He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - He Promised He's Make Me Forget (Chapter Seven)

Submitted: April 23, 2011

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Submitted: April 23, 2011



Sometimes you can't wait for the perfect time, you just have to jump.

I sat with Ronnie in her bedroom watching her brush her hair mostly because I was too afraid to go downstairs.
"Seriously, you can just go and have breakfast" said Ronnie "You don't need to wait up".
"I want to" I said nervously as she looked at me concerned.
"Are you ok?" said Ronnie sitting next to me "You look oddly pale".
I just smiled at her "Nothing's wrong".
"Don't play that game with me Summer" she warned "The last time you told me you were fine, you ended up in the hospital".
I looked at her trying to lie to her but I couldn't. Ronnie could see right through me as if I was clear water.
"I did something bad" I said as she gave me a confused look.

"Wow" she said looking at me in shock after I told her everything that happened last night "I didn't know you still liked him".
"Neither did I" I said shrugging.
"I'm more surprised that you told him" she said "And if you like Raymond than why are you going out with Cash?".
"I don't know" I yelled standing up as I felt my eyes start watering "I don't know anything anymore so stop asking me, all I know is that it hurts Ronnie, it hurts when I see him with Jessica, it hurts when I think of him because I know he'll never think of me the same way and I know he thinks of me as just your friend…..I don't know anything but that Ronnie and all I want is for the pain to just stop".
"Summer, don't cry" she said standing up in front of me than hugging me "He's not worth it".
But I knew he was

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