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When Conner takes his girlfriend and a few friends on a trip to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado for a week bad things start happening. One of their friends turn up dead striking fear into the hearts of the remaining few. Conner and Lucia begin inspecting what had happened and to Lucia's bewilderment it wasn't something animal or human that had killed their friend. Now it's a race against time to escape the mountains to civilization as one friend after another is picked off.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Before The Trip

Submitted: December 27, 2009

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Submitted: December 27, 2009



Lucia ran a hand through her long pale golden hair as it cascaded down around her face like a halo reaching to the small of her back. Emerald eyes scanned over the clothes closest on the next rack. She jumped out of the shopping cart she had been sitting in, in the basket with her legs dangling over the side. She picked up a warm looking bright green vest jacket and showed it to Conner who looked flabbergasted his dark eyes tired and bored as he had a hand knotted in his short cropped dark brown hair, his tan skin shone dully under the florescent lights of the store.

"So? I mean it'd act as a nice jacket on our hike," Lucia rose a golden eyebrow waiting for her boyfriend to respond. You would think that Lucia was a golden girl, could have any boy she wanted, and commanded everyone in school like little dolls. Lucia was pretty popular, she had to admit that much, but she wasn't the queen of the school. No, at Junior Prom she had been the Prom Princess rather than Queen. Not that she had really tried that hard, but the only reason she every went into those things were because others pressured her into.

Lucia is a strong girl, but she's always had a gushy and too nice side to her. The most harm she can do to a person is tease, other than that she was a complete pacifist. The only person she'll hit once in a while had to be Conner, and her hits were wimpy, even if she did hit him hard enough it was more likely that she'd break her wrist rather than hurt him.

Lucia was popular because she got into school things. She was a clueless blonde who loved being friends with everyone. She had such a vast speculation of things that she was friends with the geeks and goths to the populars and the jocks. She was apart of the student counsel every year and took part of playing soccer, she was never the soccer team captain, but she didn't mind. She preferred playing goalie and having her fun while the season lasted.

Now on the other hand Conner was the kind of guy who could have had the golden girl of the school, but was drawn to Lucia who always had a smile on her face even in the worst of times. She never liked making others care for her even when she wasn't feeling well, she always put others ahead of herself. There had even been a case of last Christmas where Lucia worked overtime to afford extremely nice presents for all of her closest friends, but also managed to pass out in the middle of school because she had only gotten four hours of sleep and a few bites of food that week.

There had also been other thing that had drawn Conner to Lucia rather than another girl. She was apart of the unseen world as he was. Lucia was a witch, and him a werewolf. She was probably the closest thing he'd get to having someone else understanding him. Lucia never got irritated with him when he had to excuse himself for pack problems like a normal human would, and when she went away for a few weeks every summer to visit her grandmother to work on her powers he didn't look at it as a way of her ditching him.

Although the only problem that commonly occurred was that even though Lucia was a witch she was still really frail, she was just as easily broken as any other human even if she could heal herself in the end and tell Conner that she was alright.

"You wouldn't wear it, you'll make up some excuse," he sighed as he watched Lucia put a small frown on her pale shell colored lips. She glanced back down at the vest and back up at Conner. Her and Conner were going on a hiking trip to the Rocky Mountains with four friends, Drake another werewolf and Kitty his girlfriend who happened to be a rather close friend to Lucia. There was also Kayla who happened to be the most popular girl in the school, the golden girl who was pretty much the ice queen. As kind as she could seem, her demeanor obviously fooled Lucia from seeing that she was clearly after Conner. Conner had had a strong disliking for her after he'd overheard the cheerleader talking behind Lucia's back about something that wasn't true. Samantha was coming as well, Kayla's look alike and right hand girl. Lucia seemed to clearly like Samantha and Sam was pretty decent to her, but the only reason Sam would turn her back to her would be on Kayla's command. Samantha didn't have enough of a backbone to actually stand up for herself in front of Kayla and she wanted a piece of the fame, so she did just about anything to stay on her good side.

"I'll wear it!" Lucia huffed hugging the jacket to her chest. "I need a decent jacket for the day and this would be nice with a long sleeved shirt underneath it," she scrounged around the vest for a price tag.

"We're going to be carrying heavy backpacks, are you sure yours will fit with that puffy vest?" Lucia stuck her tongue out at Conner. Conner rose a brow in mild amusement at the witch. "Next time you do that I'll make sure tongue doesn't return in your mouth," he told her as Lucia quickly sucked her tongue back into her mouth where it belonged. That was better, but Conner wasn't done there. He wanted to make Lucia's fair skin turn beet red it was mean, but he loved seeing her embarrassed.

Conner glanced down at her bringing himself closer to Lucia, inside what she claimed was 'her space he couldn't get in in public'. Wide green eyes stared up at him as she clutched the lime green vest closer to her. "Connnnner!" she whined helplessly as the male teenager let out a low chuckled as Lucia's face began turning pink. It was cute how she was so timid, scared that people were watching her with her boyfriend show more than just a brief moment of affection. Conner wrapped his arms around Lucia and hugged her tight to his chest inhaling the warm scent of spices and candles she used when casting spells.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled as he rocked to the side, her face had to be red by now. "Not."

When he released her Lucia's face was red as she glared up at him fiercely. "You big bully, you're so mean!" she punched Conner in the gut, but instead of hurting him she cringed in pain.

"That tickled," Conner laughed as Lucia had her knuckles to her lips. Of all places why would you punch a guy, whom you knew worked out in the stomach. It mainly didn't even have anything to do with him working out, he was a werewolf so sad punches like that were going to tickle rather than hurt. It was a rash thing to do, but Lucia was only human and rash was her middle name. Lucia took the vest and stomped over to the cash register, but instead of slamming it down like she should have she put it down softly on the counter and glanced up at the cashier with a kind smile, not as kind as the frown she'd given to Conner.

"How are you suppose to pay without your purse?" Conner called from the racks as he pulled her purse out of the shopping cart. Lucia's head and hand went to where her purse usually rested and then back up to Conner helplessly.

"Please?" she asked as Conner let out a sigh. Where would she be without him? For one she wouldn't be in a hiking store for certain.

I don't see why girls carry purses, why can't they just put their wallets in their back pockets like us guys? It's not that hard instead of carrying a bag that is filled with three quarters of crap you never use. Conner thought as he carried Lucia's purse back over his shoulder in the same fashion Lucia wore it. His girlfriend stared at him her lips turning up as she covered her mouth and snorted, Conner was dimly aware of the people behind him with their phones out snapping pictures as he cat walked over to Lucia.

Conner handed Lucia her purse as she pulled her wallet out and handed the guy who was waiting impatiently behind the register the money that was due. He pulled the receipt out and handed Lucia what difference was left over from the money she had given him. He handed the blonde her bag and Lucia gave a quick thank you and skittered away for the door. Conner wasted no time catching up to her and scooped the dainty seventeen year old half off the ground as he wrapped an arm around her.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asked as Lucia wiggled around weakly before giving up and tucking into the side of her boyfriend, he doubted there was any fight left in her. Instead she seemed as if she'd just gotten used to accepting the fact that she wasn't going to get away with not holding his hand once in a while.

"Your truck, my car's at home," she answered truthfully as they scouted the parking lot for Conner's truck. Taking a moment to find his dark blue truck Lucia scampered up into the passenger seat as Conner took his time getting in on the driver's side. Outside in the brisk Californian air, the sun was high and soon the two of them plus four were heading to Colorado for a hiking trip.

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