He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

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Chapter 42 (v.1) - He Promised He'd Make Me Forget (Chapter 42)

Submitted: June 12, 2011

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Submitted: June 12, 2011




.:. Raymond's P.O.V .:.


"There she is" said a nurse giving me a baby girl in a pink blanket as I stood next to Jessica's bed where she was sleeping. I gently took her but in the same time with eager. The moment I looked at her, it seemed like everything else disappeared. She wasn't mine but she was beautiful.

"She's pretty, isn't she?" said Jessica smirking as she opened her eyes and I looked at her in shock.

"Yeah…she is" I said sighing as I gently gave her to Jessica "What's her name?".

"Casey" said Jessica smiling at her than smiling up at me "You know Raymond… we're still not done talking".

"You have to ruin the moment" I said rolling my eyes as she sighed.

"Just admit that I'm right" said Jessica as I looked at her in disbelief "That's why you're so scared Raymond, because you know is Summer knows this stuff about you she'll leave you for good".

"I'm not scared about that" I said honestly as she looked at me trying to figure out what I meant by that.

"You're…You're scared about what she'll do to herself" said Jessica no shit Sherlock.

"She can't handle it" I said "She's built this fantasy in her mind that I'm perfect and I'm flawless but I'm not… if she finds out that than she'll have nothing left to believe in, she already tried to kill herself".

"Than leave her" said Jessica as I looked at her in disbelief "I'm serious Raymond, I'm gonna tell her the truth if you don't".

"Why do you want me to leave her so bad?" I growled as she shrugged "Even if I leave her, I won't be with you".

"Raymond… we are perfect for each other" said Jessica as I chuckled in disbelief "I'm serious…I'm an excuse for you to live your own independent life and I'm ok as long as I'm with you".

"You're crazy" I laughed as she looked at me seriously but I couldn't take her seriously "You seriously think that I'd leave Summer to be with you?".

"If you had no choice" said Jessica shrugging as I looked at Casey.

"You know…I thought you'd change after you had the baby" I said "But obviously you're a bitch even when you're not pregnant".  

"You leave me no choice but being this way" said Jessica as I chuckled in disbelief "It's the perfect chance Raymond, she's going to rehab so she'll be used to not being around you, me and you will leave town go live somewhere else like…New York or L.A and Summer will get used to not being with you WHICH will be best for her".

"Cut the crap" I said as she sighed.

"Raymond, just deal with it" said Jessica talking slowly to me like I'm retarded "You. Have. No. choice. I'm. blackmailing. You".

I looked at her having no comeback.


.:. Ronnie's P.O.V .:.


I ran to Olivia's front door knocking on it quickly and constantly as I stood in front of it excited. Olivia opened in her pajamas and looked at me sleepily.

"Ronnie? What are you doing here?" said Olivia "You barely-".

"Henry" I said interrupting her as she sighed.

"Never to visit me" said Olivia as I looked at her in aw.

"Sorry it's just….I really need to see Henry" I said nervously as she looked at me confused.

"Since when do you talk to Henry?" said Olivia crossing her arms as I rolled my eyes.

"Olivia" I snapped "Let me in and I'll explain later".

"He's in his room" said Olivia moving out the doorway.

"Thanks" I said before running inside and going upstairs to Henry's room where he was lying on his bed playing with a baseball. He looked at me shocked once I walked inside "Hi".

"Ronnie, hey" he said sitting up as I stood there not sure what to say next "It's…good to see you…what are you doing here?".

"I wanna come" I said as he looked at me confused "This summer I want to come with you to L.A".

"Are you sure?" he asked in assurance as I nodded "Well that's…that's terrific, I was really upset when you said no…what made you change your mind?",

"Noticed there's nothing holding me back" I said shrugging as he nodded.


.:. Summer's P.O.V .:.


I sat in my hospital bed watching the clock nervously. I was leaving to rehab in two days and it seemed like I was gonna spend them alone.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and let it out really slowly.

"I'm not alone" I whispered trying to convince myself "I'm never alone, it's temporary, they're coming back".

"No one's coming back" said Landon's voice as I opened my eyes quickly in shock but the room was empty. I looked around the room and there was nothing.

"Just my imagination" I told myself sighing.

"Oh really now?" said his voice again as I quickly looked on my left and he was standing there leaning on the wall with his arms crossed. I screamed, I screamed at the top of my lungs and he disappeared as a nurse rushed in my room.

"What is it?" she said panicking as I looked at her with fear in my eyes trying my best to breathe normally.

"Nothing" I said still breathing quickly "I thought I saw a rat".

"Don't worry, our hospitals are perfectly clean" said the nurse as I forced a small smile while she walked out closing the door behind her.

"Now where did you go?" I said furiously standing off the bed and looking around the room. He wasn't anywhere around the room. I bent down looking under the bed and than rolled my eyes at how stupid that was. I sighed and stood up and he was standing across my bed. I screamed a short, quiet, panicking scream but than stopped myself and just continued to stare at shock.

"Hi" he said breaking the awkward silence as I shivered "Looking great".

"What…" I said with my voice shaking as I shook my head and gathered my strength "Landon…How…How are you here?".

"That's an odd question" he said throwing himself on my bed as I looked at him in disbelief.

"Not an odd question when you're dead" I yelled as he rolled his eyes.

"You're yelling" he pointed out.

"I'm sorry" I said realizing how stupid it was to apologize to him "What? No, I'm not sorry cause I have every right to yell, you're dead".

"Why do you have to keep saying that over and over and over again?" he complained "I think I know I'm dead".

"Than leave, you're not supposed to be here" I said trying to pull him from his arm off the bed but he was too heavy or I was too weak. I quickly panicked letting go of his hand and put my hand on my mouth in shock.

"What is it?" he said confused "You look like you saw a ghost".

"How am I touching you?" I said panicking as he smiled and I looked at him in disbelief "This isn't real, this is my imagination and that's why I'm going to rehab, when I go to rehab I'll get better and not see this".

"Summer, first of all you're not crazy" he said as I rolled my eyes "And second, why do you want to stop seeing me?".

"Because…" I said thinking of a good reason but not being able to find one as he stood up in front of me with his arms crossed "This isn't healthy, seeing a person alive when he's not isn't normal".

"Since when were we normal?" said Landon smiling as my eyes widened in fear when I realized he sounded like Landon.

"Hey" said Raymond walking through the room's door as I turned around to him in shock with my eyes widening . I turned back to look at Landon and he was gone. I closed my eyes in relief than turned back to Raymond who sensed something wrong "Everything ok?".

"Yeah, everything's fine" I said sighing as I smiled.




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