He Promised He'd Make Me Forget

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - He Promised He'd Make Me Forget (Chapter Nine)

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Submitted: April 25, 2011



"I thought you couldn't make it" said Ronnie while me, her, Landon and Olivia stood in the living room.
"I took a plane to New York and a train to here" said Landon proud of himself that he crossed all that distance.
"Your dad let you?" I asked confused.
"Yeah, I told him I'll visit my mum later and he said ok" said Landon shrugging.
"How long are you staying?" asked Ronnie excited.
"Just till tomorrow morning" said Landon "Than I'm heading back to Canada".
"Well it was nice of you to show up for Ronnie's birthday party" said Olivia.
"And you even wore a tuxedo" said Ronnie in an aw voice looking at him all dressed up while I smiled at a memory.

"I hate dressing up" Landon told me dressed in a suit at a wedding "How am I even supposed to move in this?".
"You'll learn to get used to it" I said as he rolled his eyes "Besides, wearing this dress isn't easy either".
"Yeah but I have to do this to look good" said Landon "You look better in the crap you wear"
I laughed at him and punched him playfully on his shoulder.
~End Of Flashback~

I stood in Ronnie's birthday party in the Star Fall Country Club by the pool dancing slowly with Cash while watching Jessica and Raymond dance/make out on the other side of the pool.
I turned my eyes to Landon standing and talking to Ronnie. Why am I even here?
"Summer, are you ok?" said Cash confused looking straight at me as I gave him a confused look "You're freezing".
"Maybe" I said shrugging while I spotted Raymond staring right ahead at me "I'm going to the bathroom".
"Everything ok?" he said concerned as I put on a fake smile.
"Just need to powder my nose" I said smiling as he nodded and I walked away from him…. Really fast.
I didn't know how but I ended up in the horse stable sitting on the cleanest spot I can find on the ground.
Suddenly I found a shadow walking in the stable. I tried to spot who it was but I couldn't until he walked in the light and it was Landon.
"Landon? What are you doing here?" I said confused as he shrugged and sat next to me.
"Ronnie told me to check up on you, she tried to come herself but the party needs to be checked on" he said "What are you doing here anyway?".
"I wanted to get away" I said shrugging "Too much for me to handle".
He nodded in understanding "You know Summer…. I've been remembering a lot of things we did in the past".
"That's great Landon" I said smiling "Your memory is slowly coming back to you".
"I wish it hasn't" he said as I gave him a confused look.
"Why would you say that?" I asked concerned as he shrugged.
"Don't know" he said "Lets just go back to the party, it's not nice for Ronnie to skip her party and spend it with the horses".
"You used to love horses" I mentioned as he laughed.
"Funny you mention that, I just remembered it right now" he said as I smiled.

"Where were you, I was looking all over for you, I even sent Landon to look for you" Ronnie told me when she saw me standing by the bar.
"I was at the stable" I said as she gave me a confused look "I just needed to get away from Raymond's scary stare and Cash's arms around me".
"I knew he'll ruin the party on me" said Ronnie almost crying "Raymond always ruins everything and now he's planning on telling mum and dad about Jessica's pregnancy".
"No, he won't" I said as she shook her head.
"They were looking for mum and dad, Summer" said Ronnie "They'll ruin the one night that's supposed to be perfect".
"Not on my watch" I said as Cash walked to us.
"Summer, we need to talk" said Cash determined.
"Actually Cash, we have an emergency" I said pointing at me than Ronnie.
"No, we really need to talk" he said glaring at me what's going on?

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