He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

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Chapter 43 (v.1) - He promised He'd Make Me Forget (Chapter Forty Three)

Submitted: June 17, 2011

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Submitted: June 17, 2011



.:. Ronnie's P.O.V .:.

"Are you sure you were awake?" I told Summer as we sat in the hospital room and she nodded quickly.

"He was there Ronnie" she said panicking "He was standing in front of me and once Raymond walked in POOF he was gone".

"Did you get much sleep lately?" I asked as she rolled her eyes and shook her head in disbelief while I sighed "Summer we both know he's dead".

"I know" she whined "But what if it's his ghost? And I know it sounds crazy but I'm telling you Ronnie…He was here".

I looked at her realizing something important. I couldn't leave Summer in a time like this, she needed me.

"Maybe we should get an experts help" I said as she looked at me confused but I looked like I got an idea.

"If mum knows I went out of the hospital she'll kill me" laughed Summer as she sat in the front seat of my car and I drove around town.

"Well it's for a good reason" I said in a duh tone "We need an expert's help on this".

"So where are we going?" asked Summer looking out of the window.

"Remember last Halloween?" I said as she nodded "Remember the crazy psychic lady in the carnival that told me I was gonna kill a cat the next day?".

"Yeah" she said confused.

"Well I ran over a cat the next day with my bike" I said "I kept visiting her than she stopped working there cause she freaked out the customers".

"So we're going to visit an unemployed psychic lady" said Summer as both of us noticed how stupid that sounded.

"Than we can get some ice cream afterwards" I said.

"Yay" she said clapping her hands as I chuckled.

.:. Raymond's P.O.V .:.

"That's a smart decision" said Jessica as me and her walked out of the hospital while she was holding Casey.

"It's not because I'm scared of you Jessica…It's what's best for Summer" I said "She doesn't need me around".

"Whatever makes you sleep at night" said Jessica teasing me as I held my hand in a fist and being tempted to punch her.

"You're a real bitch, you know what?" I said as she rolled her eyes.

"You're such a drama queen Raymond" she said "And cut the bitchy attitude, it's the last thing I want right now".

"You think I care what you want?" I said in disbelief.

"I think you have to" said Jessica "Or else".

"Now who's being a drama queen?" I said as she sighed.

"We're leaving after 5 days" said Jessica "Summer will be gone and so will Ronnie, it's the perfect timing".

"Yay" I said sarcastically as she smirked.

"Don't think I'm clueless about what you're doing" she said as I raised an eyebrow "You're pretending you don't care about this but guess what? I know what you're thinking, I know you hate my guts right now but as long as I'm going to have you around than whatever".

I looked at her in disbelief "It's strange that Summer's the one going to rehab".

.:. Summer's P.O.V .:.

I sat awkwardly with Ronnie in a messy living room waiting for the psychic to come out of the bathroom. She lived in a small apartment that had nothing but a couch and lots of boxes.

"Maybe this is a bad idea" I whispered to Ronnie as she pursed her lips.

"We have nothing to loose" said Ronnie as I nodded.

"But I don't see Landon near me" I whispered "how is she supposed to see it?".

"I don't know" she snapped "She's the only person we can ask about this without thinking that we're crazy".

"Right" I sighed as we heard a flush from the bathroom and the psychic walked out looking at us in annoyance.

"Ok so we got two rich girls who want to know if they are seeing a ghost" said the psychic in her Latin accent as both of us nodded "Sorry girls but I retired, unless you're looking for a housemaid than I can't help you".

"You're a housemaid?" said Ronnie confused as she looked at how dirty the house was looking.

"No but my friends are" said the psychic "My job is to recommend them to my ex customers".

"Please Helena" I said "I'm not asking you as a customer, I'm asking you as a person who lost someone really close to them and wants to know if it's possible to say the things that they left unspoken".

"Very good" whispered Ronnie holding her thumbs up as the psychic sighed.

"Well it could be them" said the psychic giving up as my face brightened up "Just take it as a rule kiddo, not everything is what it seems".

"Are you sure?" said Ronnie as the psychic looked at her in disbelief.

"I'm the psychic aren't I?" she said in disbelief "Now get out of my apartment, I have work to do".

"I can't believe you both" my mum yelled at me as we stood in the hospital's room getting lectured about how I wasn't supposed to leave the room "You manipulated the nurses and us just so you can spend a day out?".

"Mum I had to" I said "I really don't want to go to rehab, delay it, at least for a week, I wasn't supposed to spend my summer like this".

"You have to get well" said mum "You need this, I need to fell safe when I leave you alone in the house, I need to believe that you're happy".

"The last thing I will be is happy if you send me away" I said crossing my arms as mum sighed.

"I'm sorry Summer but that's impossible" said mum "You're going to rehab and I need your word that you won't try to run, otherwise I'll call security".

"Fine" I mumbled as she smiled.

"You'll thank me for this" said mum before walking out of my room.

"Maybe in my suicide note" I mumbled.

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