Chocolate blood

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

Submitted: June 25, 2010

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Submitted: June 25, 2010



Ok, time to be fabulous. I took a deep breath, and steadied my trembling legs. I finished applying eyeliner to my already heavily-lined eyes. Have you ever tried to put on liquid eyeliner? Easy to wash off, but it smudges when you just look at it. I put mascara on and looked doubtfully down at my outfit: A short black sailor skirt with gold buttons, a long-sleeved black top over my shirt, neatly tucked into the skirt, little black shoes with gold sailor buttons on the straps and beautiful black tights patterned with gold roses.

Ok, so the outfit was pretty and made me look like a model, and my eyes were heavily accented with makeup and my natural vampire beauty. My skin looked snow white and my hair fell to my waist, a flawless sheen of pure black silk. I suddenly felt huge, like a giant. I'd always been tall, but never felt like this. If I was a midget, I could look up with those big green eyes and watch the boys in my class melt.

And I was a midget. I felt tiny, and I was. I would be at the shortest girl in the class's shoulders. Granted, she wasn't that small, but still! I cast one last look at the mirror. I looked adorable. I gazed back from the mirror with those huge, irresistible eyes. I would melt the school into mush. I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs. My parents and sister, Lucy, simply stared. I was sure they'd notice I'd shrunk, but instead my Dad turned to Lucy and said

"Honey, you've grown! Look how short Ferra is next to you! You'll be bigger than me soon!"  She grinned as my Mum handed me my lunch money. We set off for the bus stop and I noticed Lucy was staring at me.

"What is it?" I asked. My parents hadn't noticed my height, so how could Lucy? She looked at my eyes, and replied

"Who are you trying to impress? Or are you making someone jealous?" I stopped walking.

"No one." I snapped. She grinned. I could tell why. Every girl in our family was beautiful. My Mum was gorgeous, with dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. Lucy had long golden hair and the brightest blue eyes you could imagine. She could turn heads with her golden voice, as well as well as her golden hair. I was adorable now, and that meant I could  turn heads too. And she knew I was excited about that.

I sat at the oppossite end of the bus, not looking away from the friends gathered round me. Every eye on the bus was on me, but I ignored this and they all looked away when we reached school. I went to class and couldn't fail to notice the boys staring. I kept my head down. I would find a suitable boy at break. I concentrated on my work, and when the bell wrang for break the whole class followed me. That was normal. We all sat at the same table and began talking. The staring increased, even though the table was filled with chatter.

Then a voice like silk brought me out of my reverie.

"Hey, Ferra, what are we in next?" It was Joseph Harpis. Tanned, brown hair, blue eyes. The opposite of Julius. Good.

"English, then science." I replied, shooting him a drop-dead-or-kiss-me smile. He nodded, and kept his eyes on me.

You probably don't understand why I was so pleased at Joseph talking to me. He was the King. The joker. The Prince. The handsome guy had talked to me.

English, then science. Good. Julius' school was across from this one. I sat by the windows, and he would be able to see me with his vampire vision, even if he didn't have fangs. He would be shocked.

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