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A seventeen years old boy meets a girl,he dreamed of,and ends up in a world in a different dimension.There he gets to know that an evil creature was haunting the Elves,provoking an old aged war again.Every creature depends upon it.He gets to know what the stone actually is and join forces with the Elves.After his first encounter with the enemy,he gets to know the girls true identity.He then saves a whole town from burning and founds a sword that aged that it was a myth to even the immortal Elves.Humans and dwarves takes the first blow meanwhile.He thinks of an idea and the rest you find out.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Crystone

Submitted: April 19, 2013

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Submitted: April 19, 2013







Raven Thunderclaw




pt. 1 Across the cosmos














Author Notes

This are the first three chapters of this book.

A BIG thanks to all my well wishers who convinced me that 'These

are not just terrible ideas.' after my confession.

Any kind of feedback is appreciated.

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Death.This is all I can see before me now.Crawling around me.His skinny fingers lingering over me.

This is it?The whole journey?Ending 'cause of a really stupid plane of mine failed?

The royal guards were holding it tight but for how long?The Dragoons must be on their way from Sargon,but there is no hope of help in time.

He is winning my plot.His phantom army ripping through the remaining rows of the guards.It would not be long before they siege the Arx.Siege  I knew hiding behind the walls of the Arx was never an option.He would find me even here.

I'm glad Evelyn and Jake are far away from here.Beyond the Crystal forest.In Scartal.Safe.

Not for long if he didn't stop here which I'm damn sure he wouldn't.He would try to rip apart every elf and they would never surrender to him till death.The dragoon leagues are the only hope.But if he get his hands on Arx I doubt the Dragoons would be left with any chance.End is inevitable.

No! I have to think something.Something that could outwit even his immortal mind.Something that is stronger then good and evil.Something that he would never imagine.The legend!

Holy and unholy united.I glanced on the sword and the stone.Only if the legend is true,this shall end here.For both of us.

Sacrifice it wants sacrifice it will get.










the tour


"Okay fellows.We are going to enter the American museum of Natural history and science in few minutes.Mind your own business and don't fool around there!"Declared Prof. Hannings with a slightly higher pitch then required for a group of thirty two students.And he surely understood this fact instantly after quick gazes from the nearby tourists .The tour was a really fascinating thing for me, as well for my parents as their homily kid gets to meet the world.

Well met friends.Jolt Aurelius is my name and this is the unusual story of my life.

I was standing in the last row with my only good friend Jake Dawson.I sighed.Just want to go inside.

"Hey Jolt, Hadron collider in CERN broke off yesterday night?"Jake said sensing my impatience.

"Yeah i saw it in the news in the morning.They say the reason is still unknown." I replied immediately on the known facts,then smiled on his effort to distract me.

"Is their anything funny going on here Mr.Aurelius?" Not a furious but curious voice thundered a little less loudly then before.I looked forward to find me in every bodies attention with Prof. Hannings looking at me strangely.

" sir.Of course not." I answered a little awkwardly.Most of the faces were turned away by now giving me a little relief and i asked back.

"But i was...just wondering what we are waiting here for?"

He opened his mouth a little earlier then required.

"We'll see.We'll see." Came out.Leaving everyone to the hands of anticipation.

What could be it?I was wondering.Maybe it is related something with the security measures.A newly discovered artifact is brought here for exhibition.I don't get to know very much about it,not even on the net(believe me not a single article!).Maybe the authorities don't want some careless stupid to harm it or steal it.I'm a huge fan of the Ocean's Eleven and the successive films in series.I really like the ways they put out to conquer what doesn't belongs to them.

The sudden chirrups bring me down to earth.Jake pushed me with his elbow.He was smiling for a reason i was unaware to.Most of the guys(and briefly some girls too) were whispering to each other when the thing of attraction at last caught my eyes.

Two marble steps up,with Prof. Hannings,was standing a girl (i was unsure if she was even human at all.) of  beauty i have ever seen.Unbelievably Breathtaking.She had a RUN D.M.C t-shirt with a black three-fourth Levis on. Her pale complexion and maintained features were well showed off,which was attracting even a 'three-feet away from chicks' type of guy like me.Jake's smile was now appearing meaningful enough.She stood nearly as tall as me with sharp platinum blonde hair to her waist and long lashes.

My eyes were wide opened till now and some inaudible (well at least to me)praise escaped my mouth.Jake pushed me.

"Wo ho ho, so the geek thinks she is gorgeous.Huh!" Said Eric and the other jock-heads laughed.I tried to unheard mocking.

"Non of your business,jock-head." Replied Jake with a revolting tone.

"Oh so Linky got a bozo to bark off for her!" Another one pinched.

"Let it go." I said,nearly ordered Jake.hopefully he took it with no further objections.

"You are such a coward!" I know the finger was on me and this nearly broke the dam.But i tried to concentrate on the Professor and her young accomplice.They were mumbling on some matter.

She smiled on something that only they knew and then greeted us with her craving gaze.Damn I know her.

"This is my niece.Eve Alison.She is here to visit the museum me." The middle aged man roared again.This time more genuinely."She is a brilliant student in mechanics and space research.I hope you will like to meet her." The last line was said putting on me which i didn't understand. 

Then he lined us up in two separate lines and we finally entered the museum.

The main hall was way big full of tourists,museum fellows and others.Quit a good crowd at nine o'clock in the morning.

The centrally located 'tablet of guidance was our first stop.It was so huge that even a small piece left of it is bigger then a SUV!The translation written below on a marble piece is something like this-

'They fell for their evilness.Seraph rose and will rise again to...

...defeated.We reign now and we would reign again'.

It's origin or purpose is a mistery.

Their is a variety of sectors like space and aircraft science(which i was willing to visit),historical characters etc. present to be visited.

Prof. Hannings divided the class in four groups.

Our group leader was decided to be me and there were expectedly seven others.Jake, Karla, Simon, Grim, Tess, Xavier and surprisingly Eve.I couldn't understand why she was in this group but Eric's face was worth seeing when Professor put Eve in my group.She doesn't even complain.What a good luck.

Professor was taking two groups at a time so mine and Lisbon's group were observing the components of the main hall.

But my center of attraction was no longer the statue of the third president of States but her.(Actually not only mine but most of the other guys including the tourists.Huh!)

I even caught her peeking at me a few times.It was not really a surprise 'cause many a girls in the school do that sometimes.The element of surprise was the attention i was giving to that girl which is not in my usual behaviour.

After twenty five minutes of reluctance i finally made up to talk to her and take a step ahead.But i was stopped by the Professor's return from the the first exhibition.

It was our turn.I made it to him and our group was behind us. I could hear Jake talking to her.Even being the best friends i was feeling jealous about it.

We were approaching the first artifact(It was after all human history sector.)which was the first man made wheel.I was paying attention to its features as history was not a cup of tea for was roughly circular,nearly oval carved out of stone.With a hole in the middle to attach the cart or whatever they use that days.

Nearly two hours later ,all the groups were standing in their respective position according to their allotted group number.We were done seeing more three-fourth of the topics of our interest and it was quite interesting despite the distraction caused by Miss.Alison.

"Listen students,till now most of the tour is completed except one sector.So......" He checked his pocket-clock.I run a quick glance myself  on my wristwatch.It is eleven six by now.

"......You people can take a half an hour break." He declared.

A wave of relaxation spread through the mob.The offer was really offering to me.

"But don't go away from the fifth street.And one more more thing,Half an hour means half an hour." Prof. added conditions.

Jake was waiting for me at the door.

"What were you two talking about,huh?" I asked when i catch him up.

He gave me a blank look for a while then began.

"Ah.Eve.Nothing just general questions.You see." He hesitated.

"Like?" I pressed.

"Hum.Like...where she lives?where she studies? Blah,blah,blah." He replied looking at the marble statues before us.

"Anyway.Why are you asking me such questions?" He strikes his blow with a wicked smile.

I thought for a second.

"Uh,nothing in particular just curious."

He looked at me like in disbelief.

"What?" I said smiling.I tried to stop it but failed.Smiling is my weakness to any matter.And the worst thing is that he knows.

"This smile reveals something...else." He said.

I was de-shielded.Still to look innocent.

"I don't understand!"

"Oh you do understand.Admit it." Now he was getting in my nerves.

"What should i admit?" I asked foolishly.

He shook his head.Surely in disgust.

I pushed him forward.We were nearly down the marble steps when i heard my name called upon.

I  looked on my right to see Professor standing near a small restaurant.And with her standing,was the real-life Aphrodite .

"I think he is calling us."I told Jake.

"He is calling you dumbo!Can you teach me 'How to control your Professor' art?" He joked.

"I better go and see what he wants." I escaped.It is not my fault that i have good impression on all the teachers,specially Prof.Hannings.I am good in physics but he still gimme little much attention.

It was a quick walk and i deeply concentrated not to stare at her.(I almost failed again!)

I stoped as far from her as i could.The strong scent of lilac was wonderful and attracting from this distance only.It is really frustrating.Professor started.

"Jolt are you still working on the Nitrum Accelerator device?"

"Oh yes,yes.Sir...but...i have told you... it is impossible to obtain the required initial energy to pump up its core reactor." I told him the truth.

"How much?" Said Eve with silky to hear voice.I looked towards her.The voice was attractive just like her physics.

" least... I mean,46 0000 mega watt-hour." I recollected the data, me and Jake had calculated about eight months ago.

She smiled her beautiful laugh.

"Then i think i can help you out."

I grinned in total disbelief.

"She is right." Said Professor.My grin faded.

"I'm still researching on it...But if it worked..." She paused then continued"...then it could produce enough energy to drive the accelerator and create the hole."

"You are working on what?Nuclear superfusion?Or are you building a star or something?" I was still in disbelief.

"Have you heard about the artifact brought here from Ciritus,Greece." she asked in a serious tone this time.

"Not very much info...even in internet.Just that it is some kind of a stone." I replied searching for the point which she might be referring to.

"Well it is the object of my interest." She was quick.

"So you believe that the artifact can produce more energy then a hundred nuclear bombs!?" A simple question.

"Millions or maybe ...Billions." she answered.

"Come on lets go inside." Said Professor seeing the pale look on my face.I followed them.

The restaurant was good.Many of the students were eating here and went a little uncomfortable seeing the professor.It was clear from the changed expressions of their faces.

We went to a table of four.Then i realize that what i forget.I wind up to look outta the glass panes where Jake ought to be waiting for me.He wasn't there.

"Are you looking for Jake?He is gone with some girl." Said Eve.I looked towards her.

"A redhead?" I asked.

"Yeah.With curly hair." She replied.

I shook my head.It should be Luna.I was somehow relaxed.Now at least he wouldn't be mad at me.

We ordered some light food.I wasn't hungry so just took a lemon-aid.My mom never advices for fast-food.I have to convince them four times that I'm really not shy and not hungry.

"She wants to meet you when I told her about the project you and your friend are working on." Prof.Hannings said eating her hamburger.He took a mouth full in single bite.I was still struggling on the seal on cap.It seems to be stuck forever.I'm worthless,i thought.And in a sudden it came off.It was really strange 'cause i even don't twist it.Whatever, i took the first sip.It was good.

After ten minutes we were all done and ready to go.I insisted to pay my portion but i can't stand a chance to argue with him.By the next minute we were back in the main hall.Many of the students were already there.

Our next stop was the new observation sector where the artifact Eve was researching on.Like before the first team got first chance and their chit-chat clearly showed that they like what they have seen.I was very exited to see it.(And specially after what i have heard about it.)

The new observation sector was full of people (More then the previous eight.)

"'Staff of Minotaur, made of pure gold,1700 BC,Ancient city of Minos, Europe'" I read out loud to my group members.Then all of us noted down the observable features.It should be kept in mythology sector,then i remembered that this sector exhibits the new found objects.

The next was a semi broken egyptian sculpture,looking like a flower pot but just magnified in size.

"'A vas from the reign of Amenhotep III,1460 BC,Thebes,Egypt." I announced the next one.

We finally completed our schedule and moved on to the special one i was looking for.

It was a small stone like object(The nearest thing i could compare of!).A nearly elliptical stone,like found in sea shore sometimes,but still wildly different.Fried with colored strips covering the whole body.And there were odd designations carved on it .Two unbelievable experiences.Today is really special.

I read again"The Argaen one." And i can't understand my own words.I will ask her later.

I looked towards her.She had a disgusting look but was still ravishing.I go next to her.

"I think i was wrong after all.The artifact is really extraordinary.But i still doubt if a mass of this size could produce such a tremendous amount of energy,who knows maybe it may." She looked towards me.

"I think it is not the real one?" She whispered.

"And why do you think that?" I asked with same pitch.

"Because it doesn't totally match the physical description i made out till now."

"From?" I asked gently.

"You see i have 'sources'." She replied conservatibly.I glared at her for a while.(An applied and traditional way to make someone break out.And I'm confident it would work.)

"That is not gonna work Mister." Her voice was alluring."You are still a stranger for that." My trick failed me!How disgusting!

She smiled and i forget about it.

The company waited for the sky shows of Hayden Planetarium.We took dinner in the same restaurant.Professor joined us there.I confess it was awesomest show i ever saw.The use of boom-glow rockets were strikingly amazing.By now we both shared few a things about each other.(Mostly about me.She was like password protected!)

"So you want to help me with my project.But why?" I asked her in our school bus returning to Florence.It was somewhere near ten.We were drinking coke.I was surprised how she sent her ride back and was going with me to the bus and jumped into it before me.It was something unexpected when you got an M3 waiting for you.(Yes i got a taste in cars myself!)

"Ya see when i heard about you..." I nearly choked."...I mean about your project!" She exclaimed.I was relieved."I got so excited 'cause I got something that could use what i was researching on." She added and bring her head near my ears.I gulped air when I still strong lilac fragrance reached my nostrils.My heart was pondering so hard that i thought that if she came any closer she could hear it.

"I don't want to make it public." She whispered.I looked back to face the jock-heads.They weren't looking very much happy about my new companion.I felt bad for Jake,when i noticed that he wasn't in the bus.He should be hanging out with Luna.(He likes her very much and as much as my knowledge the opposite was very much possible.)

"Do you think that you are the only one to find this out.It you are right about the false artifact then the real one should be now in a laboratory and experimented on." I informed her.Her cheers goes down.

"I know." She said looking down.

"So where are you from?" I asked changing the subject.

"From here." She answered.Her eyes...were wet with a small trail going down her apple cheeks.

"Hey why are you crying!" I reluctantly wiped them out with my hands.(Thankfully Professor was far west,'cause i don't think he would like to see that!)

She looked directly into my eyes.The look was piercing.

"I'm...sorry." I said getting away from her.

"No.We are cool." She answered with a sob.Then she pulled out her handkerchief and do the rest.

"Do you have any girlfriend?" She asked after a pause.I sensed what was coming on.

"No...not in last four years." I told her the truth.

"So can we..." I held my breath and looked towards her." friends?" How can i expect anymore.

"Already we are.Aren't we? " I replied and she nodded and smiled.

"Now tell me about her." She asked at last.I got my chance.

"First you explain your sources." I punched back.

"Forget about it." She tackled at first but i at last crack her password.

"Okay fine.But you have to swear you wouldn't tell anyone!" She said.I nodded.

"Swear properly!" She was stubborn.Just like me.(You will know later.)

"Okay,I Mr.Jolt Aurelius hereby solemnly promise her majesty,Miss. Eve Alison,that i would never ever talk to anyone,except me,what I'm swearing about!" I declared.She laughed her mind-blowing laugh again.

"Better this time." She pretended to be serious but failed on it.

"My dad is a government agent...Don't ask me of which division 'cause i myself don't know...I heard him talking about the artifact and...i secretively checked his laptop for any related matter and i hit the treasure!" She told me.

"That is so cool!Cracking on your own father's top secret  files!" I exclaimed.

"Shut up!" She whispered uncommonly.

"Oh sorry."

"Now you get started." She askingly ordered.

"Mm....We were in the eighth grade.Her name was Jesicca.She was blond just like you." I halted there.

"And?" She asked sheepishly.

"Nothing in particular.We use to hang out sometimes." I replied without much resolution."What about ya?"

She takes few seconds behaving like she is exploring the secrets of the graves inside her.

"I used to leave in a big farm house near New Haven till last year,with my mom.Now i live in Ridgewood with Dad.So not too many friends here." She answered honestly.

"Are your parents...uh sepe..."

"Yes separated.When i was three." She cut me in-between bold she was.

"Ridgewood?Huh...its kinda near from Florence." I informed her to see her reaction.

"So have you been their anytime?" She almost instantly asked.

"Aye,few times years back.Lovely place." I confessed.

"Yea,beautiful place." She nearly whispered.

We talked and talked and talked.It was nearly half past one of morning when i silently entered my home.My parents were sleeping.Good.

I stealthy climbed up the stairs to my room.Took a shower.And jumped into the bed.The day was exhausting as well as amazing.i started thinking about todays affairs,mostly Eve.Its hard to believe how easily I befriended her or vise versa.Eve came even in a dream that I encounter many a time.Smiling.Well,holding the  stone artifact with both hands,showing me.We were in a bizzare world.Don't remember what happened next.










the newcomer



"Damn I'm late!" I screamed realizing the mistake of not setting the


I hurriedly put on a t-shirt.I already was wearing a jeans,so didn't bothered to change it.I nearly tipped down the stairs.

"Wo,Wo easy boy!" My mom Samantha said laying down the break-first to  my father.A meat and cheese sand-witch.I grabbed it before it was laid down.

"Sorry about that.I'm already late." I said chewing a bit and holding it in my mouth while i tied my canvas shoe laces.

"How was the trip Ester?"asked the person with whom i was least interested to encounter now.My  younger Kelly.

"Nothing special." I answered exactly the opposite.

"Meet some nice chick?Huh big brother?" She was a bully.(Always pinching me.Even the name Ester!)

"Non of your business nincompoop!" I roared awkwardly.

I drove out my Porsche out of the single Garage we have.My dad gifted me.(Real estate business benefit.)

Well i like to drive fast but the path to my school is full of check outpost.In other words,hell for fast asses.

It was a quite drive while i listened to my favourite band' songs.Strongly LMFAO and Maroon 5.

I was in the school driveway when a thing caught my eyes.In the students lot,there was a BMW M3 GTR.(Same as Eve's.)

I parked three cars after it.Is she in the school?

I moved inside as quickly as i can to the lockers.My first class was about to start when i reached there.

"You should keep in mind the school timing next time...Mr Aurelius." Mrs.Kindle greeted me with her big round glasses.

"Yes ma'am!" I replied and fled quickly to my seat next to Jake.He was looking quite happy today.

"You fooled your alarm,right?" He asked quietly without looking towards me.

"Hum...something like that." I whispered to him.

It was Literature class.One of my favourite.I really have a crush on books.

"She joined our school." He breathed voicelessly.

"Who?" I asked as a formality as i do already got his point.

"That girl...Eve" He pushed out."Sitting next to Scarlet."

"She acted strangely when Mrs,Kindle introduced her.Like she was looking for someone." He said the last words looking towards me."You tell me how was the lunch worked out?"

Shit."Yeah,good.We talked about the..." This reminded me."Hey,i think we got a energy source for the accelerator!" I almost exclaimed.

He ducked his head down suddenly.


I stands up."Ma'am i can explain..."I begin the age old excuse.

"Yes."She replied oddly.Jake pinched me on my leg.

"See on the board."

I looked behind Mrs.Kindle.The picture of Dorian Gray.I have read that.Oscar Wilde is one of my favorite.

"Ma'am can you please repeat what you asked?" I requested.

"You were going to explain the main characters in the extract given in the textbook." She answered politely.

I thought for a moment and then answered."There are three main the extract."She nodded to me to go on."Dorian Gray is the main hero of the novel.Beside him The painter Basil and Lord Henry plays important roles in the extract." I puked all by heart.

"Good.Looks like you have done good study at home?" She asked.

"Yes,ma'am." I replied while my eyes were wondering in the front left hand side corner next to Scarlet.Eve was there looking towards us.I moved my eyes to its initial position towards Mrs.Kindle.

"Yes,you may sit down and try to study in school too. " I obeyed silently.


"I was saying that i think i...I mean Eve had been researching on the new artifact at NY museum and she told me that it could be helpful in providing energy to our accelerator." It was hard to believe.

"What 40 000 mWh of energy!Are you crazy or what!?I'm tellin' ya that girl is nuts man!" I expected worse.

"No she is not!I mean i know it sounds insane and i don't know why but i believe her." I admitted the truth.

"Okay.Then.I believe you.Lets talk to her at off-time." He sounded he sounded nearly opposite.

The offbreak seems to never come,whereas it was just after two classes.

Just as the bell ring.I leaped off of my bench and with Jake joined Eve,who was looking for me too.

"Hey." I greeted her.

"Hi." She replied then peeked at my back."I think you brough someone."

"Hi!Eve..." Jake greeted her."...Actually we..."

"We came here to talk about history lesson number three...uh..." I cut him off.He surely give me a look.But i don't get anything else to say when my mind recalled what i  promised her And i don't break promises.Except for extreme or life threatening conditions.(This time it was my memory problem.)

"Yes,i was also looking forward to it."She answered gently.

"Lets get to the library then." I suggested profoundly.(I have told earlier i don't like much crowd and library is the best option.)

"But i was willing to eat too." She declared in requesting tone.It was an ultimatum and she knows it.No one can argue.

The canteen was full as i have expected.But it was big enough for three of us to find and secure a semi-private table.Our school is well reputed for maintenance facilities in the whole state.Every thing was top-of-the-line.

I ordered three hamburgers for us which came within few minutes.Seeing those hamburgers,now i understood how hungry i was.I finished it fast.She was laughing at me.Because I told them that i wasn't hungry.

We started talking after the other two finished.

I wanted to ask her few more questions but was now regretting.

"Tell me what you need to ask?" She nearly whispered to me.

"Tell me more about the stone?" The question came from the opposite direction.

Her eyebrows sharpened in split second with a look of dis believe.I have made a dreadful mistake not asking her before about it.She must be hating me now.

"You told him!?"Their was intense emotion in her eyes.Of anger."You promised and broke it in a night?"

"What's the problem if he told me?" Protested Jake.

"There is a problem.I don't know if i can trust you." She said moving her gaze towards him first and then me."And him also from now."

I don't want her to hate me.

"But he is my best friend and i was sure that he would not do anything stupid.I'm sorry that i broke the promise this morning only." I tried to handle the situation."Moreover he was with me only all this time."It didn't seemed to affect her a bit.

"Okay.I promise too that this would be between three of us only.And i have right to know as i helped him on the accelerator."

She was quit like a stone now.But let me tell you it was more unpleasant to the eyes.At-last she spoke.

"Then i have nothing to do with it anymore.My dad could get fired if it spread out.So its all off to you guys." She sounded little different this time.

"Okay now tell me one thing will you.How come Professor Hannings to help you?Don't he knows about your cunningness?" Yes i was thinking about it only before.

"No he don't know many a things about it." she replied.

"Another thing to ask:Why the hell are you helping us on our project?" asked Jake.She looked towards me.I was also growing on that.She told me the night before that she is quite interested on the accelerator.But why?

She closed her eyes for a few moments.

"Actually...there is something more about it." She rustled.

"What's more?" i asked with loss of words.

"The stone is actually a huge gem.Government is strongly keeping something from us."She said."My dad was talking to some authorities last week and i overheard him saying 'We are cherishing a deadly thing and i hope they new it well.' and i have found some documents considering the stone as ETO.Do you understand what it means?" Why she had to finish with a question.

"I don't think so." I replied."Do you remember something before or later this?"

"No.Not really.I mean i just get a glimpse and this word was a subheading."

"There's a lot of stuff in the 'net on it..."Said Jake searching.

"All of no good.I'm already gone through those."She answered.Jake kept on searching.

Their is no way we could find what it is,I thought.

"I think their is a way."he smirked.

















the hole



I was waiting for a while for both of them to come.Jake

called me to meet him near the town auditorium.He was late,briefly.After a little longer waiting,I turned on the engine of my Porsche.It roared in the nearly deserted alley,when i heard his cry.

The vehicle was in sum momentum and i applied the brakes.It came to halt in no time.Jake was running waving his hands towards me.He was looking exhausted when he reached the car.

"You should be on your bike,i think.Or am i gonna fetch you?"It wasn't a problem.He was my best friend after all.Then i saw his expression.He was definitely is some kind of pain.

"What happened?Come in."I opened the door for him.

He nearly tipped on the seat.Something caught my eyes.Red.

"What the hell?Is that-"I pushed his left shoulder away to reveal his back.His bloody back.

"Oh hell.How did you get shot?"

We need a doctor and fast.

"No time for hospital,drive to the tollbooth near Mayfair town."He replied.It was obvious I was planning to see him a doctor,if not a hospital.

"But you are bad.You need medication!"I denied."And Mayfair is quite a way."

"Shut it and do as I say!"He spelled out in a single breath.

"You would die of pain!"I nearly cried in objection.

" I can hold long enough!"He waved his head back and certainly regret it."They are coming we should be gone by now."

"Who is coming?What the hell happened to you?"I was feeling stupid asking that question.Of course something something terrible happened to him.

"Jolt,start driving now!"

And I was clear.The Engine Roared as the gas pressure increased.We were in the main traffic in five seconds.He was sitting still.I occasionally checked the bleeding.But no one followed us.At least I didn't noticed.Mayfair was a small town outside Florence.Well it was nearer to Ridgewood and a thought hit me.

"Does your present situation somehow related to Eve?"I pushed.He was silent.

"Yes and no!"He said gruntingly.

"What type of answer is that."

"She is the reason but she is not responsible for this."


"You will see.Just get to the grand lake."

"This time?"Was he joking?

I drove as fast as i could.It took about twenty minutes to reach the tollbooth.The lake was still quite a way.We turned right on a rocky trail to the lake.

"Jake,what did she did?!"I asked.

"Okay in short the whole thing about the accelerator or the government's classified project was a lie.The stone is actually-"

Something hit the rear.I checked.The left rear wheel was flat.

"Shit!My dad would kill me"I nearly screamed.The car was still running but poorly.

"-it is magic repeller of some kind!"He ended.I looked towards him with a deadpan look.

"Is this a joke or something?Because i am not in good mood for this now."

"No this is for real.The tire didn't blow up by itself."

I checked our track watching if we got something on out tail.But no!

"But there's no one."I protested against the nonsense.There is nothing like magic in this world!They are just well planned tricks.

The car was going to give up.My poor Porsche!

The lake was visible.It was an inland lake with three tentacles on three sides.Well I always use to ponder how this shape came to it.It was shallow on the arms and deep in the middle.Above everything it was huge.It was reflecting the silky moonlight just like a polished mirror.This is when I found that it was a full moon.Luckily we were not attacked any more as Jake was considering it.But the blast was still a mystery.I checked Jake's wound few times.Tying it was worthless.

I stopped the car where we usually park.Near one of the arms.I helped Jake getting out.

"Now for hells sake will you tell me what is more important then your pain.

"We need to go inside the lake."He was dragging me but don't have the strength.

"What?You are bleeding badly and you want to swim?"It was hard to believe.

He looked towards the narrow opening from where we just drove in.

"She should have been here by now."A little pause."Why is she late?"He cursed.

"Tell me what happened to our plan?We were going to her home."

"Plan's changed."He simply answered.

After about five minutes,a BMW drove in.It was her.he pulled up beside me.Then the little temptress,in a blue silk gown which showed her curves gracefully came out with a small backpack.She was exhausted.Her blond hair all tangled but it was still elegant and was radiating.

"Thank gods you two are alive!"She exclaimed."We should be moving."She started walking towards the lake.I and Jake trailed behind.

"Where are we going?"I asked for at least tent time.She didn't flinched at all.Jake sighed.I was astonished.That girl was sticking to me yesterday!

She just went to the end and hopped off.I was utterless.What am I doing with this sick people?Jake jumped next.The jump was quite high and I can bet it should have hurt him.I hesitated a bit then inhaled.Jump.

I straitened up and my legs hit the water.I wondered why I didn't undressed before jumping.Maybe.I gulped before my head eventually goes down.They were there waiting for me.Then she started swimming towards the opening.Jake and I followed.He was keeping a hard pace,so I helped.Eve was an excellent swimmer(I was a little envious.).Then suddenly she was nowhere.

"Where is she?"I pulled up and gaped on the endless looking water surface.The reflection of the moon made the water look pale white and she just vanished!

I dived underwater,Jake followed.The lake was not dirty in here and you can't see over a meter clearly.

I pulled Jake and pointed towards the direction we were swimming.

Then we saw a glow.It was peculiar pale whitish light just if the moon diving with us.It was quite a way ahead.We moved towards it.The light was slowly moving .I still can't figure out what it is.It looked like some short of eel.Wide headed and shallow tailed fluttering around.

We were close when I saw her.She was trying to catch the eel but it was moving around her head.Then it was before me.It has fur cause I can make out strands of hair.Very rare it should be.I pulled it as hard as I could with my wrong arm and it stopped glowing with a faint shriek.It felt like it was nothing but fur.Weird.Then she was before me.Inches away from my nose.The eel was gone.Her expressions seemed like that of a annoyed person.She waved her arm in motion to move upwards and clutched my arm.I was still holding Jake by the other.We surfaced.


"What the hell?"She screamed at me.

"That's not my fault!It slipped from my hand."I justified.

"Why did you pulled it?"She screamed again.

"To help you.The eel was attacking you!"

"EEl!Eel!What eel?"She glared like a thousand daggers.

"The one you were trying to catch.It was glowing."I screamed this time.Why is every body around me trying to be stupid today!

"Nincompoop,that was my hair!"

Jake guffawed.I ignored him.

"Your hair was glowing?!"I gave a look of total disbelief.Then she uttered something inaudible to even me and her hair started radiating the light again.My jaws dropped.She was looking like a goddess.Her hair was floating on the water surface spreading like shattered moonlight.

"Told you magic is real."Jake whispered to me.She faintly smiled.

"Now if you are pleased enough we should move on,"She pointed at Jake."Your wound is still dormant but it would spread in few hours."

"How could his wound spread?"It wasn't toxic,that I know.

"It's magical.That's a reason enough."She said and dived.


Our party was moving deep down.I still can't believe she did that.I and Jake have to occasionally surface to catch our breaths.I also found out she could hold it much much longer.

She pointed towards a natural hole big enough to fit only one person at a time.We never swim this deep ever.Jake moved towards the hole and his head went inside then with a pull he was inside.

All of a sudden the water felt ice cold.She pointed me to do the same.The water was icy.The chill was getting to my spin.I hurriedly pushed in.The water froze on my feet but I was through into a muddy puddle.I looked around and rubbed my limp toes.Jake was nearby.

"Where is she?"He asked.

"Hell,she was behind me and the...Oh gods damn it.She is trapped their!"I tried to scrape through the hole my hands came out with nothing beside more mud.

"What do we do?What do we do?"Jake started panicking.

"Their must be a way!"I continued scraping the hole.Then suddenly my hands felt heavy and cold water gushed through the hole.I pulled my hands back and she popped into existence.

"Are you okay?"I jerked her shoulders.She nodded.

"What happened?"Jake asked.

"They froze the lake and she is trapped.Damn!"I replied with a sigh.

"I was not they can't trap me!"She shook her head."The portal was closed for few seconds.That's all."

"But-but you said you took care of them.Why were they back?"Jake asked her.

"Because of that stupid hair glowing trick of course."I pinched.She narrowed her eyes.

"You blaming me?"She started."I saved your sorry faces and you blaming me!"She stood up and walked to the wall of which seems like a enclosure with no way out.

"Sorry,I didn't meant that."I apologized.Jake cried out loud.

She looked towards him and then to me.

"He don't have much time.Lets go."She moved her finger in the air and a sigil lighted out right there.The whole place shook up for few moments then I felt the mud hardening.The whole place started to turn into crystal.Huge crystals.The ground on which we were standing was now solid green crystal!I pinched myself on the arm and hoped I just wake up from this weird dream.

"cover your eyes."I heard her.

She was on the opposite side of the enclosure and placed her hand on the wall.The crystal started to melt over her touch(That is what I could make out of it) and it gave way.Sunlight forced its way inside and the whole place reflected.That's when I realized that wasn't a bluff.The whole place was lit up like sun.My eyes were strained.I covered it up with my hands but it was too much.I pulled my t-shirt out and rolled it round my head covering my eyes.A hand snatched me and started to pull me ahead.I felt cool air envelope me.Sweet fragrance of some kinda flower blew with the whip of breeze.But all I can see was a glow through the t-shirt.

"At last home."She said and inhaled."Please dress up properly,we need to move on."



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