Tom Delauncey-A heart to spare

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The story of a vampire,Tom Delauncey,who is not evil as per the common norms.This story goes through the first chapter of his adventures.He meets a girl,trying to be a warrior,her friend a black smith and a mysterious Elf.More is coming later...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Tom Delauncey-A heart to spare

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Raven Thunderclaw

Tom Delauncey


















V ampires.An deadly and mysterious.The word generally termed as blood suckers,undead and many more.Myths about them are all over.Most of them likes to stay hidden.Most of them try to avoid mortal happenings.They are in the empire underground unknown to every one else.The sire of the sire,their king,the true blood,have everyone under his voice,a power every vampire have but with different intensities.Yes they need blood to survive but in a long term basis,for surviving.The blood lust depends upon the age of the undead.Newer the vampire greater is the blood craving.The liquid is not important but


I am Thomas Delauncey,well that's what I'm using recently, and how I know this much?Well I'm a vampire.I'm everything you can imagine bad.I'm worse.


I was born in an elvish stronghold of that time,as an half-elf,I remember it like yesterday,before the fall of the empire.Blood can't control me.Actually I killed my master centuries ago and this is a thing that not many could even think then doing.It is forbidden to defy or even deny your creator.We all can keep slaves.But I'm more freelance and lone.


I'm now in Duelingar,a mortal town,from last three days.I constantly move from place to place.Well I used to be wanted by the kingdom but with time I was forgotten.I never leave Solquin for too long.Thealith’s main arm fortress is here,not even in it's capital Second Acron all because of the dwarves.The hundred feet high walls with holes all over for crossbows.That's not a problem for me.My exceptional speed is far greater then any kind of bolts.


I was staying in one of the two main inns here.Mugger's keep.Not quite a pleasant name.But it was clean per mortal standards.The food was regular like most of the human settlements.Guards were crawling everywhere because of some outlaw.But they were not worth my concern.The real pain in the butt is the temple of Carenth.Gods are for living.Not for some undead unholy fellow.The priests regularly blessed the city with holiness and It felt like I'm too close to a bonfire.That is why I don't stay in cities for too long.Cities with temples especially.

I was here for a matter I 'm investigating from few summer solstices.The dark god worshipers.The Sennah's priests lurking in the shadows.Unnoticeably carrying some short of work but not from this creature of darkness.Well some might think that vampires are in league with them but I already mentioned 'Gods' are for the living.


Well they are behind the stone-heart for some reason I'm still guessing.It is part of a legend.The legend of stone and bone.Rarely any mortal knows about it.It is a myth even to the eldest elves.It is that old.But I know it is true.And what it can do.That's why I destroyed every evidence of its existence three centuries ago.The followers somehow are trying to resurrect the legend.I know they can't accomplish this feat until recently.


I'm out in the bright sunshine.It is a little unusual.Sunlight is really hurting.But my cloak does a great job protecting my skin.The main priest was here and I need to find out why.


I was a few leagues behind them.They were three wearing normal rags accept the extensively decorated main priest.He was clumsy and fat but some dark powers blushes him all over.They were talking about some kind of ritual that's going to take place outside the city.I can hear them with ease.My all senses are critical.If I wish I could kill them even in the crowd and nobody will ever suspect me.The outlaw is well for my backup.But I first needed to examine them what they were planning.From some of my last encounters I get to know that they are performing ceremonies to embrace themselves with enough power so to hold the heart.Well they don't know what they are messing with.The heart of Staryo’krish,monster's heart or the demon's.It means the same in ancient language.I can't be hold by nobody.That powerful is the talisman.It chooses.























First Sight


T hey moved towards the northern end of the city.It was low in life.They were waiting for more followers.I went to the nearest restaurant.I pushed my hood down and placed some coins on the bar.The redheaded barmaid smiled at me and asked what I need.I ordered ale.


They were standing there silently.I took a sip of the drink.It was too sweet.Longer fermentation spoils its actual taste.Humans tongue can't tell the difference but I can.The restaurant have a decent view of outside.Then suddenly three more followers entered the scene.The were heavily armed.The priest got a silver knife tucked on his belt.They were here for something serious.


Something hit me.Sacrifices!That's it.They need volunteers to sacrifice.Yes,that's why they came so far where the guards were rare.I pushed my hood on rushed out.I passed down the street in a speed that was not possibly observable.Now I was just few yards behind them.They weren't nervous but calm.I was out of their sight on the roof of the house just over their head waiting for the proper moment to strike.


Then I felt something and my head moved toward the road before me.Thee people.A girl of about seventeen and a boy about the same age.But the third one was different.He was young but still felt so much older.Platinum blond hair tucked over his back.I can see it behind his hood.I can bet he was an elf,but what an elf could have in Duelingar.Moreover they don't make friends with humans.They all were armed too.Good for them but they hardly stand a chance before six of them.They were closing by with every foot step.By the expression of the priest,it need to much consideration to put the fact that they have chosen their victims.


The three passed and turned right.The worshipers followed them.I moved on roof to roof.


They noticed they were being followed.I tried to listen.


“I don’t like the looks of most of these types.”The human boy said.

The girl looked back.Her eyes were maroon.“It looks like they’re following us. Why would they?”


The elf sighed.


The boy said-“I don’t know, but we should find a guard as soon as possible. I’m sure the city is in no mood to suffer fools. Derora!”


So her name is Derora.I know she is little weird for a human.


“Don’t stare at them. Now, come on.” The boy quickened dramatically.


The elf growled. “Stay together. Do not get out of sight.”


Derora looked over her shoulder. “They’re following us. I mean, they’re really following us, it’s not an accident.”


“Get ready to run–”


But she had turned around again.




She didn’t blink as she marched up to the crowd of six men. The large man stopped and stared.So did the rest of them. She came up to the group and put her hands on her hips.Was she insane?


“Does one of my friends look like this outlaw to you?”


The fat man’s lips parted, but nothing came out. His eyes bulged.


The rest two inched up behind her.


She frowned. “No, we’re not, so why are you following us?” One of the other men started snickering, and she fired him a steely glare. “This ain’t funny, so shut up.”


His hand shot to his sword.


“Derora…please…” The human tried to whisper.


That fat man simply stared at her.Suddenly she reached out and pulled a gold medallion. A serpent’s body supported striking heads on both ends.Sennha's pendent.Of course he had one.He was a priest after all.


“What’s–”She scumbled.They were in trouble.The followers were not going to let them go with that much information.


The elf grabbed her arm. “Run!”


But Derora just stood there, staring.It seemed her feet were hypnotized by the grinning man as he drew the wickedly curved knife from his sleeve.


The elf yanked back on her shoulder and lunged with his sword. The slender blade bit deep into the man’s gut. He looked surprised as he tumbled forward.I was right.He was an elf.I was constantly thinking what to do.Usually I don't interfere in others business but this time was different.



The priest dropped down but not dead.


She was dazed.“You just – you just–”


She did not have to time finish as the rest of the men closed in on the pair.

The human boy came up behind them, drawing a curved sword and dropping his backpack at the same time.


Derora thrust, and was immediately forced to parry the man’s counterattack. She was certainly never was in a fight before but she was trained for the basics.


She thrust and their swords clashed.


Her opponent lunged and she barely managed her parry. She forgot to counterattack. He thrust again. She parried again and hit back this time. She beat at his sword with all her might as they fought frantically.


The human boy nearly tripped over his pack as he pedaled backward. He cursed and struck out wildly.He drew first blood.His enemy must have expected a complicated move from the fancy,slightly curved sword and barely batted down the straight thrust that stung his thigh.The boy lost his grip on his blade and hopped backward. The man screamed and lunged; he barely dodged. He dipped down and ripped the hammer out of his backpack while ducking beneath his attacker’s swipe. He ground the hammer in his opponent’s groin.I giggled.


The man screamed again and grabbed himself.The boy snatched his sword back and thrust.


The elf had already felled the man in front of him. He quickly gazed at the widening ring of panic surrounding the fracas, and cursed violently.


The girl punched him and his face burned up a little bit at the pint of contact.


“You little bitch!” He chopped at her arm instead of her torso – visibly she wasn't expecting that!

Maybe too much mesmerized as much as I was.The other too were too occupied to witness.She was special.Some evil resisting power still dormant.A case to study.


She parried, but it was late and she failed to push his blade far enough out and it sliced down the side of her arm. She yelled and dropped her weapon. Her opponent’s face lit up in ecstatic, evil surprise, but she was faster and slammed a punch in his face with her left hand. While he was reeling from the hit, she jerked her dagger free from its hilt and aimed for his neck but unfortunately he dodged at the right moment.I sensed what he was going to do.It was my turn to get in.I jumped towards him.He was going to stuck his sword into her ribs.A fatal wound for mortals.I reached him when the blade was midway to her chest and put my silver dagger in his neck instead.The sword stopped.He sank slowly to his knees and then to the ground.


Derora glanced at her arm and gasped at the sight of her own bright blood then at me.My emerald eyes must be blazing on my still dark features under the hood.The elf noticed me.She scooped up her sword.


He then stuck his bloody sword back in its scabbard. “We have to run! Now!”


She pushed "Who are you?"But I was already running.Slowly.


The elf grabbed her other arm and pulled. “No time!” He glanced towards me and followed.


She yelped aloud as a hand snatched her ankle. She whirled and stuck the point of the sword at the man’s throat, but hesitated. The fat man with the medallion stirred, and his black eyes sprang open. With blood leaking from his lips, he hissed, “A curse on you all! The sword of Sennha will cut you down!”


To be continued....

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