By night, by day, a she-wolf

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: July 24, 2010

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Submitted: July 24, 2010



Derrick just stood there, shocked. He'd never tried to hurt Amber. She was hurt enough already, an orphan, a vampire hunter, no idea what she was. She didn't know if she could have kids, if she could die, if she could have a normal future. The only things she knew were that she wanted to be a journalist, and she was set on killing vampires. Avenging her parents. She had always been fascinated by leeches, finding as much information about them as possible out of sheer curiousity.

How was he hurting her? He gazed at her, this sad, strange, unknown creature he had watched grow up.

"What?" He asked. It was all he could think to say. All he could think to ask.

"I think. To hunt."  Amber said the last word with determined hunger, because it would give her an excuse not to think. But she would think as she wathed the vampire dissolve, as she questioned God, the world, herself. Amber was a kind person, but she had flaws, just like everyone else. She sought confrontation, knowledge that someone just would not give. She would say bad things about herself, just to get compliments.

But Amber's weakness was romance. She was a girl of red roses and chocolates and sunsets and ballgowns and moonlight. She read twilight and shiver obssessively, a sucker for a supernatural romance. She always hoped to end up in one of those stories, but she never was, Every now and then she'd get asked out by a boy, who had taken in her pale skin, long black hair and golden eyes and taken a liking to those features. But she said no.

Amber would open her mouth to give those boys a chance and then Derrick's brown eyes and brown hair and brotherly expression would shine in her eyes and she would give a no in reply. It would come out anyway, as an instinct. She was a lone soul, desperate to find another like her, who would end her loneliness and dry the tears she had on her face.

But she would act on instinct again. To tell Derrick how she felt would be weakness, and she would not be weak. Besides, she told herself firmly, he couldn't be worth crying over if he hadn't figured out that she was in love with him yet. So she was doing the right thing, then. Derrick opened his mouth, closed it, and said

"Amber, I know you. Something's wrong. Tell me, please. Maybe I can help."

She lost it.

"Maybe!" She screamed.

"Maybe! You really are dumb, if you say maybe!" She screamed in frustration and said one last, rage-filled thing before leaping out of the window in the form of a hawk.

"You could help me, but by saying maybe, you can't anymore."

He opened his mouth to say something, but she just had to get the last word in.

"No!" She screamed, before soaring into the sky.

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