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The Encounter.

4 Months ago.

Chloe stood in front of the black board searching for an easy job in the bounty hunting businesses.
It wasn’t a job she wanted but one she desperately needed.
She had been dreaming of a new ship for a year or two now but hasn’t been able to raise enough money to buy the one she’d like and a normal job simply doesn’t pay enough to save money and still be able to live.

“Searching for a job huh?”

Chloe jumped at the sudden interruption.
She turned around to see a woman in a combat suit much like the one she was wearing. The woman had long brown hair, green eye’s and smiled at her.

“Yeah,… I can’t seem to find one that fits my eye though” Chloe said.

“Yep it can be quite difficult.” the woman eyed Chloe up and down then she suddenly shock her head as if snapping out of a daydream.
“Where in all suns are my manners?!” she said with shock in her voice.
“My name is Kate, it’s nice to meet you.” With that she extended her hand towards Chloe and smiled.

Chloe giggled and returned the gesture.
“I’m Chloe nice to meet you too.” she said.

“Chloe huh? That’s a beautiful name.” Kate said with a wink.
“So you are looking for something that pays much and is easy too?”

Chloe blushed lightly and nodded.
“Thanks,… and that would be my preferable choice yes"

“Well if that’s so, I’m sad to disappoint you. You’ll only find hard to impossible job’s on this board.”

“Is there another board with easy missions then?” Chloe asked confused about the grin Kate was giving her.

“Yep… riiiight over there…” Kate said gesturing to a crowd of people standing around something Chloe assumed was another black board.

“But of course there are always too many people and too few job’s. And besides they don’t pay much either.”

Chloe was disappointed with what she heard but she never expected it to be easy she just hoped it would be.
“Well that’s just great!” she said with such fake enthusiasm and sarcasm that even a Gazrak* would have been able to notice it.
“Now I have to get in line for an easy job I’ll probably never get which wouldn’t get me very far in my goal anyway.” speaking more to herself than to anyone else.

“Yep… that or you could join my crew on our next mission. We could use another team member. We pay good credits and the more people the easier the job gets.” Kate said smiling.

Chloe raised an eyebrow.
“That sounds great,… one question though. Why would you invite a stranger to join your crew on a mission? You don’t even know if I’m good at fighting or piloting. And besides are you even allowed to do that?”

Kate laughed “Hey… we’re not complete strangers anymore. I know your name.”
Chloe giggled. 
“Though you’re right, normally I wouldn’t invite a person I barely know to join me on a mission but I’ve got a good feeling about you. And of course my boss won’t be happy if I bring you with me but there’s nothing he could do about it, he needs me, I’m one of the best pilot’s and the only good sniper in his team.” Kate told her grinning.

“What’s that job about?”

“Can’t tell you until my boss tells me to,... sorry. But it’ll be an adventure worthy of writing story’s about.” Kate said it like a storyteller, held her head high and balled her hand into a fist.

Both fell into heavy laughter.

“Okay okay I’ll bite.” Chloe said still snickering.
There was something about this woman that made her feel like she could trust her.

“Great! Meet me there tomorrow morning, I’ll be waiting at the entrance.”
With that Kate handed her a card with her LRCS number on it and the address of the crews office.
She turned around and started to walk away. She stopped a few meters away and turned her head to look back.

With a sly grin she looked at Chloe and said. “I can’t wait to see you again." 

Then without another word she walked swaying her hips as she did.

What was that all about. Chloe thought.
She stood there looking at the card, thinking about this offer.
After a while she put it into her pocket and made her way home.


The next day Chloe got up early, made breakfast while listening to the news.
After she was finished eating she put on her pilot suit, grabbed her MK57 Pistol and called a cab.

When she told the driver to bring her to the location on the card, he said he couldn’t do that.

“I’ll pay you extra" Chloe said confused why the he refused to take her there.

“You really want to get there?”
She just nodded.

He sighed.
“Alright if you’re sure then lets get this over with"

“Why are you afraid to go to this place anyway?”

“First of all they wrecked my cab twice already”

“Who’s 'they'?”

“The people down there. And secondly It’s bad for the image when something happens to one’s passengers.”

Chloe was getting a little scared right now.
“W… what do you mean?”

“Uhm let’s just say there aren’t many women down there…”

Chloe knew exactly what he meant with that.

The rest of the ride was quiet.
When they got near to their destination Chloe looked out the window and already saw that the place was rundown as hell.

As they started to land the driver looked around and spoke up.
“Y… you know what? Lets forget about the payment ju… just get out of the car a soon as we land okay?”

“Okay,… sure you don’t wanna get paid?”

“Yeah just get out and take care of yourself.” He said.

As soon as the cab touched the ground Chloe got out and the driver flew away as fast as possible, clearly not wanting to see what was about to happen to his ex-passenger.

Chloe looked around the place and saw a sign that said “Low town bounty hunting office" That must be the place Kate meant but where is she?

As she approached the building she suddenly heard whispers from behind her, she didn’t dare to turn around she just continued to walk.

Suddenly a hand grabbed her arm.

“Hey boys! Look what we have here!”
A masculine voice said.

With Chloe's view still directed towards the building she closed her eyes and listened.
She heard about five humans approaching, maybe a top of seven.

She breathed in, concentrated herself and opened her eyes.
The hole world seemed to slow down.


//AN: *Gazrak's are little monkey like creatures who seem to understand almost every language there is but aren’t very smart. There isn’t much more known about them.


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Submitted: February 28, 2016

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Interesting backstory :) It's wonderful to see how Kate and Chloe came to be. Kate sounds stunning :D Oh no, Chloe's in serious trouble. Just like Crowley, I was hoping Kate would jump right into the battle and save the day :D That'll be awesome. Great chapter, Rathalos :D

Thu, June 23rd, 2016 1:52pm


ohhh so there was chemistry right off the bat. Now I'm waiting for Chloe to discover her feelings cause Kate clearly returns those feelings. It started off friendly and quickly took a drastic turn. I love the unexpectedness of it. I'm mad the Taxi driver just took off, knowing what would most likely happen.

What a thrilling ending and I hope that Kate can save her in time.
Great chapter

Thu, April 26th, 2018 6:51pm

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