how things turned out like this, when did it all start? How cans she turn from the Summer that was full of life into this Summer that had nothing to live for? How did she reach the point where she'd prefer to die than even give life a chance?.

"It's impossible to sleep like this" mumbled Summer sleepily as she opened her eyes slowly and smiled. I couldn't help but smile too. I hated that her smile was contagious, I could never stay deep and focused when she smiled, I just grinned like an idiot.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up" I said as she sat up smiling.

"Good thing that you did" said Summer smiling as she put her head on my shoulder as I sighed "You know, it's after visiting hours, if my parents saw you they'll be really pissed off".

"Let them be" I said winking at her as she chuckled, somehow she was sitting on my lap already, I felt like I was responsible for her, when she was in my arms all I had to do was protect her, nothing else mattered "Summer?...Is life that bad?".

"What?" she said confused looking up at me "Raymond, life rocks".

"Than why did you try to kill yourself….twice" I said as she moved away from me and stood off the bed sighing.

She put on a straight face and crossed her arms "If you're gonna talk about that again than I won't even look at you and trust me…that's pretty difficult which means I'm very mad".

I couldn't help but smile "I'm sorry".

"Better" she said as I rolled my eyes "Raymond?...Will you visit me when I go to rehab?".

"We still have a week till that" I said changing the subject as I stood up on the other side of the bed.

"4 days not a week" said Summer walking to me and standing in front of me "And I have to be under the hospital's arrest till than which is completely sucky".

"You know, sucky isn't even a word" I pointed out as she sighed and put her forehead into my shoulder in disappointment.

"Well rehab won't be so different" I said shrugging "I'll visit you every couple of days".

"Yeah it's only a couple of miles outside town" said Summer looking up at me as I smiled and kissed her forehead.

"And even if it was in Europe" I said as she squeezed her eyes at me.

"When did you become so romantic all of a sudden?" she said as I wrapped my arms around her waist.

"Been watching chick flicks" I said shrugging.

"Impressed" she said as I rolled my eyes.


.:. Ronnie's P.O.V .:.


I walked out of the hospital putting on my coat as I walked through the parking lot. I opened my handbag looking for the cars keys.

"Ronnie, right?" said a voice from behind me as I turned around and a familiar guy was standing there.

"Ummm, yeah" I said trying to remember who he was, that cute face was too familiar to me.

"It's Henry" he said walking closer to me "Olivia's cousin".

"Right" I said as it hit me "Sorry, I just haven't been sleeping much so I didn't know you from the beginning".

"It wasn't that hard to spot you" said Henry as I chuckled "So what are you doing here anyway?".

"I was at Summer" I said pointing at the hospital.

"Oh yeah, I heard she's in the hospital…again" said Henry awkwardly as I nodded "So what happened to her anyway?".

"She accidentally stabbed herself" I said twirling a lock of my hair nervously as he made an ouch face "Umm… What are you doing here?".

"Oh, I was donating blood to my grandpa" he said "He's getting a surgery so we're all helping out".

"That's nice" I said nodding as he nodded too and we stood there in awkward silence "Well I got to go".

"You know…if you're not sleepy… we could take a walk" suggested Henry as I grinned.

"It's midnight" I said as he shrugged.

"Let it be a midnight walk than" he said simply "It's healthier than driving and your house is what? 20 blocks away?".

"That sounds fun" I agreed nodding "Lets go".


.:. Summer's P.O.V .:.


"We're screwed if we get caught" I whispered to Raymond as we tip toed through the hospital's hallways.

"Well that room's boring" he whispered as I nodded in agreement. He pulled me from my wrist into a room with a staircase "Interesting, a secret room".

"It' not a secret room, it's the roof's staircase" I said in a duh tone.

He looked at me in thought for a second "You spend too much time in this hospital… it's really freaky".

"When I'm bored I ask the nurses for something to read" I said "And they give me the hospital's map".

"Wow, who needs school when you can memorize the whole hospital?" he said sarcastically as I punched him playfully on his shoulder.

"I've never actually been here" I said as we both started to walk up the dark stairs slowly.

"I feel like we're in some kind of horror movie" said Raymond as I rolled my eyes and opened the roof's door. It felt like I opened it on the doors of paradise. There wasn't much on the roof and it was really windy but the view….breath taking.

The hospital was on a hill higher than the rest of the town. You could see the town with the shore near it. It was really dark since it's a small town and everyone goes to sleep after 9 but….There was still the moonlight and it was enough to freeze me in my place for an entire minute.

"Wow" gasped Raymond as I nodded in agreement.

"It's beautiful" I said as he put an arm around me and pulled me closer to him.

"And it's ours till they discover you're missing" he said as I chuckled.


.:. Ronnie's P.O.V .:.


"What are your plans for the summer?" asked Henry as we sat on a sidewalk eating ice cream after our walk.

"Keeping alive" I mocked as he laughed "So far so good".

"You have nothing to do this summer?" asked Henry confused as I shrugged.

"Probably what I'm doing right now" I said "Why? What are your plans for the summer?".

"Road trip" said Henry as I looked taken back.

"A road trip?" I said surprised as he nodded.

"I'm gonna drive away from this hell hole all the way to Los Angeles" said Henry "And I'm gonna spend the summer there than drive back here".

"Wow…that sounds…relieving" I said imagining how cool it could be.

"Relieving?" he said confused.

"Yeah" I said looking at him "I've always wanted to do that, drive away and go somewhere exotic".

"Why didn't you than?" he asked confused.

"I don't know" I sighed.

"Well you know… I can always use extra company" he said as I looked at him surprised.

"Henry, we just met" I said in disbelief.

"No, I've seen you twice every year for the last 5 years" he said "And I'm not asking you to marry me, I'm just inviting you to join me on a summer long road trip".

I looked at him in disbelief but couldn't help but smile when I imagined the idea. It sounded… refreshing.





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